Session 56 Summary

October 2nd, 2010

Heroes: Caelan (+7 PLPs), Dashiell (+8.5 PLPs), Donner (+7 PLPs), Lysandros (+8.5 PLPs), Rufus (+8.5 PLPs), and Thorgan (+8.5 PLPs).

Game Date: Newdain, Newsky 4, AD1017

The adventuring band known as the Fate Seekers have stumbled upon a bigger problem then first realized. They had agreed to get rid of the organization called the Legion from the city of Tephanel, but it was all so their enemies would leave as well. The Legion is at war with the Destiny Forge and a large war ship from that faction is parked out in the bay. The agreement was they would leave if the Legion was gone.

The Fate Seekers are now exploring the Legion complex hidden under the Warehouse District of the city. They have learned a few things while scrounging for clues in this Legion Hold. It is now even more important they are getting rid of the Legion, but what is their end goal? What is their true purpose for being in the city?

The heroes have dispatched all of the Legion leaders. They stumbled upon them here in the Hold. What they have not found are any of the Avatars that always accompany the Legion. They do, however, have an address. The heroes made a deal with one of the leaders of the Legion. They spared his life for the address of the manor house the Avatars are staying at; the next stop for the Fate Seekers, 228 Bleak St.

Clues of Dissention

The Fate Seekers want to make sure they cleaned out the entire Legion. They are like cockroaches; if you leave just one, they multiply into hundreds. They continued their search of the Legion Hold. After leaving the cave where they encountered the strange hydra, they moved down the hall into the living quarters of the leaders.

The adventurers learned a few things about the ranking system among the Legion. They found the commander’s room, supposedly the commander of the complex. By the look of the uniforms in his footlocker and the way he decorated his room, he was definitely a military commander. When the group looked through his notes in his desk, it was evident that the military commanders were still outranked by any priests within his command.

The heroes continued their search and found a very disturbing sight. They found a bed chamber with black painted walls with deep red candles burning. The light from the candles made a demonic image appear on the wall. They deduced that this was the quarters of the dark spellcaster they bargained with for information. The group moved on to the next room, the office of the spellcaster.

In the office, some very interesting information was found. The group found some letters from one of the Avatars; Daemos the Avatar of Destruction. The letters were written to one of the leaders of the Legion Hold. Apparently they have been discussing a mutiny against the lead Avatar. Daemos instructed his follower to find allies that would help them against Narri-Shan, the Avatar Commander. It seems that the Legion is no as well structured and disciplined as it first appeared.

Prisoners of War

After the Fate Seekers were done in the leaders quarters and offices, they doubled back to explore other areas they had missed. They headed back to the large ritual chamber that seems to be the center of the Legion Hold. They continued through another door to an area they had not been before. It was a small prison or jail; it only had 6 cells. As they searched a figure appeared at the bars of the far cell. Its red eyes burned with hatred. They approached it and found it to be a living construct, one of the warforged. Talking to him got them nowhere, he would not speak. They heard a voice from behind them, “That’s a hunter; his only mission is to find a way to kill you. I would back away if I were you.” In the other cell they found another warforged, this one small like a halfling.

The small halfling sized warforged seemed friendly enough and admitted to being a scout for the Destiny Forge. The scout did not have a problem talking with the heroes, but he had very little information the Fate Seekers had not already learned. They agreed to let him go, explaining they were allied with the Destiny Forge for the time being. They turned back to the other warforged and tried speaking with him again. They proved yet again why they are called heroes. They explained to the hunter they were allies and would set him free if he did not become hostile. Finally their words got through to him and he calmed down. He still would not tell them anything. Still, heroes do what heroes do. They set the warforged free and returned his weapon to him.

Another Warehouse, Another Ally

After freeing the warforged from the cells the Fate Seekers continued their search of the complex. All the locked doors they keep finding is starting to annoy them. The dwarf, Thorgan, has had enough. He waits long enough for a couple of members to check for traps. As soon as he gets the go ahead, he proceeds to break the door down.

The adventurers find a strange room on another path from the Ritual Chamber. The floor of the room had a checker board pattern. Most of the squares, but not all of them, had letters in them. They were the ”Common” alphabet and every letter was present. Some letters were represented two or three times. When they checked the floor, every tile had a pressure plate that was connected to a mechanical device. It was unclear what the tiles did, but from past experiences in this complex, the group did not want to find out. They all wracked their brains trying to figure out what the letters were for. It was suggested that maybe the blank tiles were the way across, but they had pressure plates as well. At that point Dashiell came up with a solution. He noticed that several tiles spelled the world L E G I O N across the checker board. He tested his theory by stepping on the first letter. He heard a click but nothing else happened. He proceeded to jump from letter to letter until he was across the board. The trap was disarmed.

Continuing through the next door, the heroes found a large stairway leading up. They found a similar stairway that lead to a different warehouse on the surface. They quickly discovered this area to be trapped as well. They figured out they could jump up the stairway to certain steps that did not have pressure plates. Lysandros missed a step. Large blocks of stone, like columns from the walls, began sliding out in a random pattern. Caelan worked diligently to turn off the trap. She finally succeeded after a few members were hurt.

It was just like the other set of stairs; they found another warehouse connected to the Legion Hold. The one main difference, this one was completely empty. They searched through the space and found nothing but an empty office. The whole place looked like it hadn’t been used in a very long time. When they stepped outside, they learned the warehouse belonged to Lord Banaren Brayal.

Machine Parts

The Fate Seekers continued their search of the Legion Hold. They returned to the Ritual Chamber, it was time to search the secret staircase Rhinox found. They descended the spiral staircase and found a secret storage room. Caelan and Dashiell noticed the ceiling charging up with electricity. This was shortly after Dashiell learned there was magic in just about every bit of the room. Lightning began flashing around the room in a chaotic pattern. It jumped from target to target.

Thorgan’s curiosity was peaked and he decided to look in the crates and boxes. A few other party members joined in. The crates were filled with machine parts. Some pieces were as small as a fingernail, while others were as big as a man’s hand, or even a head. Thorgan took a good look at the pieces and deduced that they had similar properties to the Divine Engine he has been dreaming about. As the ceiling was throwing lightning bolt after lightning bolt, the group worked on getting all the crates and boxes out of the room. What was the Legion doing with a Divine Engine? How were they able to build one?

Next, The Avatars

The adventurers have searched the entire secret base of the Legion. It was time to face the Avatars themselves. They had an address, now they just needed to get into the district. They were not going to have it easy, not even out in the streets. As they were walking to the Inn where they were staying, they were confronted by a rugged looking dwarf. He accused the heroes of being traitors, telling them he was the weapon of the Great Mother. He claimed she was a Pillar of Life and the adventurers were traitors of nature.

The dwarf introduced himself as Braer, the Avatar of Stone. A great battle ensued between the lone dwarf and the entire Fate Seeker group. These adventurers know how dangerous even one of the Avatars can be. It was six against one and it looked like the heroes had the upper hand. The true power of the Avatar became apparent shortly after that. The dwarf, Braer, was wounded and suddenly his entire body was encased in stone, or maybe the dwarf became stone, it was hard to tell. Any weapon used against the Avatar was only partially effective as most of the blow simply glanced off the stone hide.

The Avatar wasn’t done with his tricks. The group began to recover from the set back of the stone hide. The dwarf was weakening, they were wearing him down. Suddenly he gained his second wind and grew into a giant. His giant maul was sweeping through the heroes like an axe through weeds. Finally one of the heroes got a mortal blow on the Avatar. After one more sweep of his mighty hammer the Avatar of Stone fell. It was a gruesome sight. It was a dwarf, a cousin to Rufus and Thorgan. He had given himself to the Legion, but more importantly, who was this Great Mother he spoke of? What is a Pillar of Life?

The Fate Seekers continued on their quest to get into the Noble District. They put the word out that they needed an audience with the Lords. They waited in the Inn where they received a message that a pair of elves were looking for them. They couldn’t worry about that now, they finally received an answer. They got a Writ of Passage from Lord Grumgann Werlum. It was time to confront the Avatars. Next stop, 228 Bleak St.

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