Session 37 Summary

April 3rd, 2010

Heroes: Prometheus, Kebi Dabu, Thorgan, Lysandros, Rhinox, and Dashiell. Mariska caught up a little late.

Game Date: Morsdain, Whitesky 20, AD1017

A gnoll pack known as the Gorefangs, from the Jade Tail Jungle, has kidnapped 6 innocent women and children from the small village of Tumoin. The Fate Seekers decided to help these people and go after the ones that were taken. They chased the gnolls back to their lair, the strange hole known as Gorehold. They fought their way to the bottom and faced the gnoll pack leader, Bloodfang.

Bloodfang was a large, deformed gnoll that gave the group a run for their money. Along with the allies the pack leader had with him, it was a challenge but the heroes prevailed and the gnoll fell in a bloody heap. Along their journey the group learned the gnolls were working with giant-kin, ogres and trolls, but they could not find out why. The most disturbing thing they found was the letters from an individual only known as RR. The accomplice from the letter promised great power if they capture 66 women and children form the surrounding villages. He promised to help them gain the favor of the gnolls’ demon lord master, Yeenoghu. The Fate Seekers are now on the trail of the shaman that is going to perform the ritual that will make a Favored of Yeenoghu.

The Ritual

Kebi Dabu has caught up with the group and not a moment too soon. The heroes have returned to the location of the House of Slaughter, where it was in the Natural world. Here they must make use of the Shadow Crossing that now exists where the Temple once stood. It was time to use one of the ritual scrolls given to them by Lynril Redvale.

Kebi started the ritual with the help of Dashiell, Lysandros, and Prometheus. The ritual was beyond their capabilities so they had to fuel it with their own force of will, using their own willpower to force the Crossing open. Somehow creatures of the Abyss were waiting for them. As they began the ritual, several demon creatures appeared out of nowhere and attacked the party.

These demons from the Abyss were not much of a challenge for the group, but they had to keep the ritual going while they fought off their adversaries. Kebi, or one of the others aiding him, had to continue to the ritual or it would be ruined. The group made short work of the demons and was able to finish the ritual. It was on to the Shadowfell for the Fate Seekers.

Dead in the Dark

When they arrived in the Shadowfell it was dark and gloomy, the feeling of dread was always looming over the group’s shoulders. Thorgan was a bit confused and voiced his frustration to the rest of the party. There was no temple on this side of the Crossing. Kebi Dabu tried to explain that the Shadowfell is only a mockery of the Natural world; things are not necessarily exact in both places. Thorgan went on by asking, “If the Crossing was created by pushing the Temple into the Shadowfell, why is the Crossing here but the Temple is not?”

Lysandros tried his best to answer this one for his dwarven ally. He tried to explain that the power used to banish the Temple was so powerful; it could have sent the House of Slaughter anywhere in the Shadowfell once it got here. This did not ease the dwarf’s mind and it didn’t make things any easier finding those kidnapped people. Taking a look around the group found themselves in a graveyard.

A single wall, the front of a temple including the entrance door, stood a ways away from where the group came through the portal. When the group started moving through the graveyard, the doors opened up on the balcony above the entrance and a man of white skin came out. The group recognized him as a shadar-kai for they have had dealings with the race before. The man seemed helpful. He even gave them the direction the gnolls went when they came through the portal. Everything changed when the group tried to continue on. The shadar-kai explained to the heroes that he needed them for an experiment. He called on his allies and minions and suddenly the dead were walking.

Two ogre-sized zombies came tearing out of the ground as a dark-boned skeleton moved in for the attack. Another skeletal creature called a reaper attacked from the shadows. The necromancer even summoned a group of skeletons to surround Thorgan. The necromancer was skilled in the arts of dark magic, but the skills of the heroes were growing rapidly. The Fate Seekers prevailed in the end.

Lysandros was winded after that encounter and the group decided to rest. Upon waking, it was difficult to tell when morning was, Kebi Dabu had an idea that raised the hairs on the dwarf’s back. He created a group of spirit horses so the party could travel faster. After protesting once again about this type of travel method, they all mounted their ghostly horses and headed off in the direction the necromancer pointed.

The Monolith Giant

With the horses the group was moving quite rapidly, flying over the difficult terrain that would simply slow them down even more. The Seekers came upon a mountain up ahead that seemed to have split in half and created a bowl or basin in the rock. Looking closer, Thorgan discovered a statue of some sort was standing in the center of the basin. He surmised it was made of stone, a black stone, so he wanted to check it out.

Mariska did not want to leave him alone so she went part way into the bowl of the mountain while the others flew around and tried searching for more traps. Appearing out of the darkness itself a strange flying creature attacked Thorgan and enveloped him. More shadowy creatures attacked; another flying creature, a ghostly panther, and something else that sucked away what little light they had left.

Every time the heroes defended themselves, the monolith giant woke up and a beam of energy attacked one of them. It was a difficult fight since most of it was in the dark. They had to use pure instinct with every attack. Finally, all the other creatures were eliminated, leaving only the monolith. Mariska and Lysandros tried attacking the monolith but they could not harm it. It wasn’t until the thing moved that it was vulnerable to their attacks. In the end, the stone giant crumbled into black pebbles.


During the fight with the monolith, Thorgan ghost horse was destroyed. For a while he had to ride with Mariska, with a warning to keep his hands to himself. They continued their journey through the dark world, following the direction given by the necromancer and confirmed by the tracks that had seen around the graveyard.

Up ahead of them was a gnarled and twisted jungle. It slowed them down a bit, for their horses could not go over it. As they traveled through the woodland they spotted a flicker of light, a campfire. Going down to check it out they found a caravan stopped for a rest, or for the night, who could tell. The caravan was made up of 6 wagons. One was owned by a shadar-kai traveling merchant while the other 5 were owned by a human named Innal Blackdale and his family. It seems they were headed for a place called Awshale for whatever reason.

The Fate Seekers did not waste any time, they quickly asked for directions to the House of Slaughter. Several humans of the caravan pointed them in the direction of the caravan leader, Kalos the shadar-kai. Kalos had been a traveling merchant in this area for many years and could easily give them directions. As Lysandros and Dashiell paid the man a few gold, Mariska went one step further and asked for a map. He agreed to write them up a map, but not for less than 25 gold pieces.

The group has continued their journey through the Shadowfell in search of the infamous House of Slaughter. Their horses are moving them along quite fast and it will not be long before they find their destination. What will they find in this dark temple? Will they reach the hostages in time? Will they even be in time to stop the ritual and stop a powerful creature from being created? The heroes cannot dwell on these questions for too long, they can only move forward.

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