Session 47 Summary

June 26th, 2010

Heroes: Dashiell (+5 PLPs), Lysandros (+5 PLPs), Rufus (+5 PLPs), and Thorgan (+5 PLPs).

Game Date: Solisdain, Evernight 13, AD1017

The Fate Seekers were simply trying to research some information on some old questions and Thorgan’s fabled machine part. They were surprised to find the Cult of Vecna, or one of its affiliates, standing right in front of them. They tracked the Cult to a small mining village called Tinaras. Hoping to get answers and some directions to the Cult, they instead found a ghost village. No one was about, there was no movement, and it was disturbingly quiet.

The adventurers learned there were survivors in the village, but at this time they did not know what they were the survivors of. The heroes learned from the villagers that a strange darkness came over Tinaras and began feeding on the people. When the darkness was gone, it left the roaming undead in its wake to feed on what was left of the village. While the group was passing out food to the destitute villagers the darkness fell upon them. They learned that it was some sort of summoned shadow creature, or possibly created by magic. They were victorious in destroying it.

Rest and Revelations

The shadow beast was destroyed but it forced a heavy toll on the heroes. It tore at the very endurance and strength of everyone in the group. They needed to rest and recoup. They talked to the villagers a little more and learned that the Lord of the village, Lord Talos, went missing shortly before the shadow creature attacked. The villagers lead the heroes to the Lord’s house where they stayed the night.

During their stay the Fate Seekers decided to search around the manor for some clues about what happened to Lord Talos, or possibly what happened in the village. Rufus found a series of letters that suggested that Lord Talos was part of a cult. The author of the letters seemed to be upset about something Lord Talos was doing, unhappy about his methods. After a long day the group finally got some rest.

The Mines

It was a new day and it was time to track down the cult the Fate Seekers have been looking for. The villagers suggested that the shadow creature was coming from the mines so the adventurers decided to make that their priority for the day. The dwarves in the group, Rufus and Thorgan, were finally back in their native element, basking in the glory of the mines. These caves and passages were small and crude, but they were underground once again.

On the first level, only a short ways into the mines, the heroes nearly frightened a group of miners and their families to death. Their light shined into the cave and 3 miners were near the back wall defending their family. Two were holding pickaxes and the middle was had a dagger. It didn’t help that the miners screamed at the top of their lungs when the group arrived. The miners explained that they came down here to get away from the darkness. They assured the adventurers that no one has gone in or out of the mines other than them. The Seekers sent them back to the village with the other miners as they continued their search.

The tracks they were following confirmed the story given by the miners. They were over a month old. The Fate Seekers searched the four levels of the mines and found very little. It seemed to be a small mine but had room for growth. One thing the adventurers did find was worked had stopped in certain parts of the mines. In one of the abandoned passages was a shallow grave. It turned out to be a foreman of the mines, evidently killed by other miners according to his wounds.

When the group took the body back to the village for identification, it was indeed identified as the second level foreman that disappeared over a month ago. The miners also confirmed that Lord Talos had taken miners away from the mines and put them to work somewhere else. The foreman was causing problems with his complaints about lack of workers in the mines. He came up missing shortly after that.

The Graveyard

The miners told the Fate Seekers that almost half of the workers were being averted somewhere else. They pointed out an overgrown trail that lead around to the back of the hill where the mine was located at. That explained that whatever they were doing had to be beyond the graveyard. This peeked the interest of Dashiell and Lysandros, since they had learned of a Cult of Vecna working out of a graveyard rumored to be in this area.

The adventurers followed the near invisible path until it became a black cobblestone path after it was out of sight of the village. Continuing to follow the new cobblestone path, the group came upon a small graveyard, probably the graveyard of the village; but that’s not all they found. The graveyard was at the base of a recessed oasis on the opposite side of the hill from the village. There was a small lake with palm trees growing sporadically around it, and up the wall of the hill was a large mausoleum built into the rock. There appeared to be no way to reach the structure.

With a bit of concentration, Lysandros detected magic in the far crypt across the yard. When the group moved in to investigate Thorgan pushed open the iron doors as they squealed on rusty hinges. Before they could actually enter the crypt the sound of stone grating on stone could be heard as the sarcophagi in the room began to open. Similar grinding noises came from the two other crypts in the graveyard. The heroes were suddenly besieged by the walking dead. By the looks of their tattered and rotting attire, they could be the laborers from the village.

The life draining wights, neither the crowd of zombies, nor the giant skeleton was enough to stand against the heroes. Thorgan kept the undead busy that came from the other crypts while Dashiell, Lysandros, and Rufus fought the wights in large crypt they were about to enter. In the end the undead were put to rest, again. Was this the fate of all the miners that had been taken from the mines? What exactly were they brought here to do? Where did Lord Talos disappear to? Could this be the secret Cult of Vecna Dashiell and Lysandros have been looking for? What lies within the mausoleum in the hill? More important, what information was stolen from the King’s Vault and why was it so important that it needed to be brought here?

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