Session 27 Summary

January 9th, 2010

Heroes: Dashiell, Rhinox, Caylin, Lysandros, Kebi Dabu, Allesio, Prometheus, and Thorgan; Donner left early and Mariska joined late.

Game Date: Niledain, Oldsky 27, AD1017

The adventurers from Skulldrop are standing in the heart of the dragon’s lair. Several of the group came in late, finally catching up to the party; but not in time to see the dragon die. They are going over the chamber of Minaxerate one last time to make sure they did not miss anything. Several claws and teeth are collected as souvenirs, after Dashiell suggested removing the head and taking it with them. This would be proof, without a doubt, that the dragon was dead.

The group finally gathered their belongings and headed for the exit of the lair. It was uncertain how Caylin managed to find the party, since none of them knew how he escaped the ruins. The fact of the matter was, he was there and that was all that mattered. The tide had gone out of the entrance and it was safe to swim out and around to the coastline. As they swam something was blocking the sun, the entire horizon for that matter. A giant blue skinned humanoid of gargantuan proportions, which bared the resemblance to a merman, was visible from the waist up and its back to the heroes.

This giant of a merman had a large red fin running up the center of its back and over the top of its head. The creature had no hair to speak of and carried a massive trident in his right hand. At that moment he seemed to be scanning the horizon for something, and then Donner screamed his war cry.

The giant creature turned his head to look at these newcomers to the scene. That was when a giant tail fin rose out of the water and in a quick motion, slapped hard against the surface of the water. The splash created a massive wave that raced toward the heroes that were helpless while swimming out of the cave. The wave bowled through the heroes and carried them back into the cave. Lysandros, Kebi Dabu, and Allesio were deposited on land inside the cave; the others were not so lucky. The rest of the party was sent crashing against the rock at the back of the cave. When the water finally rushed back out, the adventurers found they were not alone.

When the three adventurers on land opened their eyes, there were several aquatic creatures known as Sahuagin waiting for the attack. At the same time, a large aquatic creature with huge pincer like claws attacks those caught underwater. The sahuagin immediately attack the heroes on land while the underwater creature keeps the others busy. Some of the heroes were able to swim to shore, but Thorgan stayed behind to distract the sea creature.

The group had not rested since their bout with the dragon. They were not expecting any opposition. They were battered and beaten by Minaxerate, and now some of them were recovering from a hard hit against the cave wall and trying to keep their breath underwater. These creatures were strong, and very agile. The heroes were tired and fighting for their lives once again. The battle rages on, feels like forever, with the party using every bit of reserve they can muster, and Thorgan fails to come up for air. Kebi Dabu lays down a numbing zone of necrotic energy that scattered the enemy. The creatures fought to escape the zone and that leads some of them into the water. Though Dashiell and Rhinox had joined Thorgan in the fight below the surface, Thorgan is still surrounded by the enemy. It was inevitable; Thorgan falls to his grievous injuries.

On land, the heroes were only fairing slightly better. Caylin did everything in his power to bolster the spirits of his comrades, while Allesio used his divine gifts to grant endurance to his weary friends. Lysandros was inspiring his troops to higher bouts of strength and courage; but none of them could see Thorgan. The scene was grim indeed, but all was not lost. Rhinox successfully retrieved Thorgan and pulled him to the surface and onto land.

Magic flew from both Kebi Dabu and Prometheus, after the halfling finally made it to the surface and could get in range of those on land. The enemy was agile in the water as well as out, making it difficult for Kebi Dabu to catch them with his directed magic. Prometheus must use his Will to focus the chaotic nature of his magic; this was proving difficult for he was doing so while trying to tread water. Finally Prometheus focuses all of his strength and willpower into a single burst of energy and lands a critical blow onto one of the fish men. Kebi Dabu also caught one of the wily creatures with a powerful force blast.

It took everything the party had to finish these creatures off. This puzzled the half-orc. Rhinox knew about these creatures. The sahuagin do not fight to the death, they flee if they know they are fighting a losing battle. What force could make these creatures sacrifice their lives like this? What was pushing them into such a frenzy? After the battle was over and everyone was trying to catch their breath, Dashiell felt something strange. He could feel a strong divine presence around this cave. With no answers and less strength, the heroes decide to rest.

In the morning the party makes a decision. They believe that with Kebi Dabu’s help they could learn more about the strange hatch that is in the ground under the Keep of Sea and Sky. They decide to climb back up to the keep and take another look. Their travel is steady and quiet but they make good pace back to the mountain. They have been here before so they tie themselves off and begin the long climb back up. With very little injury, Kebi Dabu losing his grip and bouncing off the side of the mountain, or Allesio slipping and hitting his chin on a hard outcrop of stone, in a few days they make it back to the base of the tower. The rope right where they left it, they only take a short rest before starting the climb again.

Once at the top of the tower they could rest, five more days of restless night did not make many of them too happy. The Keep was deathly quiet, and supposedly empty, so the rest went by nicely. The next day they set out for the cabin beneath the Keep. There they would find the large metal door in the grass. They reached the cave with no opposition, but they stood astounded when they got there. The cabin had vanished. Dashiell tried to disbelieve the possible illusion hiding the cabin, but it didn’t work. Lysandros went forward to touch where the cabin used to be, but it was in fact gone. All that remained was the stilts the cabin and the platform were built on. There was nothing they could do, they moved to the doorway.

Thankfully the doorway they came all this way for was still there. Kebi Dabu and Lysandros checked out the markings on the hatch but could not get much from them. They could identify some of the markings as protection runes, but there were more that they could not identify. In addition, they way the runes and symbols were put together made no sense to the two arcanists either. They had simply never seen those combinations used together before. This made the group step back and think about what they would do next. Some wanted to leave it behind, thinking that these powerful markings meant there was something powerful inside. Others wanted to try and open the metal door; curiosity kills. It was decided, they would try to open it.

Kebi Dabu got out his tools of the trade and readied the ritual knock to open the doorway. Dashiell and Lysandros were at his side, ready to add their strength to the ritual. Kebi started the ritual and could immediately feel a resistance; a force working against him. He pressed on. Kebi Dabu gathered all the strength he could find, borrowing some from Dashiell and Lysandros, and gave one final willful push to get through the barriers that blocked his way.

The last thing Kebi Dabu remembers are the giant ghostly eyes staring at him.

The party looks on as Kebi does battle with whatever is holding this hatch shut. Suddenly Kebi arches backwards and with but a grunt from him he is thrown back over 30 feet sliding across the grass. When he stops, he does not move to get up. More symbols flash on the hatch and suddenly two large bronze bull-headed golems appear before the party.

What is Kebi Dabu’s fate? Is he dead, or alive? What did the magical backlash do to him? That will have to be left for another time. The party has two golems to worry about right now, and last time, one was a terror for them. What exactly is the doorway protecting? Who could have placed such powerful wards on the hatch? What lies beneath the Keep, and why it is so important? Will the heroes get answers to these questions, and if they can defeat the golem guardians, is there more of them?

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