Session 25 Summary

December 26th, 2009

Heroes: Prometheus, Rhinox, Lysandros, Dashiell, and Thorgan; and Mariska joined later.

Game Date: Solisdain, Oldsky 17, AD1017

The adventurers from Skulldrop spent days scaling the mountain known as the Dagger of Stars, the Keep of Sea and Sky their destination. They found the Keep well defended and had to fight to gain entry. After nearly getting lost in the under-tunnels and a harrowing experience for the absent minded wizard, the group reached the other side of the Keep.

The other side of the Keep, the side closest to the Sea, appeared to be uninhabited. The adventurers searched through a number of rooms and found very little. As they progressed through the empty halls they learned that first impressions are not always correct. Growls could be heard echoing through the hallways of the Keep. They could be getting close to the dragon and her lair. This notion was also false. This side of the Keep had its guardians as well.

The group met with a strange humanoid creature with wings called a storm abishai. It came around the corner accompanied by two floating masses of crystals that created a local storm around themselves. These other things with the abishai were called storm shards and originate from the Elemental Chaos. The heroes engaged in battle with the creatures but as the fight went on more defenders of the Keep joined in. A rage drake charged into the fight from one hallway as a bluespawn stormlizard charged the group from behind. The party of adventurers was steadfast; they defeated the creatures and continued on their mission.

The path led to a large, circular room with three smaller circular rooms attached to it. It seemed at one time this chamber was a magnificent piece of art. The floor was once a polished stone with a mural dominating its surface. Today the floor was broken with pieces missing, the mural all but faded away. The heroes searched the left and right circular rooms and found them to be towers of the Keep. The first one only went up so far before age and ruin tore the rest of the tower away. The second tower resembled a silo, with stairs leading up but no floors to separate the different levels. The center chamber was larger than the others. It too appeared similar to a farm silo, but this one was fashioned that way. The stairs of this tower spiraled upward until they reached the only level the tower had, the top level.

The heroes proceeded up the tower and reached the top in time to hear a heated conversation between a well armored orc and the object of their hunt. It appeared the orc was trying to make some sort of deal with Minaxerate the young blue dragon. The orc did not appear to be afraid of the dragon at all, he simply kept a level tone as he laid out his proposal. It was also apparent that he was here on behalf of someone else. At this point the conversation ended, Minaxerate noticed the heroes at the stairs. Something strange happened at that moment. The orc persuaded the dragon to leave while he showed his prowess by dealing with the trespassers. Minaxerate agreed telling him if he could slay these interlopers she would agree to his terms, whatever those were.

The adventurers leapt forward to engage the orc, some voicing their concern with this one orc’s strength and confidence. He did prove to be a test of skill for the heroes. The orc had with him a rage drake that he eventually rode into battle. Also in the chamber was a swarm of tiny drakes called needlefang drakes. The orc was powerful, and familiar to the group. Could this be the same orc they seen out in the hills while they traveled to the goblin lair all those weeks ago? Many things could have changed for these adventurers if they would have pursued this one orc when they first saw him.

The battle continued and the orc proved to be a worthy challenge for these heroes. He proved even more deadly once he joined with his rage drake mount. The heroes had to rely on all their skill, all their most trusted abilities, for them to come out triumphant. Finally, the last blow was made; the orc finally succumbed to the overwhelming numbers and the sheer determination of the adventurers. He proclaimed himself a disciple of some unknown master and finally breathed his last. Another strange thing was found when they searched the orc and freed him of his arms and armor. A large red plate was found imbedded in his chest. Skin had long ago grown up over the edges the plate as it became part of him, permanently. While the significance of this phenomenon is yet to be determined, it is a strange find indeed.

As if the orc and his allies were not enough for the adventures, during the battle Minaxerate continued to join the battle sporadically. She would swoop into the large tower chamber from the balcony and breathe her elemental lightning at the party. She would then retreat outside until she could return and repeat the process. At the end of the battle the dragon retreated and did not return. Dashiell quickly ran to the balcony and noticed where the dragon retreated to. It appeared that Minaxerate had another lair, one off the shore of the raging Sea. The heroes pledged to follow.

As the party was debating taking a rest after the arduous fight with the orc, Mariska finally caught up to the heroes. She was just in time to join them as they planned to descend the face of the mountain. They had the dragon on the run; the plan was to rest and then press on to confront the dragon herself.

In the morning the group started the long journey back down the mountain. This time was a bit different from their first encounter with the mountain. They had to begin their climb from the top of the tower which was 120 feet straight down to the first outcropping of rock. The group continued on a slow pace, slow and safe, which got them to the bottom and close to the eastern shoreline. This was only the beginning of their journey. They now had to move along the base of the mountain and around the bend where Dashiell saw the dragon plummet into the ocean.

Five days they climbed down the mountain, and now they must slowly make their way along the rough mountain edge. Movement was slow but better still than the climb. After their first day moving to what the party suspects as the true lair of the dragon, they are visited by the very quarry they hunt. Minaxerate thought to weaken the party, or maybe to ware them down so they will be an easy kill. This tactic failed, and almost cost her life right there on the mountain. She tested the resolve of the party with a couple of passes where she breathed her terrible lightning breath on the heroes. Mariska and Rhinox tried their best to shoot her out of the sky. That is when Minaxerate made the near fatal error. She swooped in close enough for a terrorizing show of dragon magnificence. Some did succumb to her frightful appearance, her mere presence freezing them in their tracks, but Dashiell quickly moved in and brought her down. He brought her close enough to be engaged in melee. She fought frantically to escape the clutches of the heroes, and she succeeded, but not without a close call with death.

The adventurers finally made around to the spot where they saw the dragon dive down into the ocean. A large cave could be seen easily above sea level in the rocks. Watching the tide, the adventurers waited until it was low before they swam into the cave. As they emerged from the water they quickly learned this lair was guarded as well. Kobolds sprang from the sandy beech to attack the trespassers. The heroes have heard stories about these small, cowardly draconic humanoids. Though, all the stories may depict them as being weaker than goblins; that is not true about these kobolds.

The adventurers prevailed once again, slaying the door guards of this lair, but they walked away with a slightly different understanding of kobolds when they are protecting their master, or serving their deity. What awaits the adventurers in this lair? The dragon, Minaxerate, knows of their coming, and she has a sense of their strengths and weaknesses. What will the young blue dragon have prepared for these heroes? These adventurers will either be seen as dragon slayers upon their return, or they will never be heard from again.

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