Session 3 Summary

Game Date: May 30, 2009

Heroes: Bagheera, Lysandros, Laertes, Thorgan, Rhinox, Kebi Dabu and Dashiell, Goli; Persephone joined late

Tension is growing in Skulldrop. Travelers are still marooned within the walls of the Stone and no one is sure when the Commander will reopen the gates. Local merchants are seeing less and less business and the traveling merchants are stuck with what little merchandise they have left. Fights in the Inn are becoming more frequent and many visitors to the village are resorting to crime for various reasons. Skulldrop has become a powder keg that could explode at any moment.

The adventurers investigating the goblin assault on Skulldrop has just defeated a group of goblins working with a couple of humans on an unknown arcane project. As they search the rooms thoroughly they discover more evidence of a plot against the Fort. The question they cannot answer is who has orchestrated this attack? The adventurers found a letter from someone named Avatar Ephyrrus describing how he has helped the goblins in their assault along with other things mentioned.

The heroes were faced with a dilemma. Do they return to the Sheriff with the letter they had found, or do they continue their search? If they return with the letter it could spell the end of their investigation with the Commander of the Fort taking over. On the other hand, it could be important information the Commander could use to help in his own investigation. It was a difficult choice the consensus was to continue on as time was growing short.

The group continued through the underground stronghold in search of stronger evidence so they may speak with the Commander themselves. It did not take long for them to meet with opposition once again. In a large room down the hall the group steps into an ambush of sorts. They were not taken unawares, but it appeared that these combatants were ready for them. A battle ensued.

Though the goblins and the humans were working together, they were still no match for the company of adventurers. The party made short work of the enemy, letting only two escapes, a goblin and human got away down the hall. This only pushed the heroes into action faster as they chased the escaping enemies. Coming to a long, grand hall lined with pillars on either side, they eventually come to a large chamber with a magic circle on the floor. The chamber was not empty.

As the heroes approached the magic circle chamber, a human by the name of Xerath was working on new runes for the circle. It appeared the circle was not complete. The wizard was not at all surprised, more annoyed than anything from the intrusion. The conversation with the man did not take long as his only purpose was to end the intrusion and get back to work. Once again the heroes answered the call to battle and engaged the wizard. It turned out he had more allies than first met the eye.

It was the fiercest battle the heroes had seen yet. The wizard was quite advanced and his bodyguard was a skilled soldier. There were goblins assigned to protecting this wizard as well and they proved to be tougher than first appeared. Many of the heroes fell several times but the party stuck together and watched out for one another. It was the only thing that got through to the end. After several adventurers were nearly killed, Bagheera made a deal with the wizard’s bodyguard. Preying upon the soldier’s greed as a mercenary, he hired him on the spot to take care of one of the goblins. With the promise of gold the soldier cut down the goblin as if they were enemies from the start. Finally the heroes were able to finish off the remaining adversaries and they all survived. The mercenary took his gold and walked away, the party too worn out to do anything about it.

The wizard known as Xerath tried to surrender but the unwary Laertes was unconscious at the time. When he awoke he immediately stood and cut the man down. The party knew this wizard was the key to what was going on down here and they figured he knew something about the goblin attack. Their only recourse was to take the body back to the Sheriff. After one last search through the complex it was time to take what they had found to the Sheriff and see if it was enough.

The heroes’ efforts paid off. As the group was taking some much needed rest in the local Inn, the only one available actually, they were sought out by a group of guards. Commander Ryver himself had requested an audience with the adventurers. It was what they had been wanting; they gathered their things and followed the guards into the Fort. They were escorted to a back room that was set up as a conference room. Commander Ryver was sitting behind a long table that had seats for five on the other side, though he was the only one sitting. Also present in the room was the First Advisor, Maranaren Kamor, though he remained standing near a corner.

The heroes debriefed the Commander with everything they had learned over the last few days. The Commander remained attentive but did not say much. The Advisor only piped in when it had to do with magic, and the magic circle seemed to intrigue him. The Commander asked a few questions but answered less. When all was said and done, the heroes were left wanting.

Over the next two days the heroes continued their investigation the best they could. They tried to get back into the stronghold they had found below the sewers but the entrance, the statue of the goddess the Raven Queen, was now guarded. They tried some enquiries around the Stone but learned very little. They talked to a merchant by the name of Kael that sold some merchandise to a hooded character, but when they returned the next morning they learned he had been arrested.

The adventurers were reminded that the Fort had never been breeched before and the Commander is vexed as to how it happened. It is a safe bet that the lock down around the village will remain in effect until the crisis is solved. That does not bode well for the inhabitants of Skulldrop. Bagheera, once again using gold to do his talking, hired some shady characters to find information for him. He learned the true name of the wizard they had killed in the stronghold was actually Ysera and he was a member of the Skull Tower. The party learned a great deal in their separate investigations, but without sharing their findings with each other, piecing it all together has been difficult.

It was time to bed down for the second night after they emerged from the stronghold under Skulldrop. Bagheera once again slept in the stables but as the strange wizard Kebi Dabu tried to follow, he was driven off by the owner of the Inn. The wizard tried to loiter in the streets and found himself in a jail cell. It seems the village watch is taking no chances with strangers in the street. A few hours before dawn the guards came calling for Lysandros once again. Gathering his compatriots the heroes once again got an audience with the Commander.

The Skull Tower is about to be arrested. The entire magic defense of the Fort and Skulldrop will be in custody before the noon day sun sits high in the sky. The heroes have been entrusted with the task of searching the Tower for evidence of a secret entrance into Skulldrop. The adventures have found the location of a teleportation portal that has not yet been complete. The letter mentioned something about a portal in the lair of a tribe of goblins. If the portal they found was not complete, where does the portal in the lair go? How is the Skull Tower involved? Why are humans working with goblins and what are they trying to accomplish? Will the answer be with the Skull Tower, or deep in the Jagged Plains with the Deepspear goblin tribe? The Assault has ended… for now, but what lies ahead?

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