Session 31 Summary

February 6th, 2010

Heroes: Prometheus, Thorgan, Allesio, Lysandros, Kebi Dabu, Donner, Rhinox, and Dashiell.

Game Date: Eredain, Whitesky 9, AD1017

The adventurers are investigating one of the most secret and most powerful organizations in Mentiel. They are also on the trail of the most wanted human in Mentiel as well. It turns out the most wanted man is actually the leader of the Varrikai, a secretive and deadly organization. The Varrikai have their hands in many things, most of which are illegal. They even have influence in the Watchman of the village as well as the Fort guards. The heroes have their work cut out for them, but are they in over their heads?

The group just got through killing a group of assassins from the Varrikai, but they were not able to stop the assassination. This particular group of assassins was after Kebi Dabu, or at least his new alter ego. They lured him to an abandoned building while he was impersonating a wizard from the Skull Tower. They were hoping to silence a wizard, but they got the wrong one. Even though the heroes were there to back him up, they were in a bad position fighting in the cellar. Kebi Dabu died.

The group was trying to decide what to do with the remains of the assassins while they gathered up Kebi’s body. The insane wizard was whisked off to the temple of Pelor while the other half of the party went to the Fort to report the assassination. They took the remains with them for identification, but they could not be identified beyond the assumption they were Varrikai agents.

The Investigation Continues

While Kebi was being resurrected, the adventurers continued their investigation. The group reported to the sheriff the lack of watchman in the village that night and he reassured the group that it was very possible they could walk through town and not see a watch group. They would not except this answer and got the names of the group leaders that were suppose to be on duty. It was a new lead, and the best one they had at this time. In the morning Kebi Dabu was awake, but shaken from his ordeal. The Raven Queen called upon him once again, and released him again.

Speaking with the watch leaders did not get them very far, so it was time to stretch the law a bit. Prometheus and Dashiell decided to investigate the leader’s house while he was on watch the next night. In the cellar Dashiell found notes instructing the watch leader to be clear of certain areas of the village during the night hours. The notes were unsigned but it was something to go on.

They took their evidence to the Commander and he told the adventurers to confront the sheriff. The sheriff didn’t put up much of a resistance; it seemed he was expecting them. It seemed the sheriff didn’t know very much but he did confirm that Jafnar was the leader of the Varrikai. What the heroes did not know was he owned part of the Watchers of the Wall Inn and Tavern.


The adventurer’s next stop was the Watchers of the Wall. A fresh new lead and it didn’t hurt the dwarf or the goliath’s feelings that it was a tavern. The group found themselves a table and ordered some drinks. When it was time to move, it wasn’t as easy as it was suppose to be. Everyone that drank started feeling drowsy and seeing double; the drinks were poisoned. The other patrons of the tavern gave up the ruse and moved in on the group. It seemed they were waiting for the heroes to get there.

A definition of a Hero: You don’t quit when the going gets tough. Their knees were wobbly and their heads were in a haze but they drew their weapons and confronted the thugs head on. The adventurers got an adrenaline rush and the blood began to pump faster. The poison ran through their systems faster. Those that did not drink much, their heads began to clear. His dwarven stamina cleared Thorgan’s head as well. The thugs, or possibly the Varrikai themselves, that were there to kill these heroes, lost their edge.

After the poisoned cleared their system, it did not take much for the adventurers to clear the tavern of the thugs. When the dust settled, the thugs were put down but Damarn Cardale the bartender was nowhere to be seen. The group searched and found a hatch in the kitchen floor revealing a set of stairs leading down. Below was a large gambling room complete with a fight cage. The local gamblers took their leave of the situation, leaving Damarn to fend for himself.

Interrogating Damarn was pretty easy, it turned out he was a coward at heart. With a bit of persuasion from Rhinox, he told the group that the elite soldiers known as the Forward Watch was in league with Jafnar. This was a huge find since this group is revered throughout Skulldrop as great soldiers and heroes themselves. The adventurers carted off Damarn to the Commander so he could tell his story again.

When Damarn repeated to the Commander what he had told the adventurers, Commander Ryver knew he was telling the truth and he did not look happy. It is starting to look as though this entire infrastructure he has built from the ground up has been a cesspool of corruption right under his nose. The Commander told the group to go back to their Inn that he would take care of the Forward Watch. The anger spewing from his eyes could nearly turn a man to stone.

Lie: I’m Never Drinking Again!

After spending most of the night hunting down leads, the group arrived back at the Great Stone Inn for a bit of rest. Once again Thorgan, Donner, and Lysandros stayed in the common room for some food and drink. Dashiell and Rhinox went up to Donner’s suite to turn in for the night. Kebi Dabu got his own room and did the same. Allesio used his charm on a bar wench stayed with her for the night, or that is what he was hoping.

Several drinks later a dark clad individual stood up and walked toward the trio in the common room. The way he was talking, the assassin was waiting for them, similar to those in the other tavern. Several more thugs came out from a table in the corner while assassins appeared from the darkness in the rooms upstairs. The bar wench Allesio had a go-around with turned against him as well.

Once again their drinks were poisoned so the adventurers could not think straight. They would not give up easily though, they pulled weapons and fought on. Unlike the last tavern, the group was separated and these assassins meant business. Dashiell was doing his best to defend himself, but he was beaten pretty bad and needed to retreat. Rhinox was finally able to get away from his assassin, but was slashed across the leg and was left hobbling. One last good hit and he fell in a heap. If it wasn’t for the timely appearance of Kebi Dabu, there might be two dead heroes in the suite.

The other heroes appeared to be doing a bit better with the assassin and thugs in the common room, and the wench in the servant room. Lysandros used his leadership skills and Thorgan used his connection to Moradin to beat back their attackers. Allesio called upon his divine gifts to daze and distract the wench until he could escape and get help from the others. The rest of the group finally emerged from upstairs. Reunited, the group was back to full strength and was able to best their opponents. The assassin surrendered.

The group could not get anything from the assassin so they took him to the Commander. The place was deserted. They had never felt it so empty. The adventurers were led to a waiting room as always and the Commander was summoned. First Knight Ryver Kriegieh entered the room with his First Advisor, Maranaren. The assassin was taken below to a cell while the Commander relayed what he had learned from the corrupt Forward Watch.

After several days of investigation the group finally has a location for the Varrikai base in Skulldrop. They now have a destination, a target to release their pent up frustrations. The Commander has given them one chance to go into the hidden headquarters of the Varrikai and bring out Lord Varkis; or kill him. He does not want to send in a large force himself for fear of Lord Varkis learning of the operation and leaving town. The heroes must travel to the Skulldrop Mines and search for the Varrikai entrance on the third level.

What will the heroes find hidden in this base? They have already felt the power the Varrikai possess, and the experience of some of their followers. Is this a fool’s errand? How many of these brave heroes will be permanently buried within those mines? Will any of them return from such a daring quest? To confront the leader of the Varrikai, the Lord of the Varkis family, and the Master of Rituals from the Skull Tower; they might be facing death herself.

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