Session 53 Summary

August 28th, 2010

Heroes: Dashiell (+9.5 PLPs), Lysandros (+9.5 PLPs), Mariska (+9.5 PLPs), Prometheus (+6 PLPs), Rhinox (+7.5 PLPs), Staephon (+7.5 PLPs), and Thorgan (+9.5 PLPs).

Game Date: Niledain, Evernight 29, AD1017

The Fate Seekers came to Tephanel to find answers, but as per their namesake, they found adventure as well. Maybe adventure found them this time. War and politics, two things adventurers try to avoid, they both seemed to have found these heroes in the greatest city of all Eridus. They were forced to use politics to move this war away from Tephanel.

The heroes met with not one but two High Lords. They were given information on a third High Lord, that maybe this other Lord is involved with the Legion in some way. They are now working for these two Lords gathering information on the third Lord. In the world of power and nobility this is called the Game of Houses.

The Fate Seekers found a warforged spy named Merkitar in the Dock City. They convinced him to setup a meeting between the adventurers and his Commander on the warbarge out in the bay. They met with Commander Hescane and struck a deal with him; they would take care of the Legion her in the city and he leaves Eridus in peace. The terms were agreeable to both sides.

The Warehouse District

The heroes moved into the Warehouse Ring to search for a specific warehouse owned by High Lord Atharoth. The information they got from the other Lord suggested Atharoth gave warehouse space to the Legion. Now they just have to find the right one. The warehouse district is large, spanning nearly the length of the harbor itself. Every bit of space, each and every warehouse, is owned by one of the High Lords. Unfortunately most of them are not marked so finding which ones are owned by Lord Atharoth is hard enough, finding the one secretly harboring the Legion could be near impossible.

The Fate Seekers were informed that the area they were looking for would be heavily guarded. Rhinox used his knowledge of the streets to get the group moving in the right direction. He watched the streets from the shadows and kept an eye out for heavy guard activity and it paid off. He steered the group into an area guarded by Lord Atharoth’s mercenaries. The guards tried to get the adventurers to leave the area but Lysandros could tell these were unskilled and untrained hired thugs, not at all real soldiers. One of the guards blew a horn of warning and suddenly the streets and rooftops were filled with reinforcements. They were all the same, untrained mercenaries; they proved to be a minor obstacle.

The Fate Seekers continued down the street; Rhinox and Mariska were up front in the shadows scouting out. The others were spotted easily however, and more guards confronted them. The heroes kept coming and the mercenaries formed up to protect the warehouse from this threat. They were battle hardened mercenaries but their skill was nothing compared to the adventurers. Even Mariska moved into confront them close up. One by one the mercenaries fell until the last few ran for their lives.

The Warehouse and the Legion

Rhinox ran down one of the archers on the roof of the warehouse. With one quick motion using the hilt of his sword, the mercenary crumpled to the floor of the roof. The frightened guard revealed this warehouse to be the one they were looking for and showed them the back door. Mariska and Prometheus worked on unlocking the door so they could move in quietly.

The Fate Seekers entered a large warehouse filled with boxes, crates, and barrels. It was also guarded on the inside, and these were not mere mercenaries. Legion guards with heavy flails and archers with heavy crossbows walked the isles the stacked crates made. They spotted Thorgan and a couple of the others. Recognizing them as the Fate Seekers, they rushed in for the kill. The heroes quickly learned that these were trained soldiers of the Legion army.

The guards moved in on the heroes and the fight spread out through the warehouse. The brutish guardsmen used crushing blows to try and shatter bones and slow down their enemy, while the archers raced up the stairs and onto the catwalks for a better vantage point. Once there, the crossbowmen rained bolts down upon the heroes.

Two more Legion members came down a set of steps from an office set high above the floor. One was a dragonborn that uses a chilling longsword and a shortsword. He caught Mariska with his freezing combo. She was able to fight off the effects, but not before the chill ran through her whole body. The battle was fierce but the Fate Seekers pressed on until there was but one standing. The last guardsman bargained for his life. He told the heroes of a secret stairway that leads down to the Legion underground base from the office up above. As the heroes they are, the Fate Seekers honored their end of the bargain and let the man go. It was apparent the forces he pledged his allegiance too were not as forgiving. Before the guardsman could reach the door of the warehouse a black cloud appeared near the ceiling. A single large bolt of lightning flashed down upon the soldier searing his whole upper body to a smoking crisp. He fell dead without even a whimper. The heroes followed the man’s instructions and headed down the stairs to the secret base of the Legion.

The Legion Hold

The Fate Seekers moved down the steps and through a passage that ended in a large iron door. A familiar crest was embossed on the metal door. It depicted a shield with a fisted gauntlet and a set of scales behind the gauntlet. Splayed out in a starburst pattern from behind the shield was a display of many different weapons. A mace, a spear, a sword; even an axe and a glaive polearm were showing in the crest. The last time the heroes saw this symbol it was not quite as detailed, but nevertheless it represents the presence of the Legion army.

The door was locked and Mariska moved forward to work her magic, with Rhinox’s help she opened the tumblers and the door swung open. The path revealed a long set of stairs leading down to another iron door with the same crest on it. Mariska and Rhinox tried to open the door but the tumblers were defying their best efforts. Lysandros pulled out his new trusty crowbar, jammed it into the doorframe, and gave a yank. The latch popped open and the door swung free. They were finally in.

Guards? Where?

The Fate Seekers moved forward entering a foyer of sorts. It was the entry chamber of the Legion Hold. A large portcullis blocked their way to the left, an iron door was closed to the right, and another smaller portcullis blocked their way straight ahead. Looking around they found a lever on the other side of the large portcullis. Lysandros simply Fey Stepped to the other side of the bars and pulled the lever, opening the portcullis for his teammates.

Beyond the portcullis was a barracks. It was not large. It looked to be only big enough to house a small number of guards, possibly the guards stationed at the entrance. The heroes searched through the small barracks and beyond into a small storage room with supplies for the soldiers. They found very little of interest.

Near the entrance of the barracks was a door, possibly a way past the other portcullis. Another door lead to a long hall with a series of murder holes open to the hallway beyond the small portcullis. Obviously this was how they trap intruders, but where were the guards. They heard footsteps and decided to continue on. At the end of the passage was another door. It opened into the common room of the Legion Hold, and it was where the Fate Seekers finally found the guards.

Mariska moved in and spun around to fire a bolt into the chest of a guard. He crumpled to the floor unmoving. Unfortunately the rest of the guards were quick to move in and surround her. Her single valiant maneuver nearly cost her life. She tried her best to defend against their onslaught, but eventually their blows struck true.

Mariska was badly wounded and had no escape, but Lysandros had a plan. The eladrin warlord has mastered the use of his feystep ability. He teleported into the room while teleporting Thorgan into a defensive position. Lysandros then stretched his ability to teleport to the limits as he instantly teleported again and expanded his stepping ability this time to Mariska, who suddenly appeared back in the hallway which she came. With Thorgan’s unstoppable defense, Dashiell’s unequalled fury with his fullblade, Mariska’s deadly aim with her crossbow, and Lysandros’ leadership abilities, the Legion guards didn’t stand a chance. The Fate Seekers were now free to move on further into the Hold.

The adventurers found another long set of stairs leading down to yet another iron door with the Legion crest. They decided to move back to the entrance and check out the door they left behind. It proved to be another storage room, but this one had a secret room attached to it. In a chest inside the secret room they found one of the warforged wands they saw them use in the Battle of the Waterfront. They also found a pouch filled with metal sling bullets and a small pouch of dragonbane. It was an odd combination of items in the chest, but the heroes confiscated all of them for later examination.

The Fate Seekers have successfully infiltrated the Legion Hold, the secret base of the Legion army, but where is the army? There was very little opposition at the entrance of Hold, the guard was very lax. So far they have found only a small barracks, and even that was empty. The guards were found in the common room, lounging. What are they missing? Did they miss something? What lies beyond the iron door at the end of the stairs? Whatever it is, the Fate Seekers will face it like heroes!

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