Session 61 Summary

January 29th, 2011

Heroes: Donner (+8 PLPs), Lysandros (+8 PLPs), Mariska (+8 PLPs), Prometheus (+5 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+8 PLPs), Thiranus (+8 PLPs), and Thorgan (+8 PLPs).

Game Date: Highdain, Newsky 14, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have embarked on a new quest. Thorgan the Warpriest has been having dreams about a broken piece of machinery. Since their business in the magnificent city of Tephanel is completed, they have put their full attention on figuring out why the god Moradin has granted the dwarf these visions. They have located a local wizard in the city and gathered information on a possible location of a Fey Passage that will allow the group to travel from this world to the Feywild.

The heroes have already learned what Thorgan has been dreaming about. The piece of machinery is part of a device called a Divine Engine. This particular engine was used to imprison a Primordial. Unfortunately a faction of giants and elementals might be trying to free the Primordial from his prison. The Primordials were beings of immeasurable power and were mortal enemies of the gods. It is imperative the adventurers do not allow even one of them to get free.

With a little bit of research and some help from a gnome tinkerer, the Fate Seekers not only know what the engine is and what it does, they have been given the location of the first piece. It is written that ages ago the gods broke up the engine and scattered its pieces. Some are hidden and others were entrusted to other powerful factions for safe keeping. One such piece is in the care of a group of eladrin lords and ladies known as the Court of Fallen Leaves. They have already failed to get to the Feywild once, but the adventurers are not ready to give up yet. Kebi Dabu and Lysandros are ready to try again.

The Feywild

Both Kebi Dabu and Lysandros are eladrin, even if Kebi is too crazy to notice. Traveling to the Feywild is quite trivial for them as long as they have the proper ritual and a Passage location. After a short rest from fighting off giants in the Shadowfell, the Fate Seekers are ready to try their luck one more time. They are ready for the eladrin to lead them to their homeland.

Kebi and Lysandros prepare the ritual. When they tried the first time and a gateway opened up they knew something was amiss. Traveling through a Passage with this ritual simply doesn’t work that way, but that is a mystery for another time. As soon as the last incantation is uttered, the last gesture is performed, a series of rippling waves burst outward across their view. As the ripples move through the air the landscape changes. It is a dizzying effect.

Suddenly everything around them is brighter, more vibrant, more alive. The colors of simple grass and leaves are bright and full. It is as if a film had been pulled away from their eyes and they can finally see the world for the beautiful place it really is. This is not the Natural world however, this is the Feywild. The rituals worked like they were suppose to this time and the eladrin brought the entire party safely to the world of the fey.

Their troubles are yet over. The adventurers’ destination was the Court of Fallen Leaves. They have no idea where in the Feywild they truly are. Kebi Dabu and Lysandros looked about and tried to find some landmarks they recognize but they were in an area they had never seen before. Donner discovered hunting marks telling them they were within hunting distance of civilization. Mariska was able to discern where that civilization might be. Thiranus immediately went to working looking for safe passage through the wilderness since there was no path or trail they could follow.

The Eladrin Village

Traveling through the wilderness was tough; this was definitely not the Natural world. Working together they were able to find an eladrin settlement. It was a beautiful site indeed, but they expected nothing less for an eladrin village. The village was set in a small valley at the base of a large hill. A large lake collected at the base of the hill and it became the center piece for the village. The beautiful architecture and stonework is built around the lake and some of the village even creeps up the hill in some places. It is not a large settlement but it is a serene sight for any traveler.

The eladrin extended their hospitality and showed them to a local pub to quench their thirst while they wait to speak to the elder of the village. Mariska was able to calm a slight dispute between Lysandros and the bartender/owner of the establishment. There was no hard liquor for Thorgan but that wasn’t going to stop him from drinking anyway. After a few drinks and a short stay the guards returned to escort the heroes to the home of the village elder.

The Fate Seekers beseeched the elder to help them find the Court of Leaves. His only response, “which Court are you looking for?” Apparently there was several different Court of Leaves. Lysandros took this opportunity to ask about the medallion given him by the Eldar. The elder knew of a set of ruins that bore those markings, but it was in a place best left alone. These ruins were located in the northlands, the cold frozen northlands; home of the Winter Fey. These fey creatures, eladrin included, hold darkness in their hearts. They are cold and calculating, show no mercy, and show the utmost contempt for mortals.

As the group was stumbling to find out what Court they were looking for, Thorgan blurts out, “Look we were only told to come here and find the Court of Fallen Leaves!” The room was silent. The elder spoke next, “now that I know what Court you are looking for, I can help you.” Thorgan unwittingly points the Fate Seekers in the right direction.

The Court

After another trip through the wilderness of the Feywild, the adventurers finally reach their destination. They enter a courtyard of a crumbling castle in desperate need of repair. This would not be a place you would envision eladrin lords and ladies to be in residence. Unfortunately they cannot choose where their goals lead them nor can they decide where answers are found.

A lady eladrin named Alarielle, escorted by two eladrin guards, greets the heroes, “welcome to the Court of Fallen Leaves travelers.” The group is shown to the entry chamber of the castle where they waited for their audience with the eladrin lords. The followers and retainers of the lords were also waiting here as the Court was in a private session. There were haughty eladrin warriors, flamboyant eladrin entertainers, even a group of centaur barbarians waited in the entry room.

Thorgan tried to start a fight but the groups merely looked down at him for trying such a brutish tactic in a noble court. Kebi Dabu tried entertaining as well and talking to some of the eladrin but he was viewed as a fool and nothing more. Donner offered to ride one of the centaurs but they scoffed at him and moved away, thinking him a brainless golem of stone. Unfortunately the heroes learned nothing of the lords from this lot.

Finally the Fate Seekers were escorted into the counsel chambers. At the other end of the room sat two lords and one lady of the Court. Lord Maervik was a burly eladrin, if there ever was one, who respects strength and honesty. Thorgan tries his fighting tactics once more and Lord Maervik accepts, but not in the way Thorgan was hoping. The dwarf was challenged to an arm wrestling contest. After losing the first match Thorgan gets a feel for his adversary. The first match was the only time he lost. Lord Maervik gained a great deal of respect for the dwarf and offered his assistance.

Lady Tarentia was a giggling young eladrin who fancied the arcane arts. Prometheus and Lysandros were able to impress her with a few stories. The halfling turned out to be a pretty good spinner of tales. The Lady gained a warm spot in her heart for the two story tellers and decided to favor them. The last lord was not so easily impressed.

Lord Kaerwyn is an eladrin paladin and favors the faithful. He also respects honor, fighting ability, and chivalry above all else. Thiranus and Thorgan tried to gain his favor, Thorgan had a great deal of knowledge about the gods, but he was unimpressed by their demeanor and their deeds. He was a harsh man who looked down on the adventurers and saw their quest as ignoble and trivial. The heroes were unable to gain his favor.

An Errand for the Court

The Lords and Lady of the Court talked amongst themselves and finally decided to help the adventurers. They decided they would answer their questions and help them with the Divine piece they came looking for, but only after they perform a deed for the Court. The Fate Seekers were given the task of slaying a fomorian painbringer by the name of Taroxyn. Fomorians have been eternal enemies of the eladrin so this should not come as a surprise. They only needed to bring back the evil eye from Taroxyn to gain the favor of the Court of Fallen Leaves.

The heroes were given a map that would lead them to the fomorian’s lair. It was a two day trip that leads them deep into the bowels of the Feydark, the Feywild equivalent of the Underdark and home of the fomorians. Luckily by following the map exactly the group was able to avoid any short falls or other trouble.

Taroxyn’s lair was a large cave with tree sized mushrooms growing from a pond in its center. There were actually two fomorians here, Taroxyn and a fomorian warrior. As is normal, you will not find fomorians without their cyclops followers. Three cyclopses were also here playing some sort of bone stacking game. It did not take long for the fomorian warrior to spot the adventurers.

Prometheus was quick to run forward straight for the fomorian painbringer, or was the treasure he saw on the cavern floor? Lysandros fey stepped Thorgan and himself forward to confront the fomorian warrior, unfortunately that landed them in the middle of the swampy mushroom patch. The mushrooms turned out to be deadly poisonous leaving the pair dazed and confused. Donner charged over to the group of cyclopses, as Thiranus challenges a cyclops that charged toward the entrance.

Kebi Dabu and Mariska moved over to a corner where they could get a better view of Taroxyn and her warrior bodyguard. Thorgan received Taroxyn’s evil eye which punished him every time he damaged her. Between Lysandros and Thorgan the fomorian warrior did not take long to fall. Kebi Dabu and Mariska were surprised when a lizard-like spider decided to join the fight, but they were not off guard for long.

Thiranus finally felled one of the cyclopses as Donner was keeping the other two busy. The battle did not take long and it proved to be a small challenge for this experienced group of heroes. When Mariska finally found a good spot to shoot from, her arrow was deadly and finite for Taroxyn. The fomorian painbringer crumpled to the floor of the cavern, dead. Thorgan kept her attention while Kebi and Mariska whittled her down with their magic and arrows. Kebi Dabu bagged the Eye as they headed back to the Court.

Returning Frustration

The Fate Seekers returned to the Court with their prize in hand. It was not as hard as they made it out to be and it was time to get some answers from these Lords and Lady. An adventurer’s life is never easy, and even after performing task after task to earn their goals, sometimes they remain out of reach. The Court of Fallen Leaves decided to give them the answers they so honorably earned.

The three Lords told the heroes the item they sought was no longer in their possession. In fact, it was Taroxyn herself that stole the Divine piece from the Court years ago. Once again the adventurers are chasing carrots and jumping through hoops. They are told of an even worse fomorian, a king of the Feydark they call him.

Thaedorn the Fomorian Lord was a ruthless and terrible master of the underworld. He has shattered countless eladrin campaigns that attempted to bring him to justice. Many of those eladrin are dead, or made into slaves for his evil court. He is one of the most powerful fomorian lords the eladrin have ever seen, and every attempt to slay him and destroy his court has failed.

The Divine piece changed all that. The fomorian painbringer, Taroxyn, was actually part of Thaedorn’s court. Her lair was part of his cavern network. She stole the Divine piece and gave it to Lord Thaedorn. Suddenly something totally unexpected happened. The fomorian, Thaedorn, and most of his Court was transported to the Natural world, leaving Taroxyn behind. The lords of the Court of Fallen Leaves believe the Divine piece had a strange magical reaction to the fomorian master. Why it took him to the Natural world that is still a mystery.

The Court of Fallen Leaves did not leave the heroes hanging. They asked them to bring back the evil eye of Taroxyn not only for proof of finishing the job, but it was a major ingredient the group will need to follow Thaedorn to the Natural world. The lords believe they have devised a ritual that will use Taroxyn’s eye to replicate the effect that transported Lord Thaedorn. They simply need to return to Taroxyn’s lair and perform the ritual there.

It has become a cat and mouse game trying to track down the Divine piece, but they have a strong lead. What will they find in Thaedorn’s Court? He is a powerful fomorian, one the eladrin are glad to be rid of since they could not fell him. Will the adventurers be able to stop him? Maybe they will need to look into other means of acquiring the piece. If squadrons of eladrin could not beat this court, what are the Fate Seekers going to do? Let Sleeping Dragons Lie they say, maybe lost fomorian Kings should be dealt with the same way.

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