Session 49 Summary

July 10th, 2010

Heroes: Dashiell (+6.5 PLPs), Donner (+6.5 PLPs), Lysandros (+6.5 PLPs), Prometheus (+5 PLPs), and Thorgan (+6.5 PLPs).

Game Date: Solisdain, Evernight 15, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have found a mausoleum just inside the hills of Mentiel’s northern region. It rests on the other side of the hill where the mining village was found. They learned many of the miners were taken away in this direction and they never returned. Now they know why. The adventurers had to battle the undead remains of the miners and put them to rest before they could continue their search of the mausoleum up on the hill.

The heroes moved through the rooms of the large structure one by one looking for the Cult of Vecna and the items that were stolen. This was by far not the sizeable cult they were expecting. They have found some low ranking members and the new recruits, but remainder has been undead servants.

The search isn’t over yet. The adventurers searched high and low through this mausoleum and finally found a doorway that looked somewhat important. They stand before a set of crafted stone doors with scrolls, parchments, and other markings decorating them.

Lord Talos

The Fate Seekers, or more Thorgan, opened the doors in a gruff, confident manner as he is known to do. The doors opened to a large chamber but with an odd design. A platform no more than 15-foot square lay beyond the door while the main floor of the chamber lies 20 feet below. Across the room was another platform rising high above the floor at a height of 30 feet.

Sitting upon the platform was a throne-like chair. It was well crafted and was the only thing on the platform. Behind the platform hung a large velvet banner depicting an open hand with an eye in the palm. Sitting on the throne was an armored humanoid with deathly features. His skin was gray and pulled tight over his bones. His eyes were sunken in and jet black. He sat in the throne leaning forward with one arm resting on a large sword. He was ominously silent even after the heroes entered the room. Could this be the infamous Lord Talos?

Dashiell didn’t waste any time to found out the answers that were on their minds. He leapt down into the room and moved toward the other platform. The dark shadows on the floor turned out to be swarms of beetles. They covered the skeletal remains of a humanoid, possibly a recent kill. It appeared they cleaned the body down to the bone. Dashiell drew the swarms to him as they surrounded him, ready for another feeding frenzy.

Donner and Thorgan followed Dashiell to the floor of the room, which added targets for the swarms. The troubles did not end there. When the swarms moved away from the remains of the bodies, they too rose up to defend this mysterious figure on the throne. Four-armed skeletons wielding scimitars stood up and rushed forward to the attack. In the mean time, Lysandros throws his spear at the dark figure to trap him where he was. His attack struck true but the armored figure did not even flinch. Prometheus stood up on the platform near the entrance bombarding the enemy with chaotic magic.

The battle continued as Donner and Dashiell had plans for moving up the platform to attack the dark figure directly. They did not get the chance however. The strange thing on the platform did something very odd, it seemed to separate into a swarm itself and flowed down the wall of the platform and joined the battle. Dashiell was the first to learn the creature was actually made of a swarm of beetles itself. As he started his assault, beetles swarmed out and attacked him, from the body of the armored creature.

It was not easy for the heroes to fight a room full of beetles and a few skeletons. It was very difficult for their weapons to be effective against the swarms. Unfortunately for the enemy, these heroes are diligent in their cause and refuse to give up. It felt like they were smashing one beetle at a time, but they finally were able to crush enough of them to scattered the swarms. Even the dark figure scattered when enough of the beetles were killed, dropping his armor and sword to the floor.

There Has to be More!?!

Fighting the swarm creature revealed nothing. The platform chamber was bare besides the swarms of beetles. If this was the old mayor of the village, he said nothing upon his death and left no information behind. Maybe that is the way of the Cult? Maybe it is their way to die for the maimed god and take their secrets with them? The Fate Seekers refused to believe this as they continued their search.

They had to stop and think. The heroes gathered around the map Thorgan is known to have on him at all times. They revisit old areas of the mausoleum, searching it all again. They go back to the barracks and search. They go back to the priest room and search there. They even return to the shrine with the water fountains and search again there. Lysandros takes another look at the map, “these crypts where the mummies were, we haven’t search all of them.” They go back through the crypts again and all their hard work pays off. One of the small rooms had a secret chamber behind it leading to an underground cave area going deep under the hill.

Flaming Mummies!

The Fate Seekers enter the cave behind the crypt, at the back they find a hole leading down to a passage. The passage leads deeper and deeper until they find a large cavern naturally formed under the mausoleum. Moving through the stalagmites, the group notices a glow toward the other end of the chamber. They have tracked down yet more flaming mummies, waiting to grasp them and burn the flesh from their bones.

As they move in to engage the mummies, other figures are spotted moving through the shadows of the chamber. Undead ghouls leap out and attack the heroes. Their stench is near overwhelming, a couple of the heroes had to try hard to not lose their lunch. More undead creatures moved in to feed on these living beings. The group spread out so they would not get trapped or surrounded. Dashiell stepped up to one of the ghouls and with two quick moves of his sword, the mockery of life was cut down.

Stalagmites… with Teeth!

Dashiell was not given time to bask in his glory. A rope-like tentacle shot out from the darkness and wrapped itself around the deva. The thing was surprisingly strong and began pulling him away from the battle and into another area of the cavern. He swept his sword across the stringy thing and broke free, only to have another one whip out and catch him. As hard as he fought, he could not keep himself from being pulled into the darkness of the cave.

The others continued to battle the undead near the center of the cave while Dashiell was fighting off whatever it was that kept pulling him. Lysandros was finally able to get the last mummy at a distance so it could not move into the melee and burn them all. Donner decides to move over and help Dashiell with his problem. They heard the cry of the deva, “it’s a stalagmite… pulling me toward it… Argh! This thing has Teeth!”

The group was small; they felt the loss of the other Fate Seekers being back at the village. That did not stop them from crushing their enemy and moving forward. Working together the small group was able to finish off the undead and then help with the rope-like creature that looked like a large stalagmite. In the end, the heroes were battle worn and tired from their ordeal, but they came out on top once again.

The adventurers retreated back to the crypt for a bit of rest. It sounds unusual but this team is far from normal. Thorgan pulled his dagger and cut a door in the wall so they could rest in peace.

What lies at the end of this cave area? What is buried deep under the mausoleum that was not safe in the mausoleum? Have the heroes met Lord Talos yet? Who is this Latalos and is he the one they killed with the beetles? Was that Lord Talos? There is more to this place than first expected. Answers will be found at the end, but what else will be found?

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