Session 4 Summary

Game Date: June 2, 2009

Heroes: Bagheera, Lysandros, Laertes, Thorgan, Rhinox, Kebi Dabu, Dashiell, Goli, and Persephone

The investigation into the goblin assault continues while the Fort and the Rock is still locked up. The adventurers aiding in the investigation found a portal somewhere under the sewers but it was incomplete. It could not be what brought the goblins to village. They found the creator of the portal still at work and tried to take him prisoner, but during the skirmish with the wizard’s bodyguards the prisoner was killed; an unfortunate setback.

The Fort guards began their raid on the Skull Tower before the first light hit the very top of it. They began arresting the wizards and any masters still inside while confiscating any papers and documents they could carry out. It did not leave much for the heroes to go through. Their task was a bit different than a simple search of the tower proper; they were to find the location of the entrance that has violated the defense of this Fort and the surrounding village.

The group began their search of the tower going room to room, making sure to stay out of the guards’ way. They went through whatever the guards left behind which wasn’t much. Afterwards they began a search for secret areas and that’s where the discoveries began. With the collaboration of Thorgan, Laertes, and Persephone, the group learned that there were a few areas of the Tower that were smaller than the outside walls represent. This began a new search of how to reach these hidden areas.

Through the combined skills of the party the group found a hidden chute and a secret room on a sublevel that did not fit the outer blueprint of the Tower. Entering the octagonal room they discovered murals on every wall, a strange series of carvings that told a story about a human gleefully slaying his enemies one by one. It was discovered that each wall had an eye in the very center of it, well disguised in the mural. The warlord Lysandros looked in one of the eyes and was assaulted with strange nightmarish memories. The pain was excruciating. When he recovered from the visions he found that his companions were not exempt from the ordeal. The group discovered that one of the eyes had a magical property that turned the gazer into an insubstantial phantasm, allowing them to walk through the wall and into the secret halls beyond.

The first room the heroes came to was a guard post, still occupied by those on duty. The guards seemed to be professional mercenaries, but the adventurers fought hard and prevailed in the end. A series of rooms were furnished with ragged piles of goblin belongings and sleeping palettes, with one room being a prison of some sort. It was apparent this was where the goblins were bunked when they came to the Fort. How the goblins got to the Tower and how they were transported to the sewers were still unanswered questions.

The party continued with their search and found a dining hall with more mercenaries lounging. These too were professionals and proved to be a challenge for the heroes but once again they came out the victors. They decided to get some much needed rest before they continued through the door that awaited them. Their rest was uneventful and what followed proved to them without a shadow of doubt the rest was well needed.

The room connected to the lounge or dining hall proved to be the quarters of the master controlling this complex. His guards were very well trained and protected their master with all the skills they had. The adventurers prevailed after a death defying battle with the master himself and his bodyguards. If the heroes did not have them outnumbered, it quite possibly could have gone another way. The master of the complex was well educated and smart enough to surrender before the end came. Searching the room the heroes found a document an unknown source signed VK. This evidence as well as the prisoner needs to go to the Commander.

Master Thorburn, the master of this complex, led the heroes to the portal that was just down the hall. This portal proved to be in working condition and quite functional. It was a major find for the adventurers; they found the access route the goblins had to the Fort and Skulldrop. They had the answer the Commander was looking for all this time. Now all they had to do was get back to the surface and report back. Before leaving, the group decided this magic circle was too dangerous to continue. With the right tools, Thorgan used his dwarven knowledge of stonework to break the floor where the portal was carved. This effectively destroyed the portal.

The wall they came through proved to be impassible, solid stone. The heroes had to find another way out. Moving down a passage not yet ventured, the group found an unusual pattern on the floor that proved to be a trap door. Trying to cross the trap failed and it was activated depositing Goli into a secret room below the floor. As they tried to free Goli from the trap others were caught and slid into the room as well. That is when they learned others had been caught by the trap as well. Skeletal remains began to move. Rising from the piles of bones on the floor, the skeletons begin to attack those unfortunate enough to be down in the pit room.

The group was finally able to put the skeletons to rest. They also learned the room had necromantic runes along the walls that slowed corroded the flesh from living bodies. Once the bodies were reduced to just skeletal remains, the runes animated the bones into the walking dead. The party was able to get past the trap and to the other side, but what lies beyond? This complex has proved to be quite a challenge for the adventurers so far, and the pit trap claimed the life of their prisoner. There has to be a way out, but will the heroes find it before the inhabitants of this place claims their lives? Will they ever get the chance to tell the Commander what they have found? Once they do give this news to the Commander, what will be the next move? Will they go goblin hunting?

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