Session 20 Summary

November 14th, 2009

Heroes: Prometheus, Bagheera, Rhinox, Kairn, Lysandros, Dashiell, Thorgan, and Persephone

Game Date: Newdain, Falling 27, AD1017

How long has it been, two days? Three? The black sun never brings the daylight. There are no changes from night to day, or day to night. There is simply the gloom of the Dome. Everything here is dim and shadowy, a world of gray. Not even the light sources used by the heroes will cut through the gloom of this place. Torches, sunrods, even spells that provide light only give off a dim casting. There is no reprieve from this gloom.

The heroes continue their adventure down in the shadow Dome. They only know they are a great distance underground, they cannot tell exactly where they are. They don’t even know if they are under the original ruins they had been exploring only days before. Their only goal at this time is to find a way out of this place. Right now it is simply their prison; they don’t want it to become their permanent tomb.

The group was exploring the southern half of the compound and learned of another platform near the western edge of the Dome. The platform was smaller than the one to the northeast but very similar. On each side of the platform was a series of pillars like other structures down here. There was a large protection circle in the center of the platform. Lysandros and Dashiell worked together to decipher the runes on the pillars and discovered this was yet another portal of some kind. What separated this portal from the others was there were protection and warding magic in the circle. Unfortunately once again they could not figure out how to activate it.

Standing alone while the others were deciphering the new portal, Bagheera became curious. If the big black circle was like a sun, and the sparkling points far above represented the night sky, could there be a constellation up there they could use for navigation? Bagheera stood staring up at the Dome for a long moment, and then he saw it, a pattern. It was definitely in the form of a constellation but what it meant he did not know. Lysandros confirmed the pattern had something to do with the Primordials, but he could not say more than that.

The heroes tried to use the constellation to find key points to the compound. They discovered one thing missing so far, a place to honor the dead. If this complex was around for as long as they believe, and active for an extensive period of time, then there must be a graveyard of some sort to honor those that passed during their stay here. There was only one place they had not looked and they headed there. Heading east they could see a mausoleum come into view. They began moving across a large field to what they believed would be a graveyard for the fallen. Unfortunately down here the fallen don’t stay fallen.

As the group traveled across a field of ruin and desolation, they saw movement. Shambling creatures moved through the field and the wreckage. Once the adventurers were spotted the creatures stopped. They slowly began to advance toward the heroes. The heroes found themselves face to face against more of the walking dead. They faced off against this new threat like they do all other adversaries. During the fight they realized something strange, someone was helping them. Thorgan spotted an elf with a spirit companion and immediately thought Persephone was in trouble. The walking dead no longer surprises this band of heroes and they were put rest one last time. At the end of the fight the adventurers discovered Persephone was not Persephone. It was definitely a shaman, but this was a male elf by the name of Caylin. The new elf joined the group for a short time but eventually he went his own way.

The group arrived at the mausoleum and after much discussion and trial-and-error, the door was finally pushed open and the adventurers moved inside. Upon their entrance a series of blue flames flashed on making two rows of lights back to the opposite end of the single large room. On each side of the room are rows of slots with polished plaques harboring the names of those that have come before. At the back of the room were two sarcophagi, each with a different embossed carving of a person on the lid. A trap door in the floor was found between the two sarcophagi but no way to open it. Dashiell did a search and found each sarcophagus was different, except for a circle with the symbol of the four basic elements carved within. It was the only thing that was the same on both. After much searching and countless attempts to open the trap door between the sarcophagi, it was actually suggested to try touching the two runes at the same time. The stone slab became a set of stairs leading down and the party moved on.

The set of stairs from the sarcophagus led down to a single large round room. In the center of the floor was an enormous carving of the seven-pointed star, the sign of arcane magic. Within the star was single sarcophagus. Like the previous two, the heroes disturbed the sarcophagus and released a spirit bound to this place. It was the founding member of the Conclave, though he was not important enough to get a name. The spirit decided to speak with the heroes. An exchange of information happened between Lysandros and the spirit and Lysandros learned something of his quest to find the Eldar. Unfortunately, eventually the spirit saw them as intruders upon his creation. The spirit attacked trying to eliminate this new threat. A long battle ensued and the party came out victorious, though they are no closer to finding an exit.

Has the party searched everything and found nothing? Are their destinies shorter than expected? Where will they go next? It is quite possible they have searched everything but came up empty. What then? Do they start all over again? Do they broaden their horizons and seek out the unexpected? Will they ever learn what this place was or did? It seems there is a great deal of history before the nomads came, a history that doesn’t seem to be public knowledge.

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