Session 26 Summary

January 2nd, 2010

Heroes: Prometheus, Mariska, Allesio, Lysandros, Donner, Rhinox, Dashiell, and Thorgan; and Tordek joined as a guest.

Game Date: Highdain, Oldsky 21, AD1017

The adventurers from Skulldrop climbed the Dagger of Stars, the tallest mountain along the eastern shoreline. They fought their way past guardians in the Keep of Sea and Sky. They climbed the stairs of the one tower that survived the quake that shook all of Eridus. They did battle with a powerful emissary from an unknown master. They did all this to reach their one true goal, Minaxerate the blue dragon.

After the dragon escaped from the Keep tower the group had to climb back down the mountain. This time the climb was nearly a straight drop down the face of the mountain. They followed the path of the dragon along the shoreline and to a cave half flooded from sea water. The heroes swam into the cave and onto a beach just inside. They quickly dispatched a group of kobolds defending the entrance of the dragon’s true lair.

After the rest of the party caught up, the group continued their hunt. Their choices were very few; this lair appeared young, showing very little changes from the dragon. It was little more than a few caves and passages. When the group came to the only intersection in the lair, they continued forward. They were still finding smaller caves near the ceiling; passages dug out by the kobolds for better protection possibly.

The group rounded a bend and the passage they were following dead ended in a large cavern up ahead. As they moved forward the ground gave way beneath them. Thorgan, Dashiell, Tordek, Donner, and Lysandros fell 40 feet to the bottom of the pit. If that wasn’t bad enough, water began spilling from the walls to fill the pit. With help from their friends above they were finally able to escape and continue forward into the cavern beyond.

This large cavern was very similar to a hive. Their were rows of caves starting at 5 feet off the ground and reaching nearly 5 feet from the ceiling. These were kobold dens. On the floor across the room was a simple table covered with a white cloth. It had a blue dragon statuette on it and a golden bowl for donations. It appeared these kobolds gave offerings to a dragon god.

The adventurers backtracked to the intersection and turned down the remaining way they had not gone. They came to a long Hall nearly 100 feet long and 60 feet wide. They spotted more small tunnels near the ceiling. Two rows of pillars ran down the length of the Hall as supports. As the group moved forward they quickly learned there were more guardians in this lair; kobolds attacked from behind pillars and from the small caves.

It was a grueling battle between the heroes and the kobold defenders. The kobolds had ceramic pots tied to strings on the ceiling. These pots could be swung down as grenades against the intruders. The heroes learned exactly how tough the kobolds could be while defenders their mistress, Minaxerate. Several of the kobolds, kobold shieldbearers, were heavily armored and were quite skilled in combat. Eventually, after a long drawn out battle, the adventurers were able to fell their chieftain. After that they were able to break through the defenses of the other kobolds and prevail. Finally they could move on to the dragon. After a bit of rest though.

That last kobold fight took a lot out of the heroes. They retreated back to the entrance of the lair to rest for the day. Dashiell had the idea to collapse the small tunnels near the ceiling so the kobolds could not sneak up on them. It appeared to be a sound tactic, their rest went by uncontested. In the morning the group gathered their things and headed for the final confrontation with the dragon.

Passing the long Hall with the pillars the adventurers followed a short passage around and found a set of natural rock steps leading down to a huge cavern. This was the dragon’s chamber, and she was home. The cavern itself was over a 100 feet high and had three levels in all. The first level was the entrance from the stone steps, waiting here were two more bluespawn stormlizards guarding their master’s chamber. A sheer natural wall rises 30 feet to the next level, and at the back of that a wall rises 50 feet to the Minaxerate’s perch.

Another large battle ensued, but that was to be expected. Mushrooms grew at the base of the first natural wall. These mushrooms fogged the mind of some adventurers as they were stepped on to start their climb up the cliff. This of course was after the two stormlizards were quickly slain. Minaxerate had another servant, another abishai, with her to defend her lair. During the battle the blue dragon simply flew around the cavern harassing the adventurers at first, but they were finally able to kill the abishai as well. That was the first turning point in the battle.

Minaxerate thought she could tire the heroes. She flew around the cavern using ranged attacks like breath weapons and lightning bursts. Her main targets were those that caused her the most trouble the last time they met. She focused her attention on Thorgan, Mariska, and Dashiell, or they had the abilities to trap her. She did not anticipate Donner’s next move.

Donner, the goliath barbarian, moved forward his goal being the dragon’s perch. Of course he was the first to find the traps between the two natural pillars that stood halfway to the perch. After fighting his way out of a lightning cage, twice, he began his climb up to the next ledge, 50 feet above where the rest of the group fought. Once at the top he found the dragon’s hoard. Gathering up a half a bag of treasure, he spun around and tossed the bag to level below. The coins sprayed across the ground and immediately Minaxerate became angry.

She flew after Donner immediately but the one known as Dashiell also found his way to the perch. The confrontation did not last long after Minaxerate found she was close enough for the Avenger to pull her down. She went into an angry frenzy flying around the chamber again, and again targeting the three she felt were the most dangerous. The battle was drawing on and the heroes were starting to get fatigued. Allesio was always there to heal with his divine light or to bandage those that fell, but even his power can only go so far. Minaxerate was faring only slightly better. She was draining the healing powers from the leaders of the group and there was little they could do about it. Finally, she was able to claim the female known as, Mariska; the one that was so dangerous with the crossbow. After doing considerable damage to the dragon, she fell from her injuries and did not get up.

Minaxerate was badly wounded and was contemplating a retreat. The heroes continued to taunt her with her own hoard; thieves in her lair. She could tolerate no more; she leapt forward for one last confrontation. The group was ready for her. Lysandros tried to hook her with a grappling hook, but he could not get a good shot on her. Dashiell jumped as high as he could and called to her with his avenging power, she could not resist. Thorgan tried to immobilize her, but he succeeded only temporarily. That was all the heroes needed.

Rhinox raced forward and dug two blades into her azure scales as she roared in pain. Now that she was close enough, Allesio could move in and use his holy power. His divine light empowered the other heroes every time they hit the dragon. Minaxerate went into a fury using her breath weapon and when she could not use that, she clawed and gored with her horn. The might of the heroes was too much for the young blue dragon. Donner entered a fury of his own and with an earth shattering battle cry he plunged his great axe into the chest of the dragon. Minaxerate succumbed to her injuries and fell to the level below, dead.

Finally, the dragon was no more. The group proceeded to gather her hoard and claim it as their own. Once this news reaches Skulldrop, these heroes will be forever more known as dragon slayers; at least in this part of Eridus. What lies ahead for these heroes? Skulldrop is safe once again. Where will they go from here? More importantly, what could they possibly do that could top slaying a dragon?

Donner: *triumphantly holds his axe in the air while performing the victory song of the sand people*
Dashiell: *says a quiet prayer to Ioun, thanking her for all her blessings in the heroic battle.*

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