Session 40 Summary

May 1st, 2010

Heroes: Prometheus, Lysandros, Thorgan, Kebi Dabu, Rhinox, Donner, and Dashiell. Mariska returned later.

Game Date: Niledain, Evernight 1, AD1017

It was a beautiful sunny morning in the village of Tumoin. The Fate Seekers had finally rid the village of the rampaging gnoll pack from Gorehold. They traveled through the grim world of the Shadowfell to stop a powerful gnoll shaman from performing a heinous ritual that would create a new, powerful threat from the Abyss. The heroes saved as many of the innocent villagers as they could and brought them back to the village of Tumoin. The adventurers decided to get a little bit of relaxation before they continued on their way. With a night of drink, song, and stories, sleep came easy.

Lysandros was first to awaken. He had a lair full of gnolls, battled through the gloom of the Shadowfell, and of course helped bring the kidnapped villagers back alive. The entire ordeal taught him more than he imagined and he had new maneuvers he wanted to practice on. He woke up, grabbed his gear, and went outside to test these new techniques of his. It wasn’t even the break of dawn yet.

Thorgan wakes up and goes through his morning prayers but decides to alter them a bit. He decides to ask for guidance on everything he has been through in the last few days. The rest of the group wakes up and heads downstairs for some breakfast. Villagers began to file into the tavern for a morning meal. Upon seeing the heroes, the villagers gave them recognition once again. They got pats on the back, hugs and kisses from the ladies, and everyone said thank you, at least once. Outside a crowd of children began to gather around Lysandros as he was hard at work on his spear-fighting.

The morning was getting used up as the group talked about their next move and went around replenishing their supplies. The group went looking for Lysandros and Thorgan after realizing they were not around, all except Donner of course, he thought they would come back for him, and they did. Thorgan was granted a strange vision with his prayers. He explained it to the party but it was no help. They were finally on their way.

The First Attack

Kebi Dabu argued that he would like to read the book and Dashiell accepted. Unfortunately, this did not sit well with the dwarf and it turned into a chase to get the book back. Kebi was able to read a dozen pages at best. During the first day on the road, the group decided Dashiell should be able to read the book. “It should only take a day,” Dashiell said. So they decided to stop for the night.

Thorgan pulled out the new Exodus Knife, made a few swipes at a tree, and a door appeared for the group to enter. The door opened to a small room 20-foot on a side for the party to rest in. It should keep them safe, for they could see out through the door, but the door was invisible from the Natural world. Finally they could rest in peace. Or at least that was the idea.

In the blink of an eye a large humanoid creature appeared in the safe confines of their rest space. The creature was quickly identified as the demon devil thing the group fought in the temple, the very creature they got the book from. It tore into the group with its powerful trident and barbed tail. Its acid mist that is always surrounding the creature was extra deadly here, there was no where to go to get away from it. Once again the group showed how deadly they were when they worked as a team; it didn’t even take a minute to fell the creature again. The adventurers continued their rest, but a bit more weary this time around.

Reading the Book

Thorgan renewed his argument, the book needed to be destroyed. Even more so now since the creature’s bond is so strong it brings it back to life. Dashiell countered with the offer of one day to read the book. The creature didn’t come back for four days, which gives him plenty of time to read the book before they cleanse it. The party agreed to one day. On the morrow they perform the ritual.

The avenger was captivated by the number of testaments in the large tome. It talked about conquerors, religious speakers, even kings and queens and what they did to gain their followers and empires. These stories must have taken place in another Age; Dashiell could not recognize any of the lands mentioned in the book. The testaments took up half the book and that is as far as he got for the day.

The next day the argument was renewed. Dashiell explained what he read and no one could help him with the landmarks. Thorgan once again brought up destroying the book, Lysandros and especially Kebi Dabu sided with Dashiell on continuing to read the book. After all, there are still 3 more nights before the creature even tries to return. Dashiell assures Thorgan that he can finish the book in one more day.

Sooner and Stronger

The next day comes and Dashiell continues to read the book. This time he reads about something called the True Freedom, the ability to do what one wishes instead of depending on laws created by simply a higher ranking person. It is well documented that people of power and those in high ranking positions, are also in the position to break the rules or ignore laws. The True Freedom abolishes these concepts; one should have the strength and courage to take what they want, in whatever manner they are able.

Some of the testaments in the first half of the book talked about manipulation of the weak minded, slaughter of the masses, and many other means to achieve the goals of the True Freedom. The next part of the book was all about what the True Freedom means to those that follow the teachings of the book. It can mean power, privilege, and respect for anyone willing to fight for what they want, take what they want. Domination, manipulation, fear; these are trademarks of the True Freedom. Those individuals mastering the ways of the True Freedom can achieve anything. Those that cannot master it can achieve it through following someone who can.

Unfortunately, Dashiell could only finish another quarter of the book. It is hard to explain but he tries anyway. He has been traveling with this group for months now, they know him quite well. He was traveling with Lysandros for even longer. It was heartbreaking to realize Dashiell has been lying to them. The group caught him in lie after lie, the only that saved him was a quick confession. The book taught him how to manipulate the situation and get around mistakes like this one. It was time to rest.

That night, the creature returned. He was meaner than before, more powerful and 2 nights early. The Fate Seekers had to wake up fast before they were all killed. When Kebi Dabu finally woke up he had to take time to assess the situation. He did not know what to do, for the first time in a long time; he was confused when it came to battle. Dashiell proved to be worse still. The avenger was the object of the creature’s desire. The demon thing kept yelling about the book being his and he was focused on Dashiell. He did not like the competition the avenger brought. When Dashiell finally got up, he too stood confused. He could not decide who was friend and who was foe. He tried to defend himself, but he could not fight. He could not take the chance of hurting the wrong one; he couldn’t take the chance of being on the wrong side. The fight was brutal, but they Fate Seekers still prevailed. Dashiell chose the right side, the side with his friends.

Finishing the Book

When the group wakes up the fate of the book is put to another vote. More of the group is arguing that it needs to be destroyed. Dashiell once again puts up a convincing argument. The group is convinced the beast will return tonight. The avenger says to give him this one last day to finish the book. There is only a quarter of it left, it shouldn’t be difficult to finish. Once he is done reading it, Dashiell offers to perform the ritual to destroy the book on the following morning. “I just need a little more time,” he says.

Dashiell has learned more from the book than he realizes. He has successfully taken an impossible situation and swayed it into his favor. The group agrees to give him one last day to finish the book, but regardless, it gets destroyed tomorrow. He continues his reading, slowly. Even after all of what he has gone through to get this one last day, he still cannot make himself rush through all this wondrous information. He has become engrossed in the book, reading it at a pace he can absorb it the best. He is disappointed to find out he only read another eighth of the book.

The night does not go uneventful. The watches are set and Lysandros, Thorgan, and Mariska has decided to stay awake and keep an eye on their friend. One second things are calm and people are asleep. In the blink of an eye the creature is there in the middle of the camp. Once again he has appeared sooner than normal, and this time he is far deadly then ever before.

He is blinding fast, dodging more attacks and brushing off others. He is so fast the heroes barely get a chance to swing their weapons or cast their spells before the creature is attacking again. The demon devil thing is more ruthless this time around as well. It chooses a target and continues to batter that target to unconsciousness before moving on to another victim. Throughout the battle he seemed to focus on Dashiell and sometimes even Kebi Dabu. Both Dashiell and Kebi struggled with their loyalties, but Kebi made a quick decision while Dashiell was still wondering what to do. Several of the heroes nearly died, Dashiell being one of them, but the group prevailed.

Retrieving the Book

There were no negotiations this time. Now everyone but Kebi wanted to destroy the book. Even his long time friend and ally in seeking knowledge, Lysandros, wanted to destroy the book. Thorgan got in a grumbling, “I Told you So!” Everyone agreed, in the morning they would destroy the book. It was eating at Dashiell too much; they were not going to listen this time. He had to finish the book. Instead of doing is duty, the avenger spent his time on watch reading more of the tome. Unfortunately, he could not force himself to read faster. After a few hours everyone was awake and the argument resumed.

Dashiell had only a quarter inch worth of pages left to read, if that much. He tried and tried to negotiate with the group, “I only need a few more hours; four hours is all I need.” He was very level headed in his reasoning and his request. The negotiations were harsh; his friends were against him now. Kebi of course was on his side, but no one would listen to him either. “Three more hours, just 3 more hours,” Dashiell negotiated. “Give up the book,” Thorgan grumbled. A simple No was Dashiell’s answer. The chase was on.

When Donner found out how much of the book was left and how much time Dashiell was asking for, he sided with reading the book. Of course Kebi was all for reading it as well, or at least not destroying it. Dashiell realizing how outnumbered and outmatched he was, he ran as fast as he could through the jungle. The Fate Seekers were in hot pursuit. Kebi tried to slow him down with a wall of fire, or was he trying to slow the rest of the party down? Mariska was terrified of the big goliath so she crippled him with an arrow. She immediately turned her attention to the avenger.

Dashiell was running hard and a clearing was just up ahead. Once he reaches that, he will be gone. Suddenly a sharp pain in his leg slowed him down, another arrow from Mariska. The others closed in and he finally went down from a brutal strike from Lysandros’ spear. Kebi came to his senses and helped the party hunt down the avenger but it was difficult to understand what Donner was doing. He eventually gave up on working against the others, for his own reasons, and joined the fight against Dashiell. The Fate Seekers finally had the book.

Destroying the Demetricon

Dashiell was out cold and the group gathered to finally put an end to the evil book. It was a ritual that any religious class could perform, a rather mundane and routine ritual sometimes performed daily by the church. Unfortunately, this will be on a much greater scale. The group had to focus as much divine energy, radiant energy, as they could into the book in order to destroy it. Anyone could try, but not all of them had the discipline it took to concentrate hard enough to focus the kind of energy needed.

The book resisted many of them as they focused their assault; even Thorgan was resisted the first time. They finally tried a new approach to the dilemma. Thorgan and Kebi Dabu would perform the prayers while the others assisted. This actually began to work. A bright light began to gather around the book and the ground began to shake. It was working but more needed to be done.

The problem with this whole situation was everyone was needed in the ritual and that left no one to watch over Dashiell. The avenger woke and broke his bonds rather quickly. He moved forward to defend the book, but first he had to get his sword from Lysandros. Friend against friend is not something the Fate Seekers think about too often. Once again another fight breaks out with Dashiell appearing to be on the wrong side. Only this time he wasn’t running away, he was going to do whatever it took to defend the book. The group had to split up. Some continued to work on the book while others defended against Dashiell’s assault. It was an epic confrontation for these heroes but they proved themselves worthy of the title. Dashiell fell once again and the adventurers regrouped and went back to work on the book.

The book began to bubble and finally bleed. The cover boiled and then cracked, the pages shredded while still bound to the cover. The heroes continued relentlessly with their assault and they were finally rewarded. A burst of bright, warm, calming radiant energy filled the clearing and finally incinerated the book. The Fate Seekers succeeded in their task and basked in their glory, but only for a mere moment. A dark beam of light blasted upward from the book. The force destroyed everything in the area; clearing bushes, pushing down trees, making a large clearing where the adventurers stood. Roiling black clouds filled with deep red flames began to form in the sky. A large ball of black smoke bubbled down from the clouds and formed a fiendish face of smoke and fire. HOW DARE YOU DESTROY MY BOOK! HOW DARE YOU INTRUDE ON MY GREAT WORK! HERE AND NOW I SHALL END YOU! YOU SHALL INTERFERE WITH US NO LONGER!

A great hand of fire and smoke reached up and grabbed a handful of black cloud and the hand thrust the smoke downward at the adventurers. Before the smoke could reach the Fate Seekers things began to fly out of it. Angels of pure darkness and malevolence flew from the smoke and fire and continued toward the heroes. Then, a thing of pure evil emerged. This angel was larger than the others and darkness oozed from every inch of its being. Its wings were made of fire and brimstone and its swords burned with hellish fire as it raced toward its enemies.

The book is now destroyed, but it seems the writer did not agree with the decision.

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