Session 30 Summary

January 30th, 2010

Heroes: Lysandros, Allesio, Mariska, Thorgan, Caylin, Donner, Kebi Dabu, and Prometheus. Lysandros had to leave early and Dashiell arrived late.

Game Date: Morsdain, Whitesky 6, AD1017

Once again the adventurers are caught up in an investigation in Skulldrop. They are working on located the Varrikai, a highly secretive organization that runs criminal activities around the village, as well as all over Mentiel. The group is also looking for the notorious Jafnar Voransen who is actually the head of a traitorous noble household known as the Varkis family. Zeitvor Varkis will stop at nothing to get his revenge on the Royal family of Mentiel of the assassination of his family and the destruction of the Noble House.

The heroes had just finished up inside the general store; Rooks, Kings, and Bishops, as the sun began to fall below the hills. The roads were clearing and shops were closing so the group decided to call it a night. Unfortunately, it would not go that easily for them. Caylin decided to leave Thorgan at the back door of the store and headed for the Inn. As he walked down the street he noticed he was being watched. He summoned his spirit companion behind the two thugs that were following him but there were others watching. What started as a simple bit of exercise with a couple of street urchins quickly became a deadly showdown in the streets. Luckily his companions were only a few steps behind him. All he had to do is hold out until then. Caylin’s luck continued as the thugs began yapping their jaws instead of fighting; something about looking for Lysandros and his crew. Caylin proceeded to hold out on the thugs and keep the information to himself; which of course started a brawl in the streets.

The shaman was able to stall the gang members long enough for the majority of his friends to join him. Allesio, Mariska, Donner, Kebi Dabu, Prometheus, and the object of the thug’s inquiry, Lysandros, arrived on the scene. The rest of the gang hiding among the shadows could not wait any longer. The fight became a little bit more even when the actual leader of this band of thieves, a knife fighter, and a few of his crony’s joined in. Thorgan finally entered the battle several seconds later, being the last one to leave the shop. Once everyone was at his side, Caylin and his comrades made short work of the bandits. When the rest of the crew was lying in the street bleeding, the knife fighter gave up his weapons and surrendered.

A New Lead

The gang leader decided to try a bit of bargaining. He knew he had no hopes of escaping this group of adventurers, so he thought he would use information to buy his freedom. He told the heroes that he would give up what he knows if they walk him to the edge of town and let him leave unharmed. The group agreed. The adventurers learned a very important bit of information at that point. They learned that much of the watchmen are paid to look the other way. The most important part of this revelation, Sheriff Matnyr is involved with the Varrikai. The organization pays him to keep the streets clear during their operations.

The heroes had a new lead, but where would it take them? The next morning Mariska and Prometheus decided to go to the Watch shack and check up on the sheriff. They followed him through the day watching what he did and where he went. It led them no where for he simply did his rounds checking on the different watchers throughout the village. When the day was done he went home. There was nothing out of the ordinary about his day.

Kebi's Plan

That evening the party followed Paavetti from his store to his house to see if he would provide any new clues. This lead also ended in a boring night. When the adventurers left the house, Kebi ducked into an ally and cast a spell that changed his appearance; when he again approached Paavetti’s house he had the face of Tethren Mashansen. Since the wizard Tethren was one of the traitors from the tower, Kebi used this disguise to secure a deal from Paavetti. A dangerous ploy, but it was worth a try. The troubles started immediately as Kebi left the smuggler’s house. Donner, the barbarian goliath, recognized the wizard from the interrogation. He leapt from the building he was watching from and crashed down on Tethren, or Kebi, or whoever. The rest of the group members that were still in the street noticed this and joined in the fight. It wasn’t until Kebi was knocked unconscious that the illusion was broken and his friends saw exactly who he was.

The heroes had very little to go on. They were not sure what to do with the sheriff since the Commander told them they had to have more proof than just the word of some street thugs. Paavetti was an excellent businessman and a careful smuggler; that lead was at a dead end. They had very little choices set in front of them; Kebi’s plan was looking pretty good by the minute. Kebi Dabu would not take no for an answer, he had made up his mind. Dashiell was able to come up with the 500 gold pieces he needed to give Paavetti up front and Kebi was now ready to put his plan into action.

The Next Night

Several party members decided to follow Kebi and keep an eye on him in case of trouble. Dashiell and Mariska went back to the Rooks, Kings, and Bishops general store to look around. Since they did not learn much in Paavetti’s house that morning, this was the next logical step. Mariska used her talents to break into the store and they both proceeded to search for anything they could use in their investigation. They eventually found a secret door that led down into a room filled with items ready to be shipped out. On the desk in the secret storage room they found papers that were in heavy code, but Mariska was able to decipher some of it. The papers prove that Paavetti ships merchandise for the Varrikai, the Black Market, and even the Hill Knives, among others that could not be identified.

At the same time Kebi Dabu had approached Paavetti’s home. Money exchanged hands and the smuggler gave him a slip of paper. He told Kebi, “go to this address and tell them you want the Quickling Deal.” Kebi Dabu sped off in the direction of the new address. The note took him to the home of an elderly woman. He gave her the password, “Quickling Deal” and she hurried him inside. She took him to the basement, into a secret room where she works a bit of her own magic. She has the skills to make a customer look like someone completely different, she was a master of disguises. After an hour of working on the wizard, she gave him some different clothes to wear over the ones he had to go with the change. She gave him yet another address and told him they would be waiting to take him out of the city.

Dashiell and Mariska had finished their search and the news was frightening. This confirms that Kebi could be walking into an ambush. They immediately went looking for Kebi and the other party members. When they found Thorgan and the others they relayed what they had learned. It was now important to stop Kebi from carrying out his plan. They found the wizard and shouted their words of warning, but he would not listen. They tried grabbing him and stopping him but he insisted the plan continue. His friends had dire feelings about this.

Kebi finally reached his new destination. He entered the cellar of the dark building. When he reached the storage room at the end of the small hallway, a group of men came out of the shadows. Kebi could hear the bolts being thrown on the doors to the cellar; he was trapped, and all alone. The assassins quickly surrounded Kebi and attacked. In a flurry of blows from all sides Kebi was staggered but he could still defend himself; he poofed away before the last thug could finish him off. He appeared on the steps and screamed for help.

Mariska rushed forward and was able to undo the bolts. The doors were flung open as the rest of the party leaped forward to the wizard’s defense. The battle was horrendous, and very deadly. It seemed to be very important for them to slay the man Kebi was impersonating. The strange shadow mage used his magic to move his comrades into position in the little hallway. The heroes were bottle-knecked and could not get through. The party was stuck in the hallway and could not get through before the sniper and the shadow mage could do a great deal of damage. Finally the heroes busted through and made it into the cellar room, but they were wounded and tired. These assassins were professionals and they got the upper hand against the heroes early in this fight. The adventurers could do nothing but press on. They had to defeat their enemy or fall away into memory. It was safe to say; if they die here they would never be found. Thorgan led the attack against the shadow mage as he rushed forward and challenged everyone in the room. Dashiell moved in for support, Mariska found targets from the steps, and Caylin and Allesio were trying their best to keep everyone alive.

Eventually the assassins could not survive the onslaught of the heroes. All of them fell to the might of the adventurers. When all was done, when the smoke cleared, the assassins proved to be worthy of their title. Allesio had fallen, and Kebi Dabu had fallen. Allesio was revived and seemed to be shaken but ok. Kebi was not so lucky. The assassins succeeded with their task, their target was dead.

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