Session 59 Summary

January 15th, 2011

Heroes: Caelan (+10 PLPs), Dashiell (+10 PLPs), Donner (+10 PLPs), Lysandros (+10 PLPs), Mariska (+10 PLPs), Prometheus (+8 PLPs), Rhinox (+10 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+10 PLPs), Thiranus (+10 PLPs), and Thorgan (+10 PLPs).

Game Date: Niledain, Newsky 6, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have witnessed disasters and devastation. They have inadvertently fought a battle in a war that spans the entire globe. They have seen untold hundreds, maybe even thousands, of innocent people die by the hands of the Legion and the power of their masters. Comrades have fallen and new friends have joined the Quest. They have even found an old friend that has rejoined the group. What defines a great hero? One’s skill in their profession? Honor? Bravery? One’s Deeds? Could it be facing the worst horrors in this world; hopelessness, helplessness, loss, and still deciding to do it all over again the next day? Could it be Heart?

The Legion has been pushed out of Tephanel and the Destiny Forge has honored their end of the bargain and has departed. The people of the greatest city in Eridus are gathering at the worst site they have ever seen. Five city blocks have been disintegrated and left in ruin. The heroes know first hand what has transpired. They wake up the next day quiet and somber. They do not go to see the hole left in the city, they were there when it happened. They are adventurers, they must continue on their chosen path. A strange invitation has been left for them; they are heading for Unnla’s Feytune Pub.

The Eldar

The Fate Seekers, or at least part of them, find themselves in an elegant back room of Unnla’s Fetune Pub. Dashiell, Mariska, Prometheus, and Rufus have settled in for fine drink and good conversation with an odd couple that has requested their presence. They have learned that the tall elf, something unnatural among their kind, is actually a forefather of the elven species. They are called the Eldar. They are an ancient race, the first race of elves originating from the Feywild. Aelrilynlyn Yssilrilen is one of the few traveling Eldar and is better known by is traveling name, Asmerlith. He travels with a female elf companion; Myrlirrilith Heartview, known as Lirri.

Asmerlith and Lirri have traveled the world studying ancient cultures and visiting historic locations to learn about events in the world. Asmerlith hopes to get a glimpse of the future by studying the world’s history. He recently learned about the arrival of the race known as devas, immortal servants of the gods sent to the Natural world for an unknown purpose. Asmerlith asked the Fate Seekers to meet with him knowing that Dashiell was a deva, one of two in the Eridus Isles.

The heroes’ conversation with Asmerlith and Lirri took them through most of the afternoon before Lysandros and Rhinox joined them. It has been Lysandros’ life quest to find evidence of an Eldar and bring back some answers to his village in the Feywild. The Fate Seekers learned a great deal from the Eldar, unfortunately Dashiell knew very little of his heritage and could not help Asmerlith with his quest.

The Fate Seekers have learned that a major event is coming to Awlidan and it is tied into the Awlidan War and the deva as a race. The Celestial Madonna plays a major part in this event as well. It is rare to see a deva for there are so few of them. There are usually one in any given region or area. Eridus has two roaming its lands. One of them went rogue and became a rakshasa, an evil counterpart of the deva. The gods saw fit to replace the rogue with another deva, keeping the count at two for Eridus. Asmerlith believes Eridus will play a key role in the upcoming event.

The heroes have also learned the gods of Eridus may not be the powers they believe them to be. Asmerlith told the adventurers of the Aspects, powerful beings that fought for Awlidan before creatures walked on two legs. Each Aspect represents a force in the cosmos, like Life and Death and Love. These Aspects are the true gods of the world and have only recently returned.

The Fate Seekers learned much during their visit and the day passed quickly. The Eldar were responsible for the creation of both the eladrin and the elves. Although two great races, they were both failures for the Eldar. Asmerlith gave Lysandros a necklace to take back to his people. It bore the symbol of the Eldar, but there was no way to authenticate the trinket. Lysandros’ quest is not yet over. Asmerlith and his companion parted company with the adventurers, promising to see them again. He left the heroes much to think about.

A Fey Passage

It was time to continue the quest they had started before getting wrapped up in the war between the Legion and the Destiny Forge. Thorgan is still having dreams, visions of a broken machine, a Divine Engine. They know one piece of this engine is in the Feywild, held by the Court of Fallen Leaves. Their path leads them to the Feywild next, once they find a way to get there.

The heroes split up into small groups looking for a master wizard that can help them. They learn about a college of wizardry with the campus located deep in the Noble District. They had to hope it was not caught in the devastation of the Avatars. Kelsolamur the Traveled was a well known portal master that was a professor in the college. The adventurers needed his help locating a Fey Crossing and hoped he could provide them with a scroll of Fey Passage that will get them to the Feywild.

He was a crotchety old wizard who didn’t like visitors and didn’t like to be disturbed. He offered the adventurers the location of a Fey Crossing and the scroll for 1,200gp. He called for his scribe and apprentice to make sure he remembered everything. He needed the scribe to take notes because of his deteriorating memory. The scribe turned out to be Kebi Dabu, an old comrade and a member of the Fate Seekers. Lysandros didn’t like the old wizard and wanted Kebi Dabu to take them to the Feywild; he accidentally insulted the portal master. Kebi Dabu knew the ritual to get them through the Fey Crossing, but they still had to pay 1,200gp for the location.

Where’s the Island Again?

The old wizard told the Fate Seekers of a Fey Crossing on the island of Kitara to the north. It was time to book passage on a ship. Kitara is not a normal stop along any of the known shipping lanes; the quartermaster could not help them. They had to find their own way. Once again they split up looking for ships that were headed north. Prometheus found the Seaelf Cutter that would take them to Kitara Island for 50gp a person, 30gp if they worked on the ship kept them safe. This was declined; Kebi Dabu had a better idea.

The scarred eladrin-human wizard had the ability to summon everyone a flying, ghostly horse that could take them to the island in less than half the time. Thorgan expressed his dislike for this idea. It was uncertain whether he disagreed because it was Kebi’s magic, or because he had to ride a flying horse over the ocean. Of course the ease of travel trumped the dwarf’s fears and they were heading north on phantom horses conjured by Kebi Dabu’s warped and damaged mind.

They traveled for a couple of hours and could not find the island they were looking for. It turns out; Kitara Island wasn’t exactly north from Tephanel. Suddenly they were lost… on phantom horses that had a limited duration… over the ocean. Mariska used her knowledge of the environment and the region to give them a direction. Suddenly land appeared on the horizon. Between Mariska and Caelan and their knowledge of the land, and Lysandros and his knowledge of the area, they finally found the island they were looking for. They safely landed on Kitara Island… finally. The dwarf gave praise to the dirt he walked on.

Elves Only

Not only was this island the largest in the cluster of islands, it was the only one they could find with civilization. The group spotted primitive huts built on stilts, a small village on the eastern edge of the island. The heroes left their ghostly mounts in the jungle as they approached the small village. If the people were as primitive as the huts suggest, the horses could spook them. The village was inhabited by a tribe of catfolk. The catfolk are rare among the Eridus Isles, only found on 2 groups of islands. Lysandros heard these catfolk were druidic in nature and could possibly have a friendship with the elves of Ashani.

A group of warrior catfolk rushed forward acting as their welcome committee. With their spears ready, they were prepared to defend their homes from these strangers. They primitive cat humanoids had their own language; a series of grunts, growls, hisses, and purrs, not even Lysandros the Linguist could understand them. Luckily the elder of the village understood and could speak some elvish. He would only speak to Caelan and Mariska, the two elves in the party. Not even the eladrin could get his attention.

The two elves tried to come up with a story that would grant them the location of the Guardian Grove. They would hoping to get safe passage to the grove and use the Fey Passage that is suppose to be there. They did not think the catfolk would understand the real reason they needed the grove. Telling the elder of the catfolk tribe that they needed the grove so they could travel to another Plane might draw suspicion and superstition from these people. The elves decided to be cautious and use a simpler story.

The catfolk elder told the adventurers they would summon a meeting of the Guardian Council and hope the spirits would grant them guidance on this subject. Lysandros sat outside the hut, while Thorgan decided he would create a safe haven for them using the dagger. Caelan could feel the strong presence of the spirits gathering at the meeting, she did her best to eavesdrop on the spiritual gathering but she gained very little. Prometheus dropped to the sandy floor and began drawing a map diagram of the village, just in case a quick escape was needed.

The bright fiery sun peeked out over the horizon marking the end of the gathering. Caelan and Mariska were summoned to the elder’s hut only to find two other elders present. The rest of the group was left waiting outside. The elders did not like the fact their allies the elves lied to them, but the spirits told them their need was just. Mariska explained to them the truth of the matter and the elders accepted their apology. They were granted a guide, T’san, who would lead them to the Guardian Grove.

Door #2

The grove was surrounded by tall trees that grew over the top to protect it from above. A strange coloration of moss grew on the trunks of the western trees. The grove was alive with bright colors and covered with wild flowers of every color. The grove is evidence that the walls between worlds are very thin here. This grove is one of those miraculous and vibrant spots where the Natural world comes very close to the Feywild, making travel between the two worlds not only possible but a little easier.

Lysandros and Kebi Dabu went to work almost immediately. Lysandros spent time with the Kebi’s books the night at the Inn learning the rituals necessary to transport the party from this world to the Feywild. The ritual came naturally to the two eladrin, or whatever Kebi Dabu is, components were not needed for this casting. The incantations were drawn, the magic words were spoken, and powerful magic was focused into the center of the Guardian Grove. They cast their magic hoping to take themselves and their comrades to the Feywild. A simple change of scenery is all it should take, or so they thought.

Magic crackled, dark lightning sparked as a line appeared in the air. Something has gone wrong; this was not supposed to happen. The line in the air began to spin rapidly as a doorway appeared. Once the crackling stopped and they adjusted their eyes they could see through the doorway, to a shadowy gloom filled field beyond. Somehow instead of teleporting the party to the Feywild, the ritual opened a doorway to the Shadowfell; a great deal different than what they expected to happen.

On the other side of the doorway the heroes could see a sphere of magic springing from a magic circle on the ground. The bubble encompassed a giant of stone with runic carvings all over his skin. The giant was controlling bolts of magic that was linking the magic circle with the magic doorway. Lysandros recognized the creature as a stone giant runecarver; a spirit guide of his race but no where near the strength needed to interrupt a teleportation in progress.

The stone giant was accompanied by a group of fiery dwarves called azers, a fire archon, and a hill giant was positioned in front of the circle, seemingly for protection. The stone giant appeared to be putting most of his concentration into the magic circle to hold the doorway open. Thorgan lead the charge through to the Shadowfell and engaged the azers and the hill giant. The fire creatures mentioned getting the engine the party had in their possession.

These creatures did not have the skill to stop the Fate Seekers. Even with the magic of the circle the elemental creatures quickly lost ground to the heroes. When all of his lackeys were dealt with, even the fire archon, the stone giant was ready to deal. The adventurers knew that if the giant lost concentration on the circle the doorway would close, trapping them in the Shadowfell. They had little choice but to deal with this wretch. The group scrambled to get through the doorway as they left the stone giant behind.

They failed to get to the Feywild but they gained a little bit more knowledge. The stone giant was working for the Chaos Titans and they know the Fate Seekers have a Divine Engine in their possession. These Titans want the Engine badly and will not stop until they get it. How did they know the Fate Seekers had an Engine? How did they manage to interrupt the eladrin’s ritual and alter it the way they did? What other resources do the Titans have that they can throw against the Fate Seekers, and can they survive it?

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