Session 6 Summary

June 27th, 2009

Heroes: Bagheera, Rhinox, Lysandros, Dashiell, Kebi Dabu, and Thorgan; NPC Podrus left early

It has been a week, maybe more, since the goblins found a way into the human fort of Skulldrop. On that fateful day many adventurers found themselves locked in battle where there should have been none. Adventurers of all walks of life aided in the defense of the Fort, working together to fend off the goblin assault. When the dust cleared one adventuring group rose up above the rest. For many days now this group of heroes has been investigating the attack and hunting down the goblins that conducted the attack and their allies that planned the action.

The heroes found the lair of the Deepspear goblin tribe and made it in. With a few good decisions, or simple luck, the team found a passage that led them to the leader of the goblin tribe, Nibkraw the Goblin King. After bringing low the defenders outside the King’s hall, they locked into a devastating battle with the chieftain of the Deepspears and ended his life.

Though the tribe was without a leader, nothing had changed. The other Deepspear goblins didn’t even know he was dead. It certainly didn’t change the fact that the portal still rumored to be somewhere in this lair, very much in tact. The chieftain may be dead but the task was not yet complete.

After gathering all they could from the chieftain’s collection of valuables, they began a search of the throne hall. With skillful precision another hidden passage was found that led away from this chamber. Following the narrow passage and continuing down a series of other passageways, the group came to a single small chamber. Living in this chamber was a single small goblin.

The goblin had no markings of the clan, appearing with only a tattered loin cloth. His spear was still close at hand. Whatever told the heroes to handle this situation delicately, it paid off in the end. Dashiell and Lysandros opened a dialogue with the goblin and it had great results. It appeared that not all the goblins in the tribe believed they should be working with humans, the very creatures the goblins have been fighting for so many years. The little goblin did not know the exact location of the portal, but he did know where the hexers of the tribe slept and they might know where the portal is.

The heroes bargained with the goblin by offering him their aid in acquiring the throne of the Goblin King. Returning to the throne hall of the tribe, the goblin proceeded in removing the head of the old Goblin King, with Dashiell’s aid of course. The goblin gave the adventurers the directions they requested and continued on their journey. The only other part of the deal was to leave after the portal was destroyed.

The goblin was true to his word. Following the directions give to them, the adventurers quickly found the chamber of the dreaded portal that was allowing the goblins to pass into the Fort undetected. Of course they made short work of the guards around the portal but they were able to call reinforcements before it was all said and done. The very hexers that helped create the portal were called in for reinforcements. The battle got dicey with the extra help from the hexers but the heroes prevailed in the end.

The party debated whether or not they should continue their search of this lair, possibly eliminating the threat entirely. The idea was mulled over for only a very short time. Thorgan the dwarf quickly reminded the heroes of their deal. It was time to go.

When the adventurers defeated Nibkraw the Goblin King they found him wearing an amulet. It seemed broken in half and the other part was nowhere to be found. It was very faint, but it was possibly that it might even have had magical properties at one time. The goblin they made the deal with told the party the human allies gave one half of the amulet to Nibkraw, and the other half to Garbrak the hobgoblin Warlord. This was supposed to insure the need for them to work together.

The heroes had one half of the strange symbol, now they needed to hunt down the other half. With the possible location of the hobgoblin lair, they entered the hills once more and headed out on a new journey; a journey that would pit them against the extremely warlike humanoid race of hobgoblins.

With as strong team effort, they adventuring crew made crossing the hills seem very easy. They retraced their steps and made it back to the road where they began the difficult travel through the hills, but they didn’t stop there. They needed to travel east to the other side of the hills to find a single warband of hobgoblins called the Rageclaw tribe. After many hours of travel, including a full night of rest, they reach their destination. Before them at the base of the hill was the entrance to a deep stronghold.

The archway outside the entry cave was closed off with a simple portcullis, blocking the way inside. The half-orc Rhinox attempted to force open the gate, but triggered the trap guarding the entrance instead. Blades sprayed from the pillars on either side of the entrance, catching several party members in the blast. Bagheera the druid skillfully polymorphed into a snake and wiggled his way through the bars. On the other side he was able to quickly identify a loose stone hiding the levers that open the way.

They were now on their way to the hobgoblin warlord. One more obstacle kept them from the stronghold. A pair of large wooden gate doors barred the way, flanked by a pair of tall pillars capped with a guard post. When Bagheera tried to move forward and sneak his way in, or simply scout the area, the ballista’s on the towers came to life. One more grueling battle kept the heroes from their destination, the lair itself.

What kind of horrors lay in the hobgoblin stronghold? With the portcullis and the gate, it is obvious they are more aggressive and warlike. How much more dangerous will they be? Does this Garbrak character have the other half to the medallion found in the Deepspear lair? What secrets does the medallion hold? What is it a symbol of? Are the heroes one step closer to the true masterminds of this whole assault?

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