Session 21 Summary

November 21st, 2009

Heroes: Thorgan, Prometheus, Lysandros, Dashiell, Mariska, and Rhinox

Game Date: Niledain, Falling 29, AD1017

The adventurers are still wandering through the strange earth dome; a place they can only guess is still on Awlidan. They have discovered that the people here honored their dead by burying them in a crypt. It seemed the one mausoleum they found was enough for the entire community, there was no cemetery to be found. They found the sarcophagi of three of the highest ranking members of this society of Arcanists. They appeared as ghosts and were able to shed but a dim light on the big picture of this mysterious place. The last one they encountered turned out to be the founding member of this Conclave. It was unfortunate the encounter ended in a confrontation with the ghost before they could learn more from the centuries old founder.

Exiting the crypt, the heroes discovered another ruined building. This one had collapsed and was lying on its side, mostly intact but heavily damaged. They decided to investigate this new place and discovered yet another traveler from the excavation group that originally found the ruins in the first place. An elf named Mariska had been hiding in the ruined building, trying to find a safe haven from the roaming undead that seem to be teaming through this place. The group dispatched the undead that was hunting her down and introductions were made. It was decided that there was safety in numbers; Mariska had joined the adventuring group.

The adventurers decided to head back to the library and search once more for information that would help them escape this dreadful place. The attempt failed once again. It was suggested the laboratory they found shortly after their arrival might hold the answers they seek. Kebi Dabu studied the broken portal once again and believed he could repair the damage. They searched through the Ancients Grotto and found what they were looking for. They find a ritual that will help them repair the portal and all the ingredients they would need. Finally, it was time to fix the portal and get back to civilization.

Kebi Dabu, Lysandros, and Dashiell went to work on the portal. After a long session of repairs, both physical and magical, the trio agreed the portal was fixed. Kebi Dabu studied the doorway and found it to be useable, but not entirely fixed. Though his magical knowledge is vast, Kebi Dabu did not have the necessary skills to fix the portal properly. It is working, but he voiced the fact that the magical doorway was still damaged, and he was uncertain where it would take them.

Finally, after many long days, the heroes had an escape route. The portal was up and running, though unreliable. It was time to leave this place, this mockery of civilized life. At least that was… one option. The heroes decided they had left unfinished business. There was still evil beyond imagination living in the cells beneath the Grotto. They could not leave this place knowing evil still lurked here. It is the way of the hero, to make difficult choices; even if they seem fool hardy.

Once again Kebi Dabu’s power and knowledge of the arcane proved very valuable. He was the only one who had the key to open the cells. The seals on the door required a powerful knock spell to breech. Kebi Dabu was the only one with that power. Several minutes later the powerful enchantments protecting and sealing the door were shattered under the ritual of opening. There was nothing protecting the outside world against what waited inside. It was now their duty to end this threat.

Moving through the series of chambers and halls beyond the cell door, the group came upon a strange beast. The creature was made of disgusting slime and bile; an ooze if you would. The creature was known as a Pod Demon and could spawn smaller minions to fight for it. It was a difficult battle, but the heroes prevailed. They slew the demon and ended its threat to the Natural world. The battle was long and many came out wounded, but nothing a bit of rest could not fix.

Even though their life was in jeopardy against the demon, more than usual; the group decided to press on. They moved to the next door. Once again Kebi Dabu’s expertise opened the way to their target. Moving into the cell that was once again split into short passages and several chambers, they came to a room with 3 pits. One pit was filled with what seamed to be water at the time.

This was the last chamber so the group entered the room to investigate. Three creatures immediately emerged from the deep, tank-like pits. Where the room appeared to be empty just seconds before, now the heroes were locked in battle with a trio of demons, fighting for their lives. Each demon was infused with a different energy type, something abnormal about their origins. The demons were Abyssal Eviscerators, brutes from the Abyss and they are not normally bathed in energy like these were. The group had much more trouble with these creatures than the last one, but like the heroes they are, they prevailed and ended the threat.

What is the next move for these brave souls? So far moving through these cells has been getting more and more dangerous. Do they continue on this path and try to eliminate everything trapped down here? Do they take the chance that the next one will be something they cannot handle? Right now they are licking their wounds, but what manner of beast lies waiting in the next cell?

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