Session 22 Summary

November 28th, 2009

Heroes: Dashiell, Prometheus, Rhinox, Lysandros, Kairn, Mariska, Staephon, Thorgan, and Kebi Dabu

Game Date: Morsdain, Oldsky 2, AD1017

It was not much of a thought out decision. It appears survival instinct has overpowered the heroic thoughts of glory and battle. The group has decided to leave this place. They will be attempting to open no more cell doors.

Now that the portal is active, the adventurers have decided to take one more look around. Just to see if they forgot anything, or left something behind. They decided to do a search from building to building. They did not find much, but the Library proved to have more than they first thought. The group looked through the numerous books, tomes, and journals and learned a small bit of history. It seems two groups of advanced intelligence, the Arcanists and the Faithful both wanted to rule Eridus in their own way. An earth-shattering war broke out and the people from this place were called away. The Masters, so titled by the undead leader known as Sukkamet the Direguard, never returned. The people left down here never learned of the war’s outcome.

As the heroes were searching around, Lysandros discovered that the main floor of the globe that made up the library was furnished in such a way that suggested something rested in the center of the Hall. Now, all that rests on the floor is rubble from the collapsed ceiling. The group decided to sift through the debris. They found wood, glass, and stone that did not belong to the structure of the Library. Kairn decided to piece the items together and discovered it to be some sort of display case.

The group continued to clear away the rubble in the center of the floor and Dashiell found the binding of a book. There were no pages with it. With renewed vigor they continued their search and found many of the pages that belong to this centuries old tome. On the cover was the name Narriaen Orrinlan. Narriaen was an elven prophet that lived in the early centuries of the Age of Silence. He was a powerful enough prophet to be well known among humans as well as elves. The adventurers have discovered the remains of a book of prophecy written by one of the most powerful Seers in all of the ages after the Cataclysm. It is a rare and valuable find.

Finally the search was over and it was time to vacate this dreadful dungeon. It was time to take the portal to freedom. The group entered the key combination, Chaos, the Abyss, Returning, and Earth. They believed this would take them to the top level of the Conclave. They were correct; the portal did lead them to the surface level of the ruins. They also learned the hard way how broken the portal still was. When they entered the portal it was still damaged and wanted to send each traveler to both ends of the doorway at the same time. The phenomenon was excruciatingly painful, and that was not the end of their problems.

Each traveler had to fight their way to their destination or be pulled back to the Earth Dome. Once they arrived at the top level the momentum flung them forward, toward the ledge that was open to the level below. Several heroes could not stop in time, others were bent over in pain and could do little to help, and some fell 40 feet to the level below. It was another harrowing experience for the heroes, and Kebi Dabu very nearly lost his life. Though it was a taxing adventure, the group was finally free.

The adventurers searched for the entrance they came through, or fell through. They did not want to stay longer than they needed to. Finally, the light of day shined upon them and they were headed home at last. Though the trip to Skulldrop takes less than a day, they emerged from the ruins midway through the afternoon. They would have to spend a night in the hills.

During their sleep, sometime during first watch, the heroes had an unusual visitor. There is no rest for the wicked, or the weary. A strange symbol of an eye appeared in the fire as is blazed and turned green. A flash and a burst sent two balls of flame in two different directions from the fire; the campfire itself sputtered and winked out leaving the adventurers in the dark. Charging from the trees was a humanoid creature that appeared to be made of stone or earth. Dashiell recognized the creature as a Shard of Chaos after it changed into a blazing fire humanoid. In the other direction spells were flying into the fray from an unknown source, spells from a possible wizard. The party eventually learned that the Legion could be a problem for some time to come. As the unknown wizard was dying he gave a final declaration. It was a warning that the Legion was watching. Sadly, the battle took its toll. Kairn sustained a mortal wound and died on the battlefield; a hero’s death.

The adventurers collected their friend’s body and continued their journey to Skulldrop in the morning. As they were approaching their destination they heard a screeching cry from overhead as a griffon and its rider came crashing to the ground in a smoking heap. Looking up into the sky they saw 2 more Cliff Riders from Skulldrop locked in aerial combat with a large blue dragon. That is when they heard fighting from up ahead. Helping the Cliff Riders was impossible so they chose to move down the road to Skulldrop. Arriving at the Ridgeback Cliff they found a surprising sight. The Great Gates were wide open and the guards were allied with a mass of adventurers to beat back a new foe, a foe with green skin and an aptitude for blood and rage.

As the heroes were about to join in the battle at the gates they were ambushed by a group of humanoids identified as orcs. Orcs are very rare around Eridus, only found on the island of the dwarves in service of giants. These savages were fierce but this group of adventurers proved to be made of sterner stuff. The heroes prevailed as did the defenders of Skulldrop. The orcs scattered in their retreat and the blue dragon flew away, leaving many unanswered questions.

During the battle one of the adventurers from the Gates came out to the aid of the heroes. A goliath barbarian by the name of Donner rushed forward into battle with these strangers from the hills. It is presumed that an enemy of Donner’s enemy is a potential friend. After the battle the goliath entered the Keep with the heroes and stuck around.

The returning heroes wanted to know what had happened but they had higher priorities. They wanted to visit the Light of Kings, a temple to Pelor, to see if they could revive their comrade. This would take some time so the group separated. Each member busied himself to pass the time. In the morning of the next day several of the group reconvened at the temple only to find bad news. Haddragon told Thorgan he found his friend but Kairn refused to leave his Lord’s side. He would not be returning to the land of the living. It was a tragic loss but the group must press on.

What will the group decide to do next? Where did the green-skinned orcs come from and what did the dragon have to do with it all? There is still the matter of returning to Tavelina and the AEHG association and report their findings. It seems coming to Skulldrop has been a nonstop adventure for these heroes.

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