Session 54 Summary

September 11th, 2010

Heroes: Caelan (+6.5 PLPs), Dashiell (+9 PLPs), Donner (+6.5 PLPs), Mariska (+9 PLPs), Prometheus (+5.5 PLPs), Rhinox (+9 PLPs), Rufus (+5.5 PLPs), Staephon (+9 PLPs), and Thorgan (+9 PLPs).

Game Date: Highdain, Evernight 30, AD1017

War is quickly spreading from one corner of the world to the other, and Eridus has been caught in the middle. For some unknown reason, one of the factions in this World War is drawn to the Isles, desperate to gain a foothold here. By what is known to the Fate Seekers, this is the second attempt the Legion has set a campaign upon Eridus. It has become apparent the group has been sneaking troops into the city of Tephanel with the aid of one of the High Lords. It is unknown exactly how long they have been here.

This is not the only problem the Isles has, nor the Fate Seekers. These brave heroes have stumbled upon a rivalry between two factions in this escalating World War. With the coming of the Legion, the faction known as the Warforged have also arrived in Tephanel. Their superior firepower overwhelms the meager defense the city can muster. A single warbarge, from the warforged, has settled far out into the Tephanel bay; too far for any of the cities catapults and too powerful for any ship in the harbor to threaten her.

Each of the High Lords is vying for power against the other and is no help to the people. They provide no protection to their subjects. The city is mainly a city of commerce and trade and has very little defenses of its own. With the conflict between these two factions spilling over into the harbor of Tephanel, the city is in need of heroes, badly. The Fate Seekers live up to their name once again. The came to the city to do research and landed in the middle of a battleground. They have of course risen to the challenge and struck a bargain with the Warforged to rid the city of the Legion; ridding the city of both factions while delivering yet another blow to the mysterious Legion.

An Avatar Revealed

The Fate Seekers have located the Legion’s headquarters in the city, hidden below one of the large warehouses owned by High Lord Atharoth. They moved in through the meager guards and have found a set of stairs leading deeper into their lair. At the end of the long staircase they found yet another iron door barring their way. The difference with this door was the voices coming from the other side.

A female voice was giving orders to an unknown male. The women mentioned that the Legion had information on the Fate Seekers being in the city. They know that the adventurers are here doing research on a strange machine, “another engine,” as she put it. She also mentioned the kidnapping of the gnome, Roarka Metaltik, and forcing him to divulge everything he knows about the Fate Seekers. The man revealed the female’s name as Avatar Narri-Shan, and the female mentioned sending two other Avatars, Loon and Bracket to take care of the adventurers.

Prometheus had been working on the lock to the iron door while the others were listening. As soon as the words came from his lips, “Got it!”, Thorgan pushed open the double doors to reveal the Legion Ritual Chamber beyond. Three men stood forming a triangle around a basin of bubbling water where a female with purple skin and light blue tattoos stood. When the Legion leaders turned their attention to the adventurers, the women immediately disappeared. Dashiell later learned this was some sort of scrying summons ritual.

The Fate Seekers have found this to be a far different Legion than they are used to. These leaders, and the soldiers with them, are far more powerful and better trained than what they have dealt with in the past. The man they heard through the door talking to the female was some sort of Storm Priest, while a knight wielding a large sword proved to be some sort of Holy Warrior. Every Legion member, even the guards and soldiers, appear to be blessed by a divine power, but which one. When any of them are struck in combat, the power they are blessed with is released. It was a tiring battle on already weary heroes, but yet another victory for the good guys.

A Trapped Altar

When the battle was over the Fate Seekers performed their own ritual, a habit they do after each successful skirmish. They search the area for valuables and magic. Dashiell, Prometheus, and Staephon find a couple of enchanted items that proved to be quite interesting and useful. There were no valuables among the fallen, but Rhinox did find something interesting with the altar.

First Rhinox learned that the lid opened up like a large chest. Inside were enough ritual components to perform some pretty powerful rituals. They found both Alchemical Reagents and Sanctified Incense; very useful for the ritual casters in the group. That wasn’t all that was found. Rhinox also learned that the altar would move. He looked for anything out of place, like dastardly traps, but it was clear. He gave the altar a good hefty push. As the large stone altar grinded across the floor, a white gas burst out from beneath the altar into the room. Once it made contact with the air around the altar it became very thick, making it very hard to breathe in that area.

Several of the Fate Seekers began to suffocate. Once Donner and Thorgan could breathe again, they held their breath and went in after their friends. Rhinox was able to fight for a small breath of air and was able to pull the altar back into place. Unfortunately this did not clear the white cloud from the air. It was only after all the heroes made it out of the smoke and waited for it to clear, that it became safe once again. Once the air was clear, Rufus had caught up with the adventurers once again.

No Rest for Wicked

After the drag-out fight with the Legion, and the gas trap from the altar, it was time for the heroes to rest. They could not continue in their current condition. Thorgan went to one of the double doors they entered through, pulled out his knife and created a doorway for them enter. The knife created a small dimensional space for the group to rest. The night went by uneventful, but the morning was a completely different story.

When the group exited the doorway and entered the room again, through the door on the opposite side of the room another group of Legion members entered. One was dressed in dark robes and carried a skull rod and behind him was another holy warrior wielding a fullblade. Guards carrying heavy flails moved into the room and took a defensive position in front of the two leaders. Dashiell quickly moved forward and cut down the holy warrior with two quick slashes of his own fullblade. With a burst of brilliant light the holy knight burned his enemies with radiant energy and blinded some, but died soon after.

Once again the Fate Seekers found themselves in mortal combat with powerful leaders of the Legion. Shortly after the battle started reinforcements came through two other doors in the chamber. Another group of guards entered from the west door and another leader joined the battle from a door on the east side of the room. The dark robed leader through fire and brimstone at the heroes and used dark magic on Thorgan which pulled him down into the earth and tried crushing him. Thorgan broke free of the magic once, but the dark caster caught him again. Thorgan was trapped and on the brink of death, but Staephon was ready. His music was an inspiration to the dwarf and he was able to break free a second time. After that, the team focused on the spellcaster and finally finished him off.

The rest of the Legion members were not quite as skilled as the spellcaster. One by one they fell, even the thunderous brute wielding the large warhammer. Using superior tactics and unparalleled teamwork, the adventurers beat back yet another wave of the Legion. They were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, but how long would it last?

The Fate Seekers have stormed into the Legion’s own secret complex and found heavy resistance, but very few guards. Where are all of the Legion soldiers? Where are the Avatars that normally command and lead the others? They have seen the Avatar known as Narri-Shan, but where did she go when the fighting started? What did she mean when she said, “another engine”? Possibly the most important questions, who are the Avatars known as Loon and Bracket, and where are they? Avatar Narri-Shan sent them to deal with the heroes, but they have not been encountered yet.

The Fate Seekers have encountered some of the Legion and sent them straight to hell, but they have found very few answers as of yet.

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