Session 45 Summary

June 12th, 2010

Heroes: Dashiell (+8 PLPs), Donner (+8 PLPs), Lysandros (+8 PLPs), Mariska (+8 PLPs), Prometheus (+5 PLPs), Rhinox (+8 PLPs), and Thorgan (+8 PLPs).

Game Date: Solisdain, Evernight 12, AD1017

The Fate Seekers freed the province of Mentiel from its tyrannical ruler, King Raus. The Festival is over and the group is trying to get some rest. They were enjoying their downtime in separate ways. Even though this group travels together and has become good friends, they are still individuals and have their own agendas in mind.

Some of the Seekers went straight to bed, trying to catch up on some sleep after spending hours chasing down a King and saving a kingdom. Other members of the group found this to be a good time to celebrate and have some drinks. Regardless of what they did and how they did it, they enjoyed themselves for that half-a-day. Little did they know, that was all the time they were going to get.

Amos… Again!?!

After resting for the night, and possibly sleeping off some heavy drink, the Seekers regrouped in the common room of the Inn. A familiar face was waiting for them yet again. Amos was found sitting on a table, waiting patiently for the group to arrive for breakfast. He greeted them calmly without looking up from his journal, explaining his failure trying to find information on the dream item Thorgan has been having. The trail was not yet cold though; Amos explained that the King stored many of his greatest secrets in his vault below the Manor. He had an Archives built long ago.

It turns out that Lord Alder Kriegieh is in charge and trying to clean things up after the recent departure of the King. The group found their new ally within the King’s Manor. It appeared that he was fighting a whole different kind of battle. The main hall was filled with aristocrats, politicians, lords, and wealthy merchants, all fighting for a piece of the King’s holdings. With the King dead, they are quick to jump in and fill the gap.

Lord Alder instructed one of the local scholars to show the heroes to the Archives, and the Seekers left that big mess behind them. The elderly gentleman showed the group how to find the stairway leading down to the Archives and how to get back out once the door closed. The group immediately headed down the stairs, eager to find some answers. When they got close to the Archive room they heard voices, humans.

The Archives Empty

When the adventurers got to the archway leading into the Archive room, they found more than they expected. A group of five thieves were ransacking and looting the chamber. They had a hole in the floor where they were dropping everything from the room. The shelves were nearly bare and the floor was had a scattering of papers, journals, and scrolls. There were no books, and most everything else that was on the shelves had already been put down the hole.

Someone in the group yelled, “Stop right there!” The startled thieves looked up to see the Fate Seekers waiting at the entrance of the chamber. “Quick, down the hole guys!” one of the thieves yelled, but before they could move Thorgan was rushing forward. He jumped onto the table and with a rumbling growl he leapt into the hole. He was not happy with the results as he fell 30 feet down a shaft and landed in a passage scattered with more of what the thieves were stealing. While Thorgan picked himself off the ground, the rest of the group moved in and stopped the thieves from completing whatever they were doing.

Now that everything was safe, the Fate Seekers used the built-in iron rungs to climb down the hole and join Thorgan at the bottom. The tunnel only went in one direction, which made things easy for them. Searching one of the thieves; the only one that was spared, the group found a strange tattoo of an eye on the back of their shoulders. Checking the other thieves the group found similar tattoos on all of them. It turns out these things were affiliates of a Vecna cult. The adventurers followed tracks leading down the tunnel.

Wrong Church, Wrong Priest

As the group traveled down the passage, Rhinox moved ahead to do some scouting. He noticed an open cave up ahead, and beyond the cave was a room that appeared to be finished. The heroes moved into the cave and headed for the finished room, but before they could reach the new exit a large zombie hulk appeared out of nowhere and slammed its fist against the roof of the cave. This caused a cave-in that blocked the exit. A similar noise came from behind them, a second zombie hulk had blocked off their retreat as well.

Suddenly the Fate Seekers were fighting for their lives once again. Shortly after the initial attack two more zombies stepped out of hiding and attacked the group. They now faced four zombie hulks and they all had runic symbols tattooed into their rotting flesh. Not all of these creatures were the same though. Two of the hulks could spew forth a strange cloud that could sap the memory of its victims. It could even cause the adventurers to forget maneuvers and spells. It was a long fight and the zombies would not stay down. Finally the last one fell for good. It took some work, but the group moved on once a hole was cleared near the top of the cave-in.

The small finished room at the end of the tunnel had a ladder leading up through the center of the ceiling. The trap door opened into a dressing room of a small church. The church was not much bigger than the chapel and a few rooms for the priest his acolytes. From the statue standing in the sanctuary, it was obviously a church of the Raven Queen. Thorgan cracked open the door quietly to listen to the voices and peek out to see what was out there. The scene seemed normal. The priest was talking to one of his acolytes while several parishioners prayed to the Raven Queen.

The man was dressed like a Raven Queen priest, and the acolytes wore the Queen’s dress, but there was something about them that didn’t seem right. There was also the fact that the thieves came from here and was bringing the goods from the vault here. When questioned thoroughly the Vecnite Priest could not keep up appearances. He removed his disguise and revealed himself as a Priest of Vecna. Dashiell became very quiet; he knew what needed to be done. The acolyte and the parishioners proved to be Vecnites as well. The group put these evil cult members to rest.

A New Direction

The group searched the church and found the real Raven Queen priest and his 2 acolytes. They were stuffed in boxes and put away in the storage room. They also found the church coffers. The heroes took it upon themselves to return the gold and take the dead priest and acolytes to another Raven Queen church. The other priest of the Raven Queen knew very little. The best they could do was start a search around town to find some more information.

Mariska and Lysandros walked about town searching for answers. They found very little until they thought to talk to the guards. They learned that the City Watch is finding more and more thieves and ruffians with the eye tattoo on the back of their shoulders. It marks the brigands as affiliates to Vecna. The guards couldn’t give them anything more, except point them in the direction of Lord Alder who might have more information.

Talking to Lord Alder revealed very little. He only saw the reports about the tattoos in passing; he knew nothing else about them. He also didn’t know much about the Cult of Vecna being so close by. Once again he pointed the adventurers in the direction of Amos, who had more of this kind of knowledge. Amos did not know the exact location of any Vecna cult, but he told the Fate Seekers about a village up in the hills on the east coast. The village of Tinaras might have more information for them. It was a small mining village just inside the hills.

The group decided they would leave as soon as possible. They simply needed to get supplies for the road. Lysandros went looking for a new flute, or three. He found a Sound Emporium that sold some very exquisite pieces. Dashiell needed to find the local arcane shop to get some supplies. He had to show his skill in the arcane before he could even find the entrance. The rest packed up what they needed and they were all on the road, headed for new adventure. They certainly didn’t expect a deserted village at the end of the road.

This is what Dashiell and Lysandros live for. The Cult of Vecna is close by and they are their sworn enemy. What kind of information was in the King’s Archives to make the Cult want it so bad? Will the lair of Vecna have what Thorgan has been looking for, the answer to the odd metal piece that keeps invading his prayers? How will they find answers in an abandoned village? Regardless of what the Fate Seekers find, what could be worse than fighting through King’s Keep and killing the King himself?

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