Session 57 Summary

October 16th, 2010

Heroes: Caelan (+6 PLPs), Dashiell (+6 PLPs), Donner (+6 PLPs), Lysandros (+6 PLPs), Prometheus (+5 PLPs), Rhinox (+6 PLPs), Rufus (+6 PLPs), and Thorgan (+6 PLPs).

Game Date: Newdain, Newsky 4, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have rooted out most of the Legion. They discovered the Legion Hold; a temporary base of operations built under the Warehouse District. They discovered two other warehouses belonging to two completely different Lords from the original Lord they suspect is involved. They even found a secret storage room where they had all the parts needed to build a Divine Engine. They only had one small problem; they haven’t found any of the Avatars they know always accompany the Legion.

The adventurers spread the word around the city that they were trying to rid the city of the Legion. They know where the Avatars are staying, but they are protected by a district of nobles and more guards than they want to struggle with. They put out requests to speak to the Lords hoping to gain an audience and explain their mission and their plight. All that was left was to wait. They received no message to meet with a Lord, but they did receive a Writ of Passage that will get them into the Noble District. It was now time to face the most powerful of the Legion. They have reached their ultimate goal, 228 Bleak St., home of the Avatars. Knock, Knock, Knock

The Polite Approach

The Fate Seekers have finally reached the doorstep of the Avatars. They were waiting for a response to their knock. If it wasn’t such a dire circumstance it might be quite comical. Standing on the hearth were two dwarves and a creature straight from the Astral Sea. They were fully armored and were ready for battle. Behind them was a mountain of a man that appeared to be chiseled from stone. Bringing up the rear was a cloaked half-orc, not looking inconspicuous at all, and a halfling that looked like he was ready to burn the whole place down. Somewhere in the mix was an eladrin carrying an elaborate spear and an elf that looked like she brought nature into the city with her. As they waited on the step they were drawing much unwanted attention from the passersby, citizens of high status that were not sued to such a melting pot of visitors in their district.

A man came to the door, human, dressed in servant garb, “yes may I help you?” The adventurers explained they were looking for the lords of the manor. “One moment please,” the butler said as he slammed the door in their faces. Once again they were waiting. Try to get a picture of this in your mind. A couple of them were getting restless. The door opened once again, but the heroes did not get the answer they were hoping for. In a professional tone the servant said, “The mistress is not taking any guests. Please come back tomorrow.” Since when is anything ever easy for adventurers.

The Back Door

Being denied entrance through the front door, the heroes spread out and started looking for another way in. There was a balcony in the back overlooking the hill and the rest of the city. Donner and Prometheus decided they were going to climb to the roof of the house. They discovered a backdoor and a pool on the balcony. Lysandros detected magic back there somewhere. It was now their goal to get through that back door.

Lysandros was thinking the others were working too hard to get through that door. He decided to take the easy route. Calling upon the power of the eladrin people to magically step from one place to another, Lysandros attempted to teleport up to the safety of the balcony. Something blocked his step, a barrier of some kind. The protective magic around the balcony diverted the eladrin’s innate magic. When he reappeared he was forty feet above the street. He could do nothing but fall.

Donner saw what happened to his comrade from the roof. He was going to do it his own way. He jumped off the roof down to the balcony, but instead of landing safely behind the house, he found himself falling to the street. ”The balcony is well protected,” the eladrin was thinking, ”but why?” That was powerful magic, magic that is not even uncommon throughout the natural world.

The Normal Way Then

They tried to do things the polite way, but they were denied. They decided to try stealth for a change. That didn’t work either. It’s back to the old tried and true method. A couple of good swings of the hammer and yanks with the crowbar should do the trick. Nope. “Wow, sturdy door,” Rufus proclaims. It must require a delicate touch. They let the halfling Prometheus through and in moments they were entering the house.

It was quiet, too quiet. The heroes moved through the foyer and headed into the dinning room. They could see the backdoor where the balcony was, and that pool. Whey wasn’t the front door protected as much as the back door? Lysandros detected quite a bit of magic at the back of the house. Something isn’t right. As they moved into the dinning room the Legion was waiting for them.

The fight started out simple enough; there were a few archers and a skilled swordsman. Each member of the group picked their target and spread out for a good fight. The archers were deadly accurate with their bows and the swordsman was skilled at cut and move tactics. He was very mobile and hard to pin down.

The battle changed for the worst when the final Legion member joined the fight. He came rushing into the room on a wave of water. He seemed to be able to control the very essence of water itself. Lysandros identified the creature as a sea elf. This baffled him a bit because they live in the deepest parts of the oceans and do not trouble themselves with matters of the surface world, yet here he was.

He used walls of ice to pin opponents to the wall. He used guessers of scolding hot water to burn his victims. He even had a surprise for Donner, a sphere of water that grabbed the goliath and trapped him floating in an element not breathable by surface-worlders. This sea elf Legionnaire could be none other than an Avatar of Water. The adventurers never got a name for this Avatar, for he was not one to speak much, and neither were the Fate Seekers.

Pools of Illusion

The first Avatar was confronted and defeated, along with his Legion cohorts. Was this it? There was nothing more to this manor. The Fate Seekers searched the house but found no one, not even another floor. Lysandros checked the area where he detected the magic. It was not the defenses of the balcony he detected, it was the pool on the balcony; peculiar indeed.

The adventurers checked the water to see what was magical about the pool. It turned out the water itself was magical. The water was an illusion, covering a spiral staircase leading down. This is it! The heroes have found the Inner Sanctum of the Avatars, or so they hoped. How many more will be down there? How many Avatars will they find? Is this the new base they have been working on? Is this a new, hidden stronghold, hidden even from the Lords of the city? The Fate Seekers will soon find out.

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