Session 28 Summary

January 16th, 2010

Heroes: Dashiell, Lysandros, Rhinox, Caylin, Donner, Mariska, and Thorgan.

Game Date: Eredain, Whitesky 2, AD1017

White light, white light is all that can be seen. A ringing in the ears is all that can be heard. The world has disappeared. All that can be seen is a white light. Kebi Dabu was performing a ritual. What happened to Kebi? Can’t see, can’t hear… white light… ringing! Where is everybody! The bright light is starting to clear, vision is starting to return. Blurry, the world moves through the blur. The door isn’t open, but there are now 2 guardians standing before it. Everything is so fuzzy, blurry. Wait, not two of the bronze minotaurs, vision is clearing, it’s just one big one. “Where’s Kebi!” A voice comes through the ringing, “He’s back there, he isn’t moving!” A second voice, “30 feet, that’s 30 feet, he was thrown 30 feet!”

When the minds finally clear and the heroes can both see and hear again, the scene is disheartening. The door is still closed and Kebi Dabu appears to be wounded, possibly dying. The ritual seemed to have activated some sort of defense mechanism. A large bronze minotaur automaton appeared before the door. This was different, it had no axe… and it looked meaner. With clouded minds no more, the group could see their task before them. The bronze construct was going to tear them apart, unless they destroy it first.

As the heroes engage the construct, it goes into a rampage. It stomps its feet trying to crush the adventurers and slams its fists into two other adventurers. Its bronze skin was tough, making difficult for weapons to penetrate its hide. Dashiell was first to feel the creatures true strength. Picked up by the leg, the avenger was smashed into the dwarf. The battle was intense as the construct continued to rampage, continued to use the heroes as a flinging weapon. Mariska had to retreat further back in hopes of staying out of the creatures throwing range, Rhinox nearly killed her the first time. The heroes valiantly fought on trying to take the construct apart piece by piece. Eventually they could cry victory. Never before had the party seen a single opponent inflict so much damage upon the party. They were exhausted afterward.

After the group had rested there was some debate on whether or not to try the door again. Kebi Dabu was still unconscious but he was stable, he was in no danger. It was possible that Dashiell’s arcane knowledge could get them through the door. Between Mariska and himself, they determined there were no more traps on the door. It was decided, with Caylin’s vote tipping the scale, they would not try again. It was time to get back to Skulldrop, their home away from home.

Back to Skulldrop

The group climbed back down the mountain, a trip taking another 5 days, reaching the hills sometime at the end of the month. Oldsky turned into Whitesky as the party made back to the Great Gates. It was a comforting sight to see the doors back up, even if they were damaged enough to be simply pushed over. They received a hero’s welcome from the workers constructing the new, reinforced doors; as well as from the guards coming down from the wall. They were pointed in the direction of the Command Center where Commander Ryver would be. After all, they had proof Minaxerate, the blue dragon, was dead. Donner has been playing with it the whole trip back. The group reported to the Commander that the dragon was dead and all was right in Skulldrop once more. They were commended for a job well done as it was said that their deeds would spread through Skulldrop before they could exit the Fort. The adventurers also showed the Commander the letter they had found. He seemed perplexed and vowed to look into the matter. Once again the heroes had done a great service for the Commander and Skulldrop, and now it was time for a bit of fun and relaxation.

Dashiell decided to go to his room at the Great Stone Inn and learn a new spell. The Knock spell had already come in handy before, it could be useful in his arsenal. Lysandros, Rhinox, Donner, and Thorgan went to the common room of the attached tavern and proceeded to tell the tale of their dragon hunting. They started the tale with a round of drinks for everyone, which in turn got everyone’s attention. Coincidentally, the Dragonslayers the Commander had sent for were in that very tavern. Some bickering and banter went back and forth, but by the end of the night they were simply all adventurers and raising a mug of beer in honor of each others exploits. Mariska was there with them, drinking only when someone else bought the drink, scanning the room for any never-do-wells. In the end, Lysandros was helping the other leader up the stairs. Caylin did not know what to make of his new found friends, he turned in early.

In the morning, after some remedies for the dizzying mind sickness, the adventurers began a debate of a different sort. What were they going to do next? There were too possible paths set before the group. One was to travel to the capital of Mentiel, the city of Eluren, and warn the Royal Family of the threats presented in the letter. The other was to investigate the Cult of Vecna. Dashiell’s lead takes the party to the east, toward the eastern shore of Mentiel, to find a cemetery. One thing was certain; the decision to leave was set.

A New Adventure

It was a group decision to gather their things and head out of Skulldrop. It was time for these heroes to write a new story elsewhere, or was it? The group made it as far as Lower Skulldrop, but they found they could not escape just yet. A messenger boy was trying hard to dodge the crowd and catch up to the heroes. When the boy finally caught up to them, he had an anonymous message for them. The message instructed the party to visit the Crack n’ Stone Inn and Tavern that very night and order a stone beer. The half-elf proprietor would do the rest.

Once the beer was finally available, the half-elf pointed out a lone cloaked character in the far corner of the common room. The shady character was none other than the First Advisor, Master Maranaren. He wanted the help of the party. He needed them to talk to the Commander and gain permission to investigate the Tower; he could not do it himself. The to told the heroes they had to convince the Commander this was the best way, and do it while Maranaren was advising the Commander against it. The adventurers could see this was necessary to uphold the defense of the Fort, Skulldrop, and even Mentiel.

The next morning the adventurers gain an audience with Commander Ryver. They are viewed as heroes, but this was no easy task. Commander Ryver feels this is a stately matter and should be his responsibility. The Commander is honorable and proud. The infiltration of the goblins was ultimately his fault, and he does not know enough about magic and the arcane to see the conspiracy that was growing under his very nose. The Commander and First Advisor Maranaren had some good points about the investigation, but ultimately, all had to agree with the heroes. The Commander was far too emotionally involved to conduct this investigation. After a long discussion the adventurers go their Writ of Passage. It seems they had one more job to take care of before they left.

Their first task was to search through the Tower, again, and find what they had missed the first time. They knew Jafnar Voransen was one of the traitors and he was dealing with the Avatars from the north. They also knew that he was a highly respected master in this very Tower. They wanted to start with his room but could not figure out which one that was. They had to do a broader search of all the personal quarters of the teachers and masters.

The heroes went back and forth through the rooms looking for clues, looking for anything out of place. They looked for secret caches that might hold a clue. They searched for secret doors that would lead to a new area they had not found before. They looked for doors in the floors, and even doors in the ceiling. They were coming up cold with everything they tried. That was when they began their deductive reasoning.

The Tower Sublevel

The party searched through High Master Maranaren’s room, it being the largest personal chamber, but found it to be clean. The other rooms were smaller and appeared to all be the same. Working together, Mariska and Lysandros learned that the room just below Maranaren’s room was slightly larger than all the other master’s rooms. This may not be out of the ordinary; there might be a higher ranking master below the High Master. The thing that caught their eye was the space under the larger room was unaccounted for. The only thing above this empty spaced was a closet in the living quarters under the High Master’s room.

Lysandros learned that the two torch sconces, strange for a walk-in closet this size, were shaped in a fancy letter V. Mariska looked over both sconces and found them to be levers to activate something. One sconce pushed in will lower the closet platform. When the platform is down, the other sconce pushed in will bring it back up. This is what they were here for. They packed into the walk-in closet and activated the elevator.

The magical elevator lowered and stopped between four sets of stairs. These stairs lead off into four different hallways in this underground area. The heroes decide to go west. The stairs led to a short, 5-foot wide hallway that stops at another set of stairs leading down into a large room. It was evident this room was once a training room, with training dummies still standing along the walls. Around the room were several suits of armor that Dashiell and Lysandros detected as magical. They too appeared to be used for training purposes since they had the scars to prove it. With nothing else in the room, Thorgan tried one of the doors that lead out of this Hall. As soon as the door was opened, the training began.

Three of the suits of armor activated and moved toward the party. It seems they were set as guardians to stop intruders, or possibly thieves. Their greatswords blazed with elemental energy as they fell upon the party. It seemed as though their luck was not boding well, for this encounter was harder than the guardian at the strange iron door under the Keep. The constructs had heavy armor that made it difficult for weapons to penetrate. Thankfully the heroes had the automatons outnumbered. They eventually prevailed against these enemies.

The group proceeded through the door the dwarf opened to activate the golems. Once again Dashiell and Lysandros detected magic in the room, but nothing moved inside. When they entered they found an armory of assorted weapons. Axes, hammers, swords, maces, even bows, could be found lying on tables or hanging in weapons wracks. As they searched through the room, searching for the magic they detected, they activated yet another defense in this place. The door closed and locked leaving Dashiell, Lysandros, and Thorgan inside to fend for themselves. The weapons all around them came alive and attacked. The animated weapons moved fast, darting in and out of melee combat, too fast for the adventurers to react. They battered at the door to no avail.

On the other side of the door Caylin decided to try to unlock the door. Mariska saw what he was doing and moved to help. Together they were able to unlock the door and get their teammates out. Knowing that Mariska had knowledge of mechanical contraptions, Dashiell and Lysandros took her into the room to see if she could deactivate this defense. Thorgan took up position by the door but then realized, if he removed all the weapons they couldn’t animate… hopefully.

Mariska was only able to deactivate one part of the trap. It was not enough to keep the weapons from animating. The four heroes ran out of the room once again. This time Thorgan was taking no chances. He moved back into the room and began removing all the weapons he could find in the room. Eventually he was able to deactivate the trap by removing what made it dangerous.

The heroes have discovered yet another Sublevel below the Tower. Its defenses are far more advanced than the other secret level they found. Whoever created these defenses had a higher understanding of creation and enchantment rituals. Who is this person they seek? Will the heroes be able to bring him to justice once they find him? What will the party find in this place? What secrets have been hidden from the High Master himself?

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