Session 48 Summary

July 3rd, 2010

Heroes: Dashiell (+9 PLPs), Donner (+9 PLPs), Lysandros (+9 PLPs), Mariska (+9 PLPs), Prometheus (+4 PLPs), Rhinox (+9 PLPs), Rufus (+9 PLPs), and Thorgan (+8.5 PLPs).

Game Date: Solisdain, Evernight 14, AD1017

The group got separated at some point in the village. Half of the Fate Seekers were scouting out the village of Tinaras while the other half went searching for the cult in the mines. Eventually they learned the lord of the village was redirecting some of the work load somewhere else. The villager’s information lead to the discovery of a small graveyard for the village on the other side of the hill. With the graveyard they discovered a strange oasis and a mausoleum built into the face of the hill above it.

The adventurers came back together at the oasis in the hills, where they found the large mausoleum. Rhinox realized there was something unnatural about the oasis. The land should not be able to sustain the palm trees and the lake should have dried up long ago. They couldn’t see a way up the hill so they had to climb the 40 feet to a ledge where they found an entrance. Dashiell, Mariska, and Rhinox noticed the mausoleum kept disappearing. When they reached the top they learned that the building was built in a special way that gave it a natural camouflage against the rock and earth.

One by one the heroes climbed to the ledge where they found a ramp leading up into the mausoleum as well as a set of double doors. Between Mariska and Prometheus, the group made it through the locked doors and into what looked to be a shrine of some sort for the Maimed God, Vecna.

The Mausoleum

The Fate Seekers stood before the shrine of Vecna. If it were anywhere else, it would be a peaceful, serene and quiet place for worship. The room was decorated with a troth built along the walls at the back half of the room. Three fountains fed water into the troth; one at each end of the troth in the center of the north and south wall, and a third fountain positioned in the center of the east wall. Each fountain was carved in the shape of the bust of Vecna. The walls were decorated with Vecna’s visage while a large symbol of the Maimed God was carved into the floor. When the heroes proceeded to defile the shrine, serpents of pure shadow phased through the fountain heads and attacked. After dispatching the serpents, Rufus started smashing a fountain. The only thing that stopped him was the discovery of a secret exit from the chamber, which apparently had no other exits.

The adventurers left the shrine, vowing to return to finish the job of defiling it later. The hallway immediately turned to the left, much to the joy of Thorgan. In most areas the mausoleum was well lit. They could see the hall ends in another door up ahead but there were two doors on the east wall, about half way down the corridor. Across from the two doors was a large mural of Vecna, depicting his greed for the acquisition of knowledge and secrets.

This was quite a conundrum for the Thorgan the dwarf. Someone suggested they could not go left, so they must check out the doors on the east wall. Thorgan quickly bellowed, “that leaves the door at the end of the hall as the nearest left!” Lysandros, and most of the party, disagreed with this logic. When all they found were hallways leading in two different directions, they were starting to think they should just let the dwarf have his way. They proceeded down to the door at the end of the hallway.

Vecna Priests

The door opened easily as they entered into a large barracks of a sort. This barracks was very different from others of its kind. It was segregated into different, smaller rooms with wooden walls erected 10 feet high. The 20-foot ceilings made it plainly obvious these walls were not part of the original construction. At each end of the long barrack room were small shrines dedicated to the Keeper of Secrets. These shrines were the only things shedding light, casting a great deal of shadow at the center of the room.

The Fate Seekers stepped inside and discovered they were not alone. At the far end of the room a Vecna priest rises from his desk, “what is the meaning of this intrusion?” One of the heroes bellowed, “Your DEATH!” and another priest came from one of the wooden apartments in the opposite corner from the desk. Large creatures of bone and flesh stepped forward. They had oversized hands with very long fingers and claws. They took a protective position between the group and the priests. Also in the room was a skeleton with four arms, wielding a scimitar in each hand.

When the battle started, the Priests of Vecna released two powerful necrotic bursts one after the other. The priests were so quick; the group was still in formation, all except Prometheus who moved away from the others. The blasts of necrotic energy ate away at the flesh of the adventurers, leaving them weak. The boneclaws were quick to maneuver between the heroes and their charges, the priests, leaving the heroes with a deadly gauntlet to move through in order to get to the more deadly opponents at the back of the room. They were positioned to cause the most damage when the adventurers moved up into melee. Rufus charged forward and got the attention of one of the large creatures, giving his teammates the chance to move past and get to the priest leaders. This changed a lot of the tactics of the priests, leaving them vulnerable to close combat. Once the Fate Seekers busted through the priest’s defenses, they were able finish them; leaving the group winded, but all alive.

Touring the Mausoleum

After clearing the barracks of the priests and their guardians, the group decided to rest. Thorgan pulled out his knife and cut a hold in the fabric of space itself. A doorway was created leading to an out of the way room for the adventurers to rest peacefully in. They got a good night’s sleep so they could return to the mausoleum and continue their search for information stolen from the King’s Vault; and to end the threat of the cult. It is unclear which is more important at this time.

The adventurers left the barracks through a different door leading to a 20-foot wide hallway. The hallway lead to the domed chamber they saw from outside. Inside this large chamber were rows of rank and file skeletal troops, carved of stone instead of animated bone; a minor blessing for the adventurers. At the head of the chamber was a larger statue of a robed skeleton missing its jawbone. This larger skeleton was positioned to look over the rows of skeletons, as if addressing them. This room posed no threat so the group moved on.

The group wound through the mausoleum, searching from room to room for any clues that might be helpful. When they reached the upper level, which is where they found a series of crypts, small rooms holding a single sarcophagus. Inside they found a mummified corpse with markings written along the bandages. Donner and Rufus defiled the corpses by smashes their skulls or beheading them. They were hoping this would prevent them from rising as undead. Hopefully these would be enemies they would not have to face.

Fiery Surprise

After finding several more crypts with the single sarcophagus, they finally reached a door. It was locked but Mariska was able to use here skills at skullduggery to get them past that simple obstacle. It was what came next that was quite unexpected. As they opened the door to the chamber before them, a bright light shined behind them. Inside the room were more followers of Vecna, or from the sound of it, new recruits. When they turned to see what was causing the light, they saw four mummies bathed if fire standing at the corner of the hallway. There was no turning back.

Moving into the room the group found a tiefling warlock leading a band of raw recruits for the cult. Rufus called out to the party saying he would handle the flaming mummies, but it was a bit too late. One of the mummies rushed forward and collided with a party member. Fire exploded everywhere burning everyone in the hallway. Not wanting the other three to catch them all bound up at the door, the majority of the group went inside the chamber to face the recruits. Rufus stayed behind and rushed forward to engage the flaming mummies. He quickly learned what he had got himself into. He swung his hammer once and that was all it took. The hammer crashed against the mummy and it immediately exploded on Rufus. He steeled himself against the blast and when it was over he found himself with two more mummies to contend with.

The recruits had some skill but not enough to pose a real threat to the Fate Seekers. One by one the new cult members fell; by sword, by hammer, and by arrow they fell to the onslaught of the adventurers. Not one was left standing in the wind blasted chamber. Rufus was able to sustain the rear defense and eliminate the last two mummies; one of them tried to get past him and failed.

The Fate Seekers continued their search of the mausoleum and found a lower level to the cult lair. Going down a ramp they came upon a door leading to yet another mummified corpse in a crypt. It too had the markings on its wrappings. When they continued around the corner they found a set of double doors leading into some sort of ante chamber. At the opposite end of the chamber was a second set of double doors. The large stone doors were carved with various scrolls, parchments, and papers. Maybe there is some significance to these doors. Maybe there is something important to the Cult behind them.

What will the Fate Seekers find behind these doors? Can it be the leader of this Cult, Lord Talos? What are they hiding here? Is the information they seek hidden here as well and who is this Latalos the cultists have mentioned?

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