Session 41 Summary

May 8th, 2010

Heroes: Prometheus, Lysandros, Thorgan, Kebi Dabu, Rhinox, Mariska, and Dashiell. Donner returned later.

Game Date: Newdain, Evernight 6, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have finished their business in the small village of Tumoin and have left on the road to Eluren, the capital of Mentiel. They followed the wagon trail back to the main road from Skulldrop and entered the jungle. That is where the debate continued in full force. The question remained; do they read the book, or do they destroy it? After some heated words from Thorgan and a rational explanation from Dashiell, it was decided, Dashiell started to read the book.

Dashiell became increasingly protective over the book the more he read it, and it took him much longer than he had expected. It was thought that there would be but one day of reading, but that turned into days, and the adventurers ended up fighting for their lives. On more than one occasion the demon devil thing returned and attacked the party. They were able to fend it off but it was getting harder each time. Before they could chance another encounter with the beast, they decided to take the book from Dashiell and destroy it. Easier said than done, but they succeeded. Unfortunately, with the destruction of the book the group gained the attention of its owner.

Angels Attack

The adventurers were caught in at a disadvantage. They were still standing around the spot where they had cleansed the book and destroyed it. They were considered easy targets. The large angel, the Angel of Retribution, swooped down with amazing speed and landing in the middle of the adventurers. Suddenly he became a whirlwind of fire and brimstone burning everyone around him and throwing them about. His swords were of hellfire and brimstone as well and he could use them with devastating affect.

The smaller angels, decidedly Dark Angels swooped down to attack the helpless adventurers struggling to recover from the larger angel’s attack. They also wielded a blazing fire sword coupled with a shadowy dagger blade. They too were quite skilled in the use of both weapons. They focused their attacks on those already dazed and weakened from the other angel’s assault.

That, unfortunately, was not the end of the problems for the Fate Seekers. Dashiell had become brainwashed by the Demetricon and was infuriated by the destruction of the tome. He too was an enemy of the Fate Seekers. Revived by the dark forces in this area, the deva charged after Lysandros, a long time friend but one that was holding all of his gear. Lysandros tried to get away and help with the angels, but Dashiell has the power to pull his chosen target to him, Lysandros could not escape.

The battle raged on with the angels appearing to have the upper hand. The Angel of Retribution continually battered the heroes with his swords, swinging with amazing accuracy. His large flaming brimstone wings would buffet his enemies with even more punishment. When the heroes tried to team up against Dashiell, the large angel used his divine authority to force one of this to retreat. The angel could tear into the mind of an individual and prove his dominance over them, so much so that the target did not want to move any closer to the divine being.

The smaller angels continued to beat on those that were affected by the larger angel. They tended to focus on anyone that was bloodied or appeared unable to fight. When used together, their sword and dagger to batter an enemy until their mind was reeling from the punishment. Sometimes the assault can be so harsh as to stun their victims. When Prometheus placed his poison on one of the lesser angels, they had to change their tactics slightly, forcing them to move around the battlefield more.

The battle continued, it seemed like it was lasting forever, and it wasn’t looking good for the heroes. Lysandros and Thorgan tried using their gifts of inspiration and healing, but the angels would not let up even for a moment. Rhinox finally fell for the final time, surrounded by the smaller angels. Working together the Seekers were finally able to put down Dashiell, but not before he did extensive damage to Lysandros. The ranged heroes spread out as far as they could away from the angels, and it appeared to work at first; but it put Lysandros and Thorgan down in the thick of things.

Kebi Dabu, Mariska, and Prometheus moved to the outskirts of the battlefield and began raining ranged attacks upon the enemy. All three were exhausted and could only muster their most minor attacks, but they were affective. Slowly, with all their attacks, they were whittling down the angels; but was it going to be enough. Finally Lysandros could take no more, with a flurry of blows he too fell against the angels. The Angel of Retribution was too high for Thorgan to be affective so his comrades took the brunt of the angel’s upcoming assaults.

Thorgan figured if he could not be affective, and the angel was not paying attention to him; ”the cowardly beast,” it would be a good time to get his friends to safety. He pulled out the Exodus Knife and used it against the blasted dirt wall and created a sort of safe haven. At that point he began moving his downed comrades into the pocket room. That didn’t work very long as the angel flew down to the doorway and challenged the dwarf to come out and fight. At this time, Kebi Dabu and Prometheus had already fallen from their grievous wounds inflicted by the terrible swords of the angel.

They all had fought valiantly, but most had succumb to the murderous assault of the Angel of Retribution. Lysandros and Rhinox were unconscious and unable to help any longer. Dashiell was felled by his previous allies, the heroes, for he has been fighting against them this whole time. Prometheus and Kebi Dabu were beyond any help their friends could give them; their wounds were many, and deep, and they could hold on no longer. All that remained standing against the powerful Angel was Thorgan, defender extraordinaire, and Mariska, master markswoman.

Thorgan looked around at the fallen bodies of his friends, even Dashiell, and he could take it no longer. He darted from the safety of the magic hole and confronted the Angel, the angel had finally come low enough to fight on even ground. He struck with his hammer again and again wounding the immortal more and more, but he could not tell how close the angel was to death. Then the angel finally made a mistake. The Angel of Retribution unleashed everything it had at the dwarf. His swords cut through the dwarf's defenses as his wing buffeted him, filling his lungs with smoke. It wasn't clear whether Thorgan fell from the wounds given by the swords or if he simply couldn't breathe and passed out from the smoke. Nevertheless the dwarf had fallen.

Mariska was alone and badly wounded. Her last defender just fell and no one was left between her and the creature. She had to rely on her speed and accuracy more than anything. Thankfully the angel took too long surveying his handiwork, or maybe he too was trying to catch his breath after the wounds he had suffered. Whether it was ignorant bravado or fatigue for the angel, it didn't matter. Mariska had one last chance to end this but she knew the angel has been able to avoid her bolts this entire time. Maybe it was pure determination or possibly blind luck, but her shot struck true. The bolt struck the hellish creature in the chest as it turned for its final victim. It dissipated in a burst of fire and brimstone before it even hit the ground. The fight was over, the battle was won, but at what cost to the group?

The face appeared in the cloudy sky again with a word of warning, THIS IS NOT OVER YET! THIS HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN!

The clouds had dissipated only to leave a bright white sky. Yet another strange phenomenon. You have proved yourselves worthy champions, the voices said. You have earned the favor of the gods.

To the Capital

The Fate Seekers continued on their way, after a long rest that everyone needed. Donner finally caught up to the group, he probably went the wrong way after coming back from a tree break. Between the surviving members they carried Kebi Dabu, Prometheus, and the unconscious and inhospitable Dashiell as they traveled down the road. Finally they had reached their destination, the camouflaged city of Eluren, capital of Mentiel.

The group immediately headed for the first temple they could find, well actually they got escorted to the temple when the guards found them carrying people. The adventurers were taken to the Queen's Rookery Temple and introduced to Talahan Rowwa the III. They explained to the high priest that two of their comrades had fallen in battle and a third member is possessed or something. It was strange when he thought the two dead members were the easy ones to fix.

The High Priest Talahan started a Remove Affliction ritual on Dashiell. The deva was shackled to the floor in the center of a huge circle of power. The first attempt by the priest wasn't enough, he needed something more potent. After charging the Seekers even more gold he brought out a special dagger, a focus for the ritual. He cut Dashiell open from his groin to his neck and finally thrust the dagger into his sternum. Dashiell fell to the ground in a heap and didn't get up. His friend Lysandros had faith that it worked. It might have been his voice that spurred the avenger to rise again. Dashiell immediately knelt and prayed to his deity; he had been cured.

During the much needed rest, Dashiell used all the time he had to pray and ask for forgiveness as well as answers from his patron deity, Ioun. Lysandros and Thorgan went to the tavern for some drinks where they met another dwarf by the name of Rufus Diamondhide. Rufus was from the island of the Hyperians instead of the Isle of the dwarves. This bit of confusing information led to a drinking contest between Thorgan and Rufus. It was a close call, they both proved to be hearty dwarves, but Rufus was the first one down. Time for some sleep.

Over the next 16 to 20 hours the other 2 members of the group were resurrected. In the mean time the adventurers needed to see the King, and then it would be time for some R&R. There was very little trouble getting an audience with the King, but Lysandros refused to give up his items so he was not invited to join them. The large hall was filled with guards and other retainers as well as the King's personal bodyguard and his advisor.

The Fate Seekers could not understand how this man could be King. Raus Rathhardtsen comes from a long line of warriors and soldiers, this man was gaunt and sickly. Nevertheless the group presented their prize to the King and was rewarded for their efforts. Dashiell refused to give the man any respect and did nothing to acknowledge his high station, something that could get him in trouble in the future, but the King did not seem to notice. The King asked the Seekers to stay for the Festival of Life that is coming in two days and then sent them on their way.

The heroes had many questions, but for now they can wait. They had one more deliver to make before they could finally rest. They headed to the House of Kriegieh to deliver the message given them by Commander Ryver. They had the pleasure of meeting the entire family, including Lord's son. The boy and his two friends came in to see the real live adventurers, and seemed to find the half-orc funny looking. The group was able to briefly talk with the Lord of the House after he read the message, but he had very little to say. Some of the Seekers got the impression he was holding something back. The Lord thanked them and bid them good day.

Dashiell is back to normal, whatever that means, and Kebi Dabu and Prometheus and alive and well. Kebi Dabu has decided to go his own way and Rufus Diamondhide has decided to join the Fate Seekers. What's wrong with the King? Why did it take so long to plan the Festival of Life? What is Lord Alder hiding? Where will the group go from here? What is their next move? Too many questions, not enough answers.

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