Session 24 Summary

December 12th, 2009

Heroes: Prometheus, Allesio, Kebi Dabu, Dashiell, Thorgan, and Rhinox

Game Date: Solisdain, Oldsky 10, AD1017

Our heroes have done many things in the recent past. They routed the goblins that made it into Skulldrop and launched a clever attack from within. They discovered who helped the goblins enter the Fort and learned who planned and orchestrated the goblin attack on Skulldrop. They accepted a tall task of investigating a recently discovered set of ruins buried beneath the Jagged Plains. These heroes have grown a great deal, and now they have undertaken a quest that will surely test their new strengths. They have decided to try their hand at dragon slaying.

The adventurers are nearly finished with their first endeavor in their dragon hunting quest. They seek the Keep of Sea and Sky but it lies high on a mountain peak along the eastern shore of the Skull of Eridus. They have spent the last 5 days climbing the mountain called the Dagger of Stars. It has been the deadliest climb of their career thus far. With no place for them to make a decent camp, each night on the mountain was a restless one.

Rhinox was in front of the party leading the remaining climb; he could see his destination only yards up ahead. Dashiell was bringing up the rear. The final piece of the road was less than 200 feet up the mountain. If they can reach that road, it leads right up to the Keep, their search would be over. Even this short climb wasn’t easy, there were a couple of climbers that needed help, but with determination they reached their mark.

The road led the group the rest of the way up the mountain and to the rusted and broken gates of the outer wall of the courtyard. Their destination was finally laid out in front of them, the Keep of Sea and Sky seemed to grow out of the peak of the mountain. Across the courtyard was the entrance to the Keep, the doors lay fallen to the ground. An obvious obstacle was the gorge that stretched across their path. It was 20 feet across to the Keep entrance and it went on in either direction for an unknown distance. It was even too dark to tell how deep the chasm was.

As the party moved forward to investigate their options, more obstacles appeared in their path. Two flying drake-like creatures, Dashiell called wyverns, flew from the entryway. Right behind it was an actual drake the size of a man and it leaped the gorge with ease. They fought against the knock-down force of the three beasts and came out victorious. The first defenders of the Keep were now slain and there were no casualties among the heroes.

The party made it across the gorge and moved into the Keep. The first chamber displayed just how magnificent this place must have been. The room appeared to have no ceiling, allowing the group to peer up at the night sky. Curious, Kebi Dabu examined this further. Noticing the pillars in the corner stopped abruptly and held up nothing, he identified the phenomenon as a permanent invisibility illusion placed on the roof of this room. It allowed for a wondrous view of the sky in all its glory.

The adventurers searched through the Keep, moving room to room, and discovered it had been inhabited by orcs. Their tents and pit fires were still evident in many of the rooms in this first part of the Keep. Eventually the heroes found the next line of defense, though these defenders seemed a bit lax in their duties. A small group of orcs were found playing a game of bones in a large chamber that seemed to be a meeting hall or great hall. They caught the orcs by surprise and the turned out to be no contest for the heroes, they were dispatched quickly.

At the back of the room the party discovered yet another gorge, only this one was slightly smaller. A bit of examination showed it to be caused by the Keep being split in two and the other half pushed up and away from this portion. They found 3 ropes dangling down into the deep darkness of the chasm. They climbed down the ropes and found a maze of tunnels formed under the Keep.

Their first march through the twisty tunnels proved fruitless, the heroes kept getting lost and doubling back on themselves. They finally decided to go back up the ropes and search harder for an alternate route. After discovering no other means of egress, the group returned to the deep twisting tunnels. This time was a bit different however, as Kebi Dabu and Rhinox found evidence of orc movement through this area.

They group followed the tracks of the orcs and it led them to a gigantic cave wild vegetation growing throughout. In the center of the first half of the cave there was a large pond with a cabin built over it. It was the logical choice to investigate the cabin. Kebi Dabu had other plans. He left the cabin to investigate the black pillars that appear throughout the cave. As he turned to report his findings, he was attacked by a creature called a carrion crawler.

Kebi Dabu cried out for help as the crawler attacked and slowed his movement with a powerful poison. At that time more underworld creatures joined in the fight. Luckily for the wizard his friends heard his screams and came to his rescue. During the fight with the inhabitants of these caves, a large automaton, strange for this area, joined the fight and began attacking the heroes. It was a massive bronze minotaur construct that showed no remorse in its killing spree. After a harrowing battle the heroes finally prevailed.

The party continued their search, looking over the strange circular door Kebi Dabu found in the ground in the other part of the cave. The door was marked with powerful protection runes and other runes that were beyond the skill of the arcanists in the group. They moved back to the cabin. What seemed like a safe and comfortable bedroom to rest in was actually a powerful illusion, a solid vision the party could interact with. Beneath the illusion was an elaborate laboratory. The bewildered looks, the party moved on.

The group continued down a path on the other side of the great cave. It led to a set of 3 more ropes, only these ropes were heading up the dead end wall of the passage. The group climbed the ropes and found the other half of the Keep. The search for the dragon was on again.

They moved through the passages and hallways going room to room conducting a thorough search of this area. One room has a secret door that opened to a most peculiar little room. The room was only about 10-foot square and all its surfaces were painted black. Stairs were added to the blackness to give the feeling of looking at the stars. Allesio discovered this room is an exact duplicate of the eastern, night sky. The constellations matched.

Rhinox decided to move into the small room and search for other secrets. Once inside the stars began to move, as if he was floating through the night sky itself. A voice came to him asking him who he was and where he came from. Rhinox’s responses did not seem to help the voice, which is when whatever the voice was attacked his mind. Rhinox was possessed by the voice when he exited the room. The voice seemed benign, seeking only knowledge and answers. It offered to make a pact with the heroes but the offer was denied. In a burst of psychic energy, Rhinox returned to himself and the voice retreated.

The group continued their search, looking for the next room but they did not get far. The wind echoed through these halls, but so did something else. A deep growling sound rumbled off the walls. Could the heroes have disturbed something in the Keep? Have they reached their destination, have they found the dragon? A better question, are they ready for the dragon?

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