Session 46 Summary

June 19th, 2010

Heroes: Dashiell (+5.5 PLPs), Donner (+5.5 PLPs), Mariska (+5.5 PLPs), Prometheus (+2 PLPs), Rhinox (+5.5 PLPs), and Rufus (+5.5 PLPs).

Game Date: Solisdain, Evernight 12, AD1017

The Fate Seekers were looking into a new adventure, one from Thorgan’s own head. They wanted to track down that piece of machinery that Thorgan has been dreaming about, vision sent by Moradin himself. It has some significance; the group just has to find out what it is. The information proved to be more slippery than they thought.

The group talks to Amos the Guide and finds out there is information hidden away in the King’s Vault below the mansion. They get permission to do some research down there, they did save everyone’s life, but they got an unexpected surprise instead. They went to the archives and found a group of bandits raiding the place. Following the bandits they discover the Cult of Vecna is involved. Following the clues further leads them to a small mining village just inside the Flaming Hills.

A New Ally

When the Fate Seekers arrived in Tinaras they found a ghost town instead of answers. Everything was closed up and there was no sign of movement anywhere. Rhinox began moving from building to building looking for clues. He found that some of the doors were locked, which was quite odd given the circumstances. Mariska helped him get some of the doors open but the places were ransacked and there was no one inside.

During their search around the town square the group finally came up some movement; villagers? Unfortunately, it was not what they were expecting. Shambling humanoids moved into the area, some of them had skin that was chilled and frostbitten. Suddenly the group was surrounded by undead. Dashiell recognized the bluish colored creatures as chillborn zombies, their chilling auras are deadly when they come in numbers. Other zombies joined the fight, these with large boils all over their skin, with some of the sores oozing puss.

The Fate Seekers engaged the enemy with the fervor of true heroes. Rhinox moved down the street to engage one of the chillborn and was frozen in his tracks. Prometheus climbed one of the buildings and took to the roofs for higher ground. When Prometheus took up a better position behind the building, Mariska followed his example and went to higher ground on one of the buildings. Donner got cornered by a tree, surrounded by the walking dead, chilled to the bone and unable to get away. Surrounded by chillborn zombies, Donner was in big trouble. The air was turning frigid cold and the barbarian was feeling like it was going to suck the life from his freezing body. Hit after hit from the zombies caused frigid ice to from on the goliath and he finally succumbed to the cold torture. Death was looming.

Rufus rushed down the road to engage some more zombies, trying to lure the chillborn away from his goliath friend, but it didn’t work quite like he planned. Instead, the warden moved up to fight off the undead around his friend, pulling the ones he already had into the fray. The air around the battlefield was getting colder and colder as the chillborn chose other victims. Stepping from one of the buildings was a human. He raised his symbol of Bahamut and called out a prayer to his Lord and renewed strength and life entered Donner’s freezing body. Furnan Milner, a cleric of Bahamut, joined the fight on the side of the Fate Seekers. His healing gifts and divine might was an added relief. With his help, the group was finally able to put the undead to rest.

The Haunting Darkness

After pleasantries were over between Furnan and the group, he explained that a darkness had swept into the city and was killing the miners. The undead the group just got through fighting was the miners themselves. Learning that there were survivors, the heroes continued their search of the village. Furnan had told them that most likely the locked buildings had refugees.

Rhinox and Rufus found a shop where they heard voices inside. They called out to the people offering food to the hungry villagers. Reluctantly, two villagers came to the door. They tried to explain that the darkness comes and people start disappearing, but they couldn’t explain better than that. Dashiell could not get enough information to identify what was going on, but it stank of Vecna.

A crowd began to form around the heroes. Villagers, refugees is more like it, started coming out of the surrounding buildings as the whole group was handing out rations. Dashiell, Rhinox, and Mariska noticed strange white clouds moving along the ground, powdery clouds. Rufus identified the clouds as bonepowder haze as it crackled with necrotic energy. The haze surprised the rejuvenation of living flesh while enraging undead within it. The villagers identified them as a prelude to something much worse, the hungry darkness.

Shortly after the haze clouds moved in, a gargantuan shadow loomed over the entire area. The villagers became even more terrified. This was the darkness that killed all the others and made them into the walking dead. The cloud covered the entire battlefield with a shadow that suppressed light. The area went very dim, even during the daylight hours. Coming from behind the haze clouds was a funnel of pure darkness. It spiraled downward from the dark cloud like a tornado, like a shadow storm. It was as if it could sense the life forces of the heroes as well as the villagers. It immediately attacked with the rage of a true storm.

A great hand of darkness formed in the cloud and reached downward to attack any living creature it found. The storm itself moved along the ground, sucking the life from anything it touched. It moved into the biggest cluster of heroes and villagers and started raining shadow down upon them. The villagers died quickly, falling to the chill of the shadow and rising again as chillborn shades. Now the heroes truly know what happened to the other villagers. This storm of shadow was feeding off of them, snuffing out their life and leaving behind the walking dead.

Another hand formed in the shadowy cloud and reached down to claim its victims. Every touch from the storm drew the life and the strength from its targets. The heroes were becoming weaker and weaker as they fought the darkness itself. Furnan proved to be a true ally as he used everything he had to keep the adventurers alive. He was the priest of this village, he had failed once, if he could help it he was not going to fail again.

The storm continued to rain shadowstuff down upon the battlefield, sucking the life from its victims and weakening the Fate Seekers. How was it possible to defeat this thing? How do you defeat darkness itself? How do you defeat the storm, whether it be thunder and lightning or shadow? You defeat the storm with determination, teamwork, and a lot of faith; that was the answer the Fate Seekers found. Finally, after nearly everyone was almost drained and exhausted, the storm dissipated and the shadow fell and absorbed into the ground. Dashiell moved up to where the shadow tornado crumbled and found the ground around thing was sparkling. There was also a strange circlet of gold.

The gold dust on the ground was residuum and the circlet was a magical torc. Dashiell inspected the area and the item and realized something. The torc was a focus item and the residuum was residue from a ritual, a summoned creature, or animated pure shadow. The attack on the village was deliberate, but why? Who wanted an entire village of people to die, and how long ago was this? The villagers say this all happened about a month ago. What happened then to spark all this death and destructin?

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