Session 51 Summary

August 7th, 2010

Heroes: Dashiell (+10.5 PLPs), Donner (+11.5 PLPs), Mariska (+11.5 PLPs), Prometheus (+3.5), Rhinox (+9.5 PLPs), Staephon (+10.5), and Thorgan (+11.5 PLPs).

Game Date: Eredain, Evernight 28, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have returned to Eluren, the capital of Mentiel. They retrieved the stolen goods from the King’s Vault and returned it all to Eluren, destroying a secret Cult of Vecna in the process. Eluren is still in disarray, but what can you expect. They have survived enslavement, a civil war in their city, and the assassination of their King. It hasn’t even been two weeks.

So, where to from here? The group got together and started talking about their next plans. Dashiell wants to track down the Cult of Vecna known to be here in Mentiel, what they found was not the true cult. Maybe it was a smaller sect of the larger cult in the area. Rhinox wants to hunt down his nemesis, a man of unknown origin, an assassin wearing a skull mask. He still needs to clear his name. Thorgan is still getting visions of that piece of machinery; he wants to go to Tephanel to get some answers. Could it be time to split up, go their separate ways?

Knowing what they have learned about the blood of the Exarch and a new threat the Chaos Titans, the group decides to go to Tephanel and get some more answers. Maybe the dreams are tied into all this in some way. Ok lets hit the road! That idea didn’t go over very well with Donner, he insisted on a nice hot meal, a night of drinking and merriment, and finally a good night’s rest. The group decided one more night wouldn’t hurt, and everyone could use a break. On the morrow, too Tephanel!

Another Crazy One!

This ragtag band isn’t called the Fate Seekers for nothing; they have a destiny, even if they don’t know what it is yet. The night did not go by uneventful. A man steps into the Inn where the group is sitting in the common room planning their next move. He steps into the door and begins looking around, with a perplexed look on his face. Suddenly he starts talking to… them!

The newcomer orders a drink and takes a seat at an empty table. He begins a ritual right at his table after being served a mug of ale. It was identified as a purifying ritual, he was about to purify his ale. That did not go over well with Thorgan, he immediately went to the strange to interrupt his ritual. The newcomer, named Thatch, tried to explain to the dwarf there is no better water in the world than what you get from freshly purified ale. He went on to tell the dwarf the stronger the ale the better tasting water.

Thorgan turned red, then blue, then purple; the group was concerned that the dwarf had stropped breathing, and the look. The look on the dwarf’s face was one of astonishment, bewilderment, DENIAL! This man could not be turning ale into ordinary water, but that is exactly what he was doing. It wasn’t until the dwarf started sputtering and grumbling that they actually relaxed. Whew, the dwarf wasn’t going to collapse right there in the center of the floor.

Thorgan took it upon himself to save the ale from the clutches of Thatch the Cleric. He bought all the ale the Inn had left and refused to share any with the strange cleric. The party had a night of drinks all right, courtesy of Thorgan.

On the Road

Morning came and it was time to leave Eluren and head out to Tephanel. With the dwarf’s dismay the stranger known as Thatch was invited to join them and travel along to Tephanel. They got an early start on the West Trade Road and headed out for new adventure.

The adventurers past the river and found a small merchant train had stopped and setup camp. With a warm greeting the heroes were invited to join the merchants around the fire. The rain made it a miserable day and it looked like it would continue on through the night. The group learned this merchant train traveled all the way from the western part of Teeriphan and ended their journey on the east coast, only to make the trip back again. Traveling merchants usually hear things. Nothing out of the ordinary but the war that seems to be spanning most of the northern hemisphere might actually be heading south to Eridus.

After a few days of travel the road curved north into the jungle. The adventurers came upon a village in the jungle. Ombiar was a hunting and gathering town with some other specialties like alchemy thrown in as well. The heroes decided to stop for a while and have a nice hot meal in town. Dashiell did some shopping, but there wasn’t really much here the group wanted. They departed after lunch and continued north toward the coast.


After four days of travel the Fate Seekers finally reached their destination. They stood on the hill above the greatest trade city in all of Eridus. Tephanel is easily four times the size of Eluren, the capital of Mentiel. Tephanel is a major port city sitting on a small bay in the northern most part of Eridus. The harbor of this great city stretches all along the coastline of the bay. Hundreds of ships are docked and hundreds more wait their turn. The city appears to have grown up the hill in rings along the bay cutting through the rings, starting at the harbor and reaching the highest point of the city, roads run perpendicular to the rings. From the heroes stand point, the city was in the shape of a large spider web. They finally reached the greatest city in all of Eridus Isles.

The Fate Seekers made their way into the city and found a guide that would take them where they needed to go. They were driven by horse and carriage to the finest Inn in town. The Orthas Ocean View had two balconies and a roof bar giving visitors a perfect view of the city, the bay, and the ocean beyond. Of course a hotel this fine wanted to limit their clientele but Thorgan flashed some platinum and suddenly some suites became available. They hired the guide for the day so it was time to go and do some searching.

Strange?!? There was a huge barge or galley out at the edge of the bay. Curious, word is that its been sitting there for about a week.

The Visions

The guide took the adventures to a place called Bordertown, a place in the Guild Ring of the city said to be a place for crafters, smithies, and specialists. Thorgan was looking for someone named Roarka Metaltik, a gnome that seemed to be harder to find than he thought. They finally found the gnome and Thorgan was able to persuade him to help them with his diagram.

The gnome was immediately fascinated with the drawing, but was unimpressed with its low quality workmanship. It was enough to get things started. Roarka sent the other party members to other areas of the city looking for information about this strange machination. In the meantime, he worked with Thorgan to get a much more detailed drawing of the piece.

Roarka had everything he needed and what he found out was not good news. The broken machine Thorgan has been dreaming about is part of a Divine Engine, one of many created by the gods for various purposes during their war with the Primordials. This specific Engine was used to imprison a Primordial, and it is needed to free the Primordial as well. Luckily for the party the Engine appears to be broken, in fact, it was purposely broken and the pieces were scattered across the cosmos.

Trying to figure out why Moradin would send this dream, the group dug a little deeper into what Roarka found out. They asked the gnome what else would be needed to run the Engine? It seems these engines require very special lubricant to keep the parts moving smoothly. Blood from a divine being would certainly do the trick. It would also need some sort of fuel, a powerful fuel source.

The adventurers were thrown off guard when Roarka told them he knew where one of the pieces of the Engine was. The Court of Fallen Leaves, in the Feywild, were given the duty of protecting one of the pieces. It was all the information Roarka could find.

War on the Waterfront

The heroes needed to decide what to do, this information was Huge! They did not have much time to think about it. When they left the tower where they found the gnome they heard screams of panic and the sounds of combat down at the waterfront. Plumes of smoke rose from destroyed buildings along the harbor. Instincts kicked in and they headed down to the docks.

When the Fate Seekers arrived on the scene it was total chaos and more than a bit confusing. There were no markings on the combatants to tell who was who and who they should help. They recognized some of the city guard with one of the colors of the 6 Lords of the city, but there were a lot more than just them. There was one heavily armored faction that could not be identified by race, the armor fit too perfectly. Another faction was armed and consisted of different races. The heroes identified a female eladrin and a dragonborn fighting against the heavily armored faction.

It became clear that the guards were helping the eladrin and the dragonborn, but adventurers still did not know who the other combatants were. They decided to side with the guards and engage the heavy arms faction. A short time into the fight Staephon announced to the other faction that they were there to help, wanting to make sure they knew they were allies. He was surprised to hear the faction of the eladrin and the dragonborn knew them, and didn’t like them. One of the guards announced, “we know who you are, we recognize you, your not going to make it out of this city!”

That made things a bit more difficult. They started attacking the heavy armored faction first so they became enemies. Their reputation precedes thing, and not in a good way. That put the eladrin and dragonborn faction against them. The guards were allied with the eladrin and dragonborn so the guards were against them too. It was not a good day to be helpful adventurers.

The battle raged on but they could not find anything that could have caused the structural damage the buildings were taking. The heroes quickly learned the huge warbarge out in the bay was shooting at the docks. After a short whistling sound a piece of the dock exploded sending human parts everywhere. The warbarge had magical catapults that did devastating damage. A single shot took out a small shop on the edge of the docks. It exploded in a shower of wood and fire, yet another thing to worry about.

Luckily for the Fate Seekers, the two factions were fighting each other as much as they were fighting them. A member of the eladrin and dragonborn faction slipped the identity of the other faction, he called them the Warforged. The heroes found that it was the leader of the warforged they engaged in the first place. They worked together to thin out the crowd of enemies that were surrounding them, but there were still several melee groups fighting, and this is just their small section of the docks. Looking both ways along the shore there was fighting all along the docks as far as they could see.

Mariska moved up and sprayed bolts into the melee, damaging some and slaying the weaker combatants instantly. Once she saw the others had things under control, she moved west along the docks. The warforged had a large battle golem that could spray fire on its enemies. The other faction had a marksman on the roof of a guard shack firing into melee. She moved down to see if she could thin out those targets some.

The Fate Seekers were finally able to clear out the initial group of enemies they charged when they first arrived. They split up to work on other groups of the enemy. It was a long, grueling battle, but the adventurers seemed to be more skilled than most of the enemies here. The large golem was able to kill the dragonborn and the heroes were able to catch and slay the eladrin. It was starting to look more like a victory.

It came down to a couple of warforged and the marksman after the heroes were able to bring down the large golem. The warforged charged up the stars of the guard house and confronted the marksman, but he was too fast for them. The group finally made it to the top of the tower and finished off the last of the warforged and the marksman from the eladrin and dragonborn faction. It was a long battle, but another victory for the heroes.

The siege stopped before the fight was over, leaving a great deal of questions to be answered. Who were these warforged Dashiell learned were living constructs? Who were the human faction that was with the eladrin and dragonborn? Why were the guards working with the eladrin and dragonborn? Why are the Fate Seekers wanted? They have a lot of questions and no answers yet. What is their next move?

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