Session 52 Summary

August 21st, 2010

Heroes: Caelan (+9 PLPs), Dashiell (+9 PLPs), Donner (+9 PLPs), Lysandros (+9 PLPs), Prometheus (+4.5), Rhinox (+9 PLPs), Rufus (+9 PLPs), Staephon (+9 PLPs), and Thorgan (+9 PLPs).

Game Date: Niledain, Evernight 29, AD1017

The Fate Seekers came to Tephanel looking for answers to the problems going on in Thorgan’s head. They did find what they were looking for and got some answers to the visions the dwarf has been having, but they stumbled onto something much more than that. They have learned of a world war going on beyond the borders of Eridus, or so it was, now it appears to have arrived here on the Isles.

The adventurers uncovered two of the factions in the world war while helping out down at the docks fighting off invaders in the harbor. They called themselves the Warforged, automatons that can think for themselves, living constructs Dashiell and Lysandros called them. The group knows all too well the other side of the war. It seems the Legion has returned and is trying to gain a foothold once again.

The Fate Seekers have come to the grandest city in all of the Eridus Isles, and they have stumbled upon a large mess that needs to be cleaned up. The entire city is built around political agendas and greed, which leaves its people open to military assault. So far none of the 6 High Lords have come to defend their city or their people. What are they waiting for? What schemes are they planning?

Time to Split Up

The Fate Seekers have decided to help out and find answers about these two factions, the Warforged and the Legion. Even though they have dealt with the Legion before, they know very little about them. The group talks with the harbormaster and find out the city has no real defense against the attacks. There is no navy to speak of and the warbarge out in the bay is too far away for the rooftop catapults. They also learned that the city is not evenly divided; there are no real borders to speak of. It is all about ownership of property and shops. Lord Atharoth can own an Inn on a street with a tavern on either side, both owned by Lady Alera. It’s not about territory as much as ownership.

Some of the Fate Seekers helped around the docks, trying to get things back in order. Merchant ships and cargo ships were still heading out of the harbor, even after the fighting had stopped. If they don’t do something soon, this great city could see an economic crash. The word on the docks one of the Lords is bringing in special mercenaries, but its unclear how they are getting into the city. Cargo ships are being unloaded late at night but it’s unclear exactly what the cargo is.

With the information they have learned, the adventurers decided it was time to speak to one of these High Lords. They go to the Lords district of the city and try to bribe their way through the gates, but the gate captain wouldn’t budge. He is either very devoted to the Lords, or very scared about what could happen to him. Either way, the Fate Seekers could not get an audience with any of the Lords. The group decided they would split up into two teams and try to find some more answers.

The First Group

The newcomer Caelan joins Dashiell, Lysandros, Prometheus, and Rufus as they make their way through town. Their idea was to spread the word they had information about the Legion. They were hoping to gain the attention of either the Warforged or one of the Lords. Information is power, and the High Lords are the most powerful people in the city. It’s quite possible they could draw one of them out with this knowledge.

It took some diplomacy, some knowledge of the streets, and of course bribery to get the word out. They met with a gentleman that said he could connect them with someone that might listen to what they have to say. Their idea was a success and they were given instructions to keep an eye out for a message at their hotel. So far everything is going according to plan.

The Second Group

Staephon had caught up to the Fate Seekers after a hiatus of his own. He joined Donner, Rhinox, and Thorgan as they tried their own methods of gathering information. They spread the word that the Fate Seekers were attacked by Lord Atheroth’s men during the fight on the docks. They were hoping that a rival Lord would get wind of this and want to meet with them.

They too had a bit of success. They met with another nobleman that said he could get them a meeting with an important person. They were given a time and a place; the meeting would be that very night. The adventurers arrived at the meeting place. Since the group was all together that night they all went. A carriage picked them up and took them to the Warehouse District, to a specific warehouse.

Inside the warehouse was a beautiful young woman with golden yellow hair waiting for them. She was young but she still had an air of superiority around her. The Fate Seekers explained what happened at the docks, that the guards were working with one of the factions and actually attacked them. The women struck a bargain with the heroes. She offered them 10,000gp to gather as much information as they could on Lord Atharoth, and to rid the city of the Warforged and their warbarge. A tall order, but they accepted anyway.

The Invitation

The heroes had learned it was next to impossible to get to the warbarge out in the bay suspected of being part of this Warforged group. It was the next day and the group decided to try and gather some information of that group. Lysandros and his group still had a meeting that night, but there was plenty of time to get some work down before that.

Once again the group honed their social skills. Using diplomacy, street knowledge, and a bit of intimidation; the group discovered there were individuals wearing that funny armor roaming about the city. They tracked every lead until they were pointed in the direction of a sleazy dive in the Dock City. A handful of coins were all it took to get the bartender to give up the room the warforged was staying in.

This warforged was smaller than the ones they fought on the docks. He looked to be some sort of scout or spy. His name was Merkitar and he was the secret liaison to the warbarge. This warforged was the means of communication between the city and the warbarge, and where the warforged were getting their information from. The heroes convinced the warforged to get them an invitation to the ship so they can speak with his superior in charge of this operation. The warforged confirmed a meeting on the warbarge that night, right after the meeting Lysandros and his group has tonight. They would be cutting it close.

Another Meeting

That night another carriage came by to pick up the heroes. Unfortunately the driver was told to pick up only 5; several of the adventurers had to stay behind. They were taken to the house of Lord Banaren Brayal. Lord Banaren was interested in the information the heroes had about the Legion. He also seemed surprised and a bit concerned that Lord Atharoth was involved.

The two sides shared some information. Lord Banaren told the adventurers that Lord Atharoth might be hiding the Legion in one of his warehouses in the Warehouse District. Lord Atharoth is said to be the weakest of the six Lords and could be using the Legion to gain more power and prestige in the city. Lord Banaren would like to prevent that. He offered the Fate Seekers 4,000gp to gather as much information about Lord Atharoth as they could. The group happily accepted.

The Juggernaut Warbarge

It was finally time to meet with the Warforged Commander. They got done with their meeting with Lord Banaren just in time to make the rendezvous with the skiff that will take them to the warbarge. In the dead of night and one of the darkest parts of the dock area, a boat arrived. The warforged wore a scarf around his waste, a scimitar hanging in the scarf and a patch over one eye. The glow behind the patch proved the eye was still quite functional. He removed his pipe from his mouth and in a funny accent he said, “Arrrr! Climb‘ebord matees!” It was obvious he was trying hard with the accent.

The adventurers were brought aboard the Juggernaut and met with the First Mate, Kithran. He took them to where they would speak with the Commander, but first they had to leave all their weapons on a table outside the room where the Commander was. When they entered, the Commander was looking out a large window at the night lights of the city. He was introduced as Commander Hescane, Leader of the Warforged.

Commander Hescane was a well dressed, well groomed soldier. He had long dark hair that was pulled back into a ponytail that was high on the head so the hair would hang away from the neck. He appeared to be very young but he still had intelligence and experience in his eyes. Along one cheek, from his ear to his chin, was a scar. His robes were tight fitting around the torso but spread out below the waste around his legs for added comfort. He wore a strange badge in the shape of a book on his upper left chest. The book was being held by a dragon from behind, all that could be seen was the four claws holding the book in all four corners and the head dipped down as if looking at the cover of the book. The book was marked with a large letter M. He had rank bars on his shoulders and a single bar over the badge.

The Fate Seekers only wanted one thing, they wanted the chance to oust the Legion from the city and prevent the loss of more innocent lives and more damage to the city. Donner did not like the politics and diplomacy of the entire situation and stormed out of the room. He explained to the heroes that this was a Juggernaut Warbarge and was fully capable of rooting out any Legion that could be hiding in the city. That being said, he did agree to allow the adventurers to do his dirty work for him. He will commence a cease fire for as long as the Fate Seekers work to get rid of the Legion. If they are successful with that mission, he well leave the Isles. The Commander pointed out that this was no guarantee that the Destiny Forge would not return.

The heroes gathered their belongings and were given safe passage back to the docks. They are now on a mission against time to stop the Legion and whatever plans they have for this city, but what are the Legion’s plans? Why is Eridus so important to the Legion? Is Lord Atharoth involved with them somehow? Are any of the other Lords involved with them as well? If the Isles are so important to the Legion, when will they become important to the Destiny Forge as well?

There are world changing events happening beyond the borders of Eridus, but it seems the Eridus Isles are about to become involved. What part do they play in those events? What part do the Fate Seekers play?

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