Session 32 Summary

February 20th, 2010

Heroes: Prometheus, Kebi Dabu, Dashiell, Donner, Rhinox, Thorgan, Mariska, and Lysandros.

Game Date: Niledain, Whitesky 10, AD1017

The heroes have been tracking down the organization known as the Varrikai for quite a few days now. The things they have discovered have been staggering. The adventurers learned the organization has interests all over the village. Their influence goes deeper than first imagined. The Varrikai have spies throughout the Village Watch and even up to the most trusted elite guards of the Fort.

The adventurers have uncovered a well hidden base within the mines of Skulldrop. The group discovered the mines were partly owned by Jafnar and the Varrikai and gained permission from the Commander to search for their adversary there. The group has done a great deal of investigation, following every lead where it takes, in hopes of finding the master mind behind the organization. This could be the place where Zeitvor Varkis himself is hold up. The waiting is over; the time to enter this hideout and hopefully find their highly elusive prey is now!

The stone doors push open easily as they enter the foyer of this secret base. The square room is furnished with only a few tables and chairs, occupied by guards. The group tries to get the drop on these simple soldiers but getting into this compound will not be that easy. Several of the guards go down quickly but two remained, and that is all that is needed. One rushes to the wall and pulls a lever, a lever that activates the magic crossbow turrets in the ceiling. The other guard rushes for the only other door in the room; he knocks hard and goes into a defensive stance. Three crossbows drop from the corners of the ceiling and start throwing magical bolts of energy at the intruding heroes. Moments later the door to the room opens as an automated statue enters and attacks the adventurers.

The last of the guards go down quick, but there are other defenses to worry about now. While Dashiell and Rhinox work on the statue that entered the room, Thorgan and Lysandros focus on one of the turrets. At the same time Kebi Dabu and Prometheus use their magic for ranged support against the turrets. Thorgan uses a grappling hook on one of the turrets but can’t get much done. Lysandros grabs the rope while the dwarf hangs on and begins to tug. The dwarf is trying to hack at the bow while Lysandros is trying to pull it off the ceiling. Eventually Lysandros wins that argument and the dwarf plummets back to the floor. As they finish off the statue and the last of the turrets, the adventurers finally make their way into the Varrikai Headquarters.

Their heroes did not rest much longer than just catching their breath before they were threatened by more guards. As they entered the hall beyond the entrance, the other two doors burst open and the area is filled with combatants. Varrikai guards poor out of the two rooms connected to the hallway creating a blockade of bodies against the party. These guards appeared to lack any military training and did not pose too much of a threat for the group. The only thing they had was numbers, and they dwindled very fast.

The group searched the area and found the two rooms to be barracks for the guards they left lying in the hallway. Searching the rooms revealed very little other than a stair well that led deeper into the complex. Coming out on the second floor they entered the Common room, or the Dining Hall. Also on this level was some sort of Officer’s Hall equipped with a more elaborate dining table. Just of the Dining Hall was the kitchen. The rooms were currently deserted.

Moving beyond the Dining Hall the heroes could hear voices to the south. They found a recreation room beyond the Hall and this room was occupied. The Varrikai in this room appeared to be a bit more skilled than the guards they found on the level above. In addition, when the fighting broke out several of the statues decorating the room came to life and joined in the fight.

These Varrikai were not much of a challenge for the group, but their Commander was a skilled soldier. Entering the hallway from the side door was the leader of these troops. Later the heroes learned he was an actual member of the Varkis family. His skills were enough to cause problems for the heroes even after the other combatants had fallen. He was a veteran soldier and he was defending against the entire party. His fighting technique seemed to excel the more combatants were around him. Fortunately the heroes were experienced as well, and they had the advantage of numbers.

Jeremiah Varkis was his name, a cousin to Zeitvor Varkis and Commander of his troops here in Skulldrop. Jeremiah was able to parlay a bit with the party during the fight. The heroes learned that the family was condemned by the King of Mentiel himself. A price was on their heads, a hefty price for any Varkis brought back to Eluren, the Capital. The King does not care if they are dead or alive. Jeremiah was a skilled and experienced soldier; he had to know he was outnumbered and would let his guard down sooner or later. He refused to surrender and he would not go down without a fight, a real fight. In the end yet another Varkis had been put to rest. He was slain by the heroes whose goes is to eliminate the threat of the Varrikai in Skulldrop.

It was an arduous battle, long and tiresome, but the heroes prevailed. What is it about the Varkis family? Why are they hunted criminals? It is not the Varrikai the King is after; it is the founding members of the organization, the Varkis family. What history do these two families have? Is it really the adventurer’s responsibility to find out? This all started with the heroes trying to prove the innocence of the Skull Tower, but it has grown into something much bigger. Will the adventurers find the truth, whatever that might be? Will they find the leader of the Varrikai and eliminate that threat like they set out to do almost a week ago?

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