Session 42 Summary

May 15th, 2010

Heroes: Prometheus, Thorgan, Staephon, Rufus, Rhinox, and Dashiell.

Game Date: Niledain, Evernight 8, AD1017

It took a great deal of time, months in fact, but the business with Skulldrop is over, or is it? The Fate Seekers finally made it to Eluren, the capital of Mentiel. They met with Alder Kriegieh the Lord of the Household and delivered the message from his brother, Commander Ryver Kriegieh of Skulldrop. Their next stop was to meet with the King, Raus Rathhardtsen. After some explanations of protocols they got their audience and delivered the two Varkis heads they have been carrying for over 2 weeks now. That was their last bit of business and it closes the chapter on Skulldrop for the Fate Seekers.

The group had their night of rest, relaxation, and drink and it was time to get some sleep for the coming days. The heroes have decided to stay in town for the Festival of Life that will be happening on Niledain the 8th. That’s the day after tomorrow. It will be the first year for the new major holiday for the wide spread worship of the Raven Queen. So, it looks like they have a day to waste in the city.

Amos the Guide

The group gets up at the crack of dawn after a good nights sleep, but its winter so that isn’t until about 8 o’clock in the morning. As each member is running through their heads the things they need to do today, they head downstairs for breakfast. They find an unexpected guest waiting for them in the common room.

Amos is a young man of about 14 years old. He is short and wiry and appears to be quite excitable and genuinely happy. He wears a Royal servant uniform with short breaches and sleeves that tie at the elbows. His short blonde locks of hair dance freely with every move he makes. Amos is a city guide from the Royal Court of King Raus, and he has been appointed to the Fate Seekers.

The young man informs the group that he is at their beck and call. If they need anything, need directions to a place, or simply want to know the best place to find something, he can help them. He also informs them that he is well versed in the studies of history, local lore, and other areas of knowledge. He wanted to talk to Kebi Dabu the wizard for his passion to become an arcanist, but alas Kebi was not around.

Splitting Up

Amos had his work cut out for him because the members of the Fate Seekers had their own ideas of what needed to be done today, and that meant splitting up the party. The heroes went off on their own, some in groups others on their own, to conduct their business. They only had the one day before the Festival and they wanted to make the best of it.

Thorgan had commissioned some work at the local armor smith and decided to check on the progress, Amos tagged along with the warrior dwarf in case he was needed. He went back to the Body’s Guard Armory and spoke to the proprietor of the shop. He was a rather large human, but he seemed to have some skill in the craft. The shield was coming along nicely and the owner promised to have it done so the dwarf could present it boldly tomorrow for the Festival.

Staephon and Dashiell went looking for information on the Festival as well as a shrine to Kord. Dashiell somehow needed to prove himself against the might of a different faith. He talked with Dagna Yar, the high priest and possibly the only priest of this shrine. Dashiell learned that open combat was against the law so he challenged the priest to a contest, of the Kord priest’s choosing. They went out to the back of the shrine where there was a practice area; including a semblance of a ring for their wrestling match. The two went around and around, each throwing the other numerous times. The Kord priest proved to be quite strong, but Dashiell had his wits to compliment his strength. It was a very close match, but Dashiell came out the victor. The priest of Kord mentioned something about an omen he had felt, but he did not go into details. He simply said something was coming, and they should be ready. Dashiell and Staephon departed.

Rufus, the new dwarf in the group, asked around about a place to practice. He did not get the response he desired so he went to the barracks and enquired there. They told him there was not a place for open practice and they do not have a place for him at the barracks. He was left wanting and continued on his way. He decided to wait for Thorgan and challenge him to a duel outside of town. He needed to prove to the group that he was worthy of to travel with them.

Rhinox still needed answers about his nemesis, the man with the skull face. Him and Prometheus went out together and scoured the city for answers. Searching until the midday sun, he learned very little. Rhinox did learn that the man he was after did stop in the city for a time, but it was several weeks ago. The skull man had left with business in Skulldrop.

Dwarf against Dwarf

The party gets back together around noon, and they gather in a clearing just north of the city, but far enough away as to not break any laws. Thorgan was reluctant but he knew the other dwarf needed this, he agreed to the challenge from Rufus. As the rest of the Fate Seekers looked on, the dwarves circled around each other in the clearing. Rufus landed blow after blow but Thorgan was already a veteran warrior, a paragon of the defending class. The blows from Rufus were superficial at best, glancing off shield and armor, or batted away by Thorgan’s defenses.

Thorgan fought back but his skills are more for defending than anything else. His attacks are more precise, more concentrated, but less brutal than those of his comrades. Unfortunately for Rufus, they were enough to wear down the warden dwarf. Thorgan jabbed at the other dwarf’s defenses until he found his opening. A good hit left a mark on the new dwarf, but he was quick to recover, the duel continued. In the end Thorgan was winded but his defenses held true. Rufus was bruised but proved to be a worthy combatant. The duel ended in a draw; which is suitable for comrades-in-arms.

The Ritual!?!

Amos asked the group if they need anything, he can get whatever they need rather than the heroes making these menial trips. He explains that the Festival will be a big celebration and the Fate Seekers should have something to show off who and what they are. He explains that the city will be closed down tomorrow for the holiday so if they need anything they should get it today.

Amos continually used the word ritual during his conversation with the Fate Seekers. It turns out there is going to be a ritual prayer performed throughout the day. A prayer that will give thanks to the Raven Queen for a year of life and asking her to grant them another year of life and good health. Everyone is encouraged to perform the prayer and it doesn’t have to be in a specific spot, people can pray anywhere they wish. Throughout the day, in between the prayers, there will be festivities and celebration. Amos explains that the ritual is called Ehlooz Laetozk, a ritual prayer that is suppose to bring the community together.

The Real Festival

Dashiell is carefully going over everything Amos is saying. The boy is telling the truth and seems sincere about what the Festival is supposed to be about. Then it dawns on him and things are suddenly far more serious than people realize. Ehlooz Laetozk is a very ancient ritual that is similar to the rituals used by warlocks when they make their pact with the powers they choose. The name Ehlooz Laetozk is actually from a lost common dialect of humans. It roughly translates to Oath of Souls or possibly Life Binding. The difference, this ritual is far more powerful and can be used on a much grander scale. Anyone that performs the prayer ritual will be bound to the Primary performer. It is a bonding ritual that could enslave this entire city to one person.

The Fate Seekers got together the night before the Festival and discussed this little problem they fell into. They suspect the King is involved and Amos is a Court guide from the King so he is possibly a spy. It was a rather simply decision really, the people must be made aware, but how? They remembered the letter they gave Lord Alder. They never saw what was in the letter, and Lord Alder was definitely holding something back. They would speak to him next, but when they went looking for an audience they were shunned away, it was quite late at night but the butler would not listen.

In the morning the heroes got up as early as possibly, around 4 in the morning. Strangely enough Amos was waiting for them when they came downstairs. They did not want to throw suspicion on themselves so they tried the best they could to send him on a task to get rid of him. For a while he continued to give them excuses to stay close to them but they finally succeeded and he ran off to do some errands. It was the morning of the Festival and the adventurers didn’t have much time. They went back to the Kriegieh manor to speak to Lord Alder once again.


When the Fate Seekers arrived at the Kriegieh manor something didn’t seem right. Lights were on in the house so they went up and knocked at the door… it slowly creaked open. “This lock as been broken!” Prometheus pointed out. They rushed inside and found a group of city guards ransacking the house. The guards came to the foyer to greet the new arrivals, “You here to help the traitors? Then your fate is the same as theirs!” The rest of the guards were called to the foyer and a fight broke out. A banging sound was coming from upstairs and the group surmised that the Lord of the manor was in trouble, they were right. They made quick work of the guards and headed upstairs with the lieutenant in tow, what they found was worse than a nightmare.

The heroes burst into the room where they heard the banging and found some more guards there, or so they thought they were guards. The creatures turned and they were hideous, alien humanoids of unknown origin. Their eyes came out of their heads on eyestalks and tongues were like tentacles. Each of them had some sort of mutation and when the adventurers became threatening the mutation became complete. The hideous alien things attacked. The strangest part yet, one of the creatures wore the garb of a servant of the house and another small creature wore the uniform of a noble child.

Everything about these creatures was strange. Fighting them was confusing to say the least. Sometimes the Fate Seekers didn’t know who or what they were fighting or targeting. Sometimes they even targeted their teammates. During the battle Prometheus tried the door that the creatures were banging on, but it was blocked from the other side. A couple of members of the group noticed one of the windows was broken out. Glass was splayed on the roof outside.

The Fate Seekers were finally able to fight through the confusion and defeat these unknown humanoid creatures. The whole time they were fighting these things they could hear fighting from the next room. They surmised it was Lord Alder under attack; they needed to get to that next room. One by one the heroes moved out onto the room and found another window broken. When they looked through the window the adventurers found exactly what they were expecting, Lord Alder was in trouble. It appeared that the creatures were filing through the window because an even larger group of the things were already in this room.

Lord Alder proved to be a veteran warrior and a skilled leader. The noble was actually able to fight off the creatures for quite some time before the heroes arrived, but he was not going to hold out forever. Once the Fate Seekers joined the battle it did not take long before the threat was ended. Lord Alder was alive after all this, but was relieved to be able to catch his breath. He was bruised and battered but he will survive.

Why was the Kriegieh family suddenly marked as traitors? Could Amos have found out that Lord Alder got a message from the Fate Seekers? Does he know what was in the letter? If he relayed this discovery to the paranoid King it could have set off another psychotic episode, in which the Kriegiehs were the victims. Who was the strange creature wearing the servant garb? Who was wearing the child’s uniform?

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