Session 35 Summary

March 20th, 2010

Heroes: Prometheus, Dashiell, Rhinox, Donner, Lysandros, Thorgan. Mariska joined late.

Game Date: Niledain, Whitesky 17, AD1017

The Fate Seekers are dungeon delving once again. While traveling south to the Eluren the Capitol, the adventurers noticed and pillar of smoke in the distance. Their heroic tendencies pushed them toward a new investigation. They found a village in need, being attacked by a pack of gnolls. The heroes took up the cause and tracked the barbaric beasts back to their lair… Gorehold.

First Level

It did not take long for the Seekers to find the gnolls doing what they do best, performing acts of senseless slaughter. They came upon a chamber with a group of gnolls standing around a tall stone slab. Upon the slab was a humanoid shape, it was not until after the confrontation that they learned it was a disemboweled and mutilated elf. One by one the heroes jumped down into the room and engaged the brutish gnolls. In the blink of an eye the Seekers had spilled their blood, added it to the numerous stains throughout the room.

The adventurers continued their journey to find and rescue the innocent villagers kidnapped and brought to this horrid place. They followed the passages and it seemed as if they were traveling in circles. The only consolation was they were in fact descending. They came upon a number of gnoll dens. The sight was disgusting and nearly caused them to sick up. The smell of the gnolls feces, urine, and other odors permeated the room. The creatures lived in their own filth as the group found the substances mixed in with their bed piles. It was difficult to believe even a semi-intelligent humanoid could live in this kind of filth.

Third Level

The Fate Seekers continued on their journey, finding passages that would take them deeper into the gnoll lair. They found a chamber in which the gnolls were in the process of performing some diabolical ritual. It was difficult to discern what the gnolls were doing, but one thing was certain, it couldn’t be good for anyone outside the pack. There was only a few of them so they rushed forward to stop whatever dark plans they were fulfilling. Thorgan made a note, and a comment, that some of the gnolls are not exactly easy to get rid of. The gnoll shamans continued to use their dark powers and the favor of Yeenoghu against the heroes. It was their most difficult fight yet with the gnolls, but they proved to be more skilled and the creatures fell to skills of the adventurers.

Fourth Level

After finding a bridge that spanned the hole, the grouped decided to back track to see if they missed anything before they try and go deeper. They went back up and found another path from a level above. It is not certain whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate, but all they found were more gnoll dens and they were just as filthy as the rest. They continued on and found that this path also descended further into the lair.

The group came upon a chamber that was filled with the trophies acquired during the battles and raids of the gnoll pack. They found heads of important enemies, weapons, and even banners from rival gnoll packs. Unfortunately the group lingered too long. It seemed the items here still had the spirits of the dead attached to them. They were attacked by angry wraiths.

Dealing with the undead is not easy; it could be down right disturbing to some. Wraiths are even worse, being the incorporeal forms of angry spirits. Dashiell, Rhinox, and even Thorgan had some information about these things. Using radiant energy and just plain brute force, the wraiths dispersed and dissipated. Not a moment had passed before a quake had rolled through the room. Blood began to run down the walls from behind hangings and from the heads of the dead warriors; even the weapons were dripping blood. The blood dripped down to the floor and pooled in the center of the room, suddenly it burst upward in a blood guesser. The blood had created a huge creature known as a blood elemental. This fight wasn’t over yet. Working together the group prevailed against yet another enemy. The end was even more of a surprising. The spirits of the dead; the elves, the humans, even the gnolls appeared before the Fate Seekers. The ghosts thanked the heroes for freeing them from their agonizing torment. An elf warrior stepped forward and spoke a word of thanks, then disappeared. His clothes materialized and fell to the floor; a gift perhaps?

More Ogres?

Continuing down the passage the adventurers could hear a great deal of noise up ahead. Boisterous laughter and deep grumbling yelling came from the chamber ahead. When the group peered inside, an ogre was squaring off against a macetail beast. They deduced the whole thing was simple rough housing or brawling since the wounds on the two combatants were only superficial. The Fate Seekers could not waste this chance to catch the enemy by surprise; they leapt forward to the attack.

With skill and a bit of luck, their good fortune was holding out. The ogres barely put up a fight and the macetail was no threat. The enemy fell one by one until all were lying dead on the floor. It is still not quite clear what the ogres are doing here; but one thing is clear, they are the enemy as well.

Strange Messages

After dispatching with the ogres, the Seekers continued on their search. The next chamber they came to was equipped like a holding pin. Chains and shackles hung from the walls as coils of rope lay pile up on the floor. There was blood in this room too, but not enough for the kind of slaughter the group has seen earlier in this lair. This must be where they kept the prisoners, but where are they now? With a good search of the room, Dashiell and Rhinox found a message written on the wall, seemingly in blood: House of Slaughter. This simple phrase sparked a memory for Lysandros. He knows of a Temple that was located in this jungle; a Temple to something vile and dark. The details are lost for now.

The passage sloped ever deeper as they came to another chamber. What they found in this chamber none of them would have expected. A large blue ogre sat on a pile of pillows, pelts, and skins stacked almost 10 feet high. Around him were demon servants answering his every whim. He was a bit tougher than the other ogres, and the demons made the fight a bit interesting. In the end the Fate Seekers prevailed. Searching the room they found a number of crates with a strange symbol etched upon each one. Some crates held valuable items while others had enchanted items. There were even coins and a crate of just potions.

Could the ogres be giving some sort of tribute to the gnolls as well? Why are the ogres working with the gnolls? Or maybe they are working FOR the gnolls. Among the belongings of the oni mage was a strange black scroll tube. Inside was a letter that only brought on more questions. It had a simple signature that didn’t seem to reveal much. Maybe there will be more answers when the heroes reach the bottom of this hole; only, what else will they find there?

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