Session 58 Summary

October 23rd, 2010

Heroes: Donner (+9 PLPs), Lysandros (+9 PLPs), Mariska (+9 PLPs), Prometheus (+8 PLPs), Rhinox (+9 PLPs), Rufus (+9 PLPs), and Staephon (+9 PLPs).

Game Date: Niledain, Newsky 6, AD1017

The Legion has got something planned for the Eridus Isles. They have been bringing troops to the Isles for quite some time now. They have been looking for a place to establish a base of operations and that is how the Fate Seekers first met them. The heroes learned of a new plot from the Legion when they came to Tephanel.

The Fate Seekers have found the base the Legion has been using while planning more of a long term foothold base. The heroes went through and cleared out the leaders of the Legion in one sweep. They didn’t find any Avatars however. There are always Avatars.

The heroes found the Legion’s secret weapon, and they found a Divine Engine they were going to use for an unknown purpose. They even learned the Legion had more allies then was first realized. Their biggest discovery though, was the address of the Avatars leading this campaign. The Fate Seekers have stormed the manor and are preparing to descend into the heart of the Legions command of this campaign here in Eridus.

Dark Illusions

The adventurers were prepared for the descent down through the illusion of the pool on the balcony of the manor house. Caelan, Dashiell, and Thorgan have decided to search the rest of the house to make sure this level was clean. Mariska, Prometheus, and Staephon returned from one final search through the warehouses to make sure they didn’t leave any Legion soldiers behind. It was time to move down the spiral staircase.

Rufus took the lead as they descended the stairs. It was dark but they could hear a heated conversation going on up ahead. A male voice was accusing a female of underestimating the Fate Seekers. The female, presumably the Avatar leader Narri-Shan, was saying the Avatars wield divine sparks from the gods, but she also mentioned they were servants of the Aspects, whatever that means. Narri-Shan was saying they had some of the best trained Legion soldiers anywhere. She went on to say the Legion team near Skulldrop was untrained or less skilled. Their part was small in comparison to the whole of the campaign. Rufus needed no introductions, he charged in for the attack.

The Avatars At Last

The heroes moved down the stairs and out of the darkness. That was strange. Why didn’t the light go up into the staircase? The glowing blue ceiling cast a blue light on the entire chamber of the Avatars. The spiral staircase turned into a set of stone slabs suspended in midair to form the last 20 feet to the floor. Wait, the ceiling is a 50-foot vaulted ceiling. Something doesn’t add up.

The female voice Rhinox and Rufus heard belonged to the Avatar Commander herself, Narri-Shan, as they suspected. Lysandros identified her as a genasi, a rare mixed breed of genasi. She was a mistress of the storm, calling down thunder and lightning, windstorms and thunderbolts. She was also an Avatar of Storms which intensified her powers, making her even more dangerous.

They did not know it at the time, but the male voice was Daemos, Avatar of Destruction. He used powers that destroyed the body. Victims of Daemos were wracked with pain; their strength was diminished, and his dark magic ate away at their stamina. He left them dwindled and weakened. His rod of destruction threw bolts of hellish energy around the chamber with amazing ease and speed. He too proved himself to be a dangerous Avatar.

The Avatars were not without their bodyguards and servants. One of the Legions veteran soldiers was in the chamber with the Avatars. He wielded two battleaxes with deadly skill and precision. As the battle progressed more servants joined in from another room. Their scythes were used with devastating effect causing hellish wounds on all their victims. The wounds actually got worse the more they fought them. The Legion had certainly proven to be worthy adversaries for these heroes.

The Battle Rages

It was a horrible battlefield for the adventurers. The Avatar Commander had a constant windstorm following her that hindered the heroes while helping her comrades. It did not help that many of the enemies powers left them reeling and dazed. Lysandros had a difficult time simply tending to his own wounds.

From the very start of the fight Mariska focused her attention and her deadly aim on the genasi. The Avatar was very swift and powerful, but Mariska was keeping her on the defensive. The battle shifted gears when Staephon could finally make it into the chamber and get out of the thunderstorm Narri-Shan summoned near the steps. Staephon used powerful soothing words which immediately lulled Narri-Shan to unconsciousness. Her teammates tried to wake her from her slumber, but their efforts failed.

Divine Interruptions

The battle raged on and the Storm Avatar awoke to return to the fight. The Fate Seekers focused their attention on the Avatar Commander, knowing they would not last long in this fight with both Avatars back in business. Narri-Shan tried to get her revenge on Mariska for all the trouble she had been causing, but it backfired. Mariska saw the Avatar weakening so she took aim one last time. The bolt from Mariska’s superior crossbow buried itself in the side of the Commander. She finally succumbed to her wounds and fell to the ground, limp and unmoving. One Avatar was down.

The heroes could not waste any time celebrating the death of Narri-Shan. They were all winded, worn out, and hurt; but they still had work to do. They refocused their attention on the last remaining Avatar, only defending against the other Legion members when they had to. Daemos was the Avatar of Destruction and he was proving it to these adventurers. His powers debilitated and weakened the mind and body of his victims, and these heroes were already weak from exhaustion.

The Fate Seekers were on the ropes, they were not sure they were going to win this one. They ended up getting assistance from the most unlikely of sources. Ever since Narri-Shan was wounded the first time, Mariska had been seeing something strange in the pool. It had been rising to a boil until it finally turned a deep red color with deep black swirls. Suddenly the pool erupted.

Rising from the pool was a gargantuan cloud of deepest black with licks of red flames mixed in. The smoke and fire formed a demonic face. The heroes had seen this affect before. Also rising from the eruption was a large ball of living lightning. The ball of lightning had a female face formed inside it. The demonic face spoke with a booming voice, ”SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT, YET ANOTHER FAILURE.” A column of smoke and fire reached out from the eruption. Forming fingers it grabbed the last remaining Avatar. The heroes could hear the screams and abruptly the sound of bones breaking and snapping ended the man’s suffering, for now.

Ground Zero

The eruption of fire and smoke receded back into the pool and the lightning sphere disappeared. Before the heroes could catch their breath a burst of divine energy exploded outward from the pool. Unfortunately Staephon was fighting to stay alive as he lay unconscious. The burst of energy was too much for him, he breathed his last. The chamber had started to shake as pieced of the ceiling began falling all around the adventurers. Lysandros tried hard to concentrate on magic in the room, but he feared for his life and followed the rest of his teammates up the stairs.

The Fate Seekers arrived back in the manor house but that was crumbling too. They decided to get to a safe distance and moved out to the streets. A voice told them to keep moving. When they looked they saw a bald man, human, wearing loose fit clothing. They decided to hustle back to the Inn they were staying. It was a good choice. One last tremendous energy burst rippled through the Noble District. Five city blocks in all directions, with the manor of the Avatars at the center, were completely disintegrated. It left a huge wound in the center of Tephanel. The city will not easily recover from such a disaster.

Grim News

The Fate Seekers returned to Ortho’s Ocean View, where they had been staying, to rest after such an ordeal. They had to make plans, figure out their next move. The Legion has been banished from the city. They have the body of the genasi commander. It was time they finish this and move on. They needed to get to the warforged ship so the other army would leave the city in piece.

As they descended the steps and were crossing the lobby to leave, “excuse me, are you the Fate Seekers?” The host of the Inn called out to them, he had messages for them. Rufus confirmed their identity and collected the messages. The first was an invitation to meet with guests at another establishment. There was no indication who these guests were, but the invitation was professional, on expensive paper.

The second note was a totally different story. The message was written on a square of feycloth which was used to wrap a pair of lacings for the feet. Rufus began reading the message out loud and Lysandros immediately got an uneasy feeling. He grabbed the message from Rufus and read it, silently. It must have been unhappy news because tears began falling from Lysandros’ eyes.

When he was finished, the eladrin turned to the rest of the party, who were all waiting patiently for an explanation. The message was from old friends of his, and they were the ones that sent him the gift. Lysandros was once part of a band called the Green Fist, along with the two elves that left this message and a female eladrin that was once his lover.

The elves did not bring happy news. The love Lysandros left behind was now dead. She sacrificed herself to save the one she loved. There was, however, disturbing information in the letter. It seems Lysandros ‘ love fell victim to someone called the Great Mother. The note mentioned two items she was recruited to find. One was the Divinity Shard and the other was the Divinity Key. It seems the Great Mother also wanted Lysandros dead; disturbing news and a great deal of mystery for one eladrin to take in.

What is next for the Fate Seekers? They must deliver the news to the captain of the Juggernaut ship, but what comes after that? Do they travel to the Feywild in search of the piece of the Divine Engine from Thorgan’s dream? Do they try to find out what these Divinity items are? And who is the Great Mother the adventurers keep hearing about? The Fate Seekers have only just begun, and their destiny is unclear.

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