Session 62 Summary

February 12th, 2011

Heroes: Caelan (+6 PLPs), Donner (+6 PLPs), Lysandros (+8 PLPs), Mariska (+8 PLPs), Prometheus (+8 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+8 PLPs), Thiranus (+8 PLPs), and Thorgan (+8 PLPs).

Game Date: Newdain, Newsky 18, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have journeyed to the Feywild in search of a piece of one of the fabled Divine Engines. Thorgan had been given a series of visions during his prayers showing him the engine piece. Researching the item, the group learned it was part of a great engine the gods used to battle the Primordials. In fact, this engine was used to imprison Piranoth the World Mover, creator of all giants. They also learned the engine can be used to release the Primordial as well.

The band of adventurers traveled through the Feywild and found the Court of Fallen Leaves, the handlers of the engine piece. After performing a small task, slaying a fomorian painbringer, for the court; the group learned that the piece was stolen. It was given to one of the fiercest fomorian lords, the self-proclaimed King of Fomorians, Thaedorn.

Now the heroes must find a way to get the piece from Thaedorn’s Court. They were warned that he was a powerful adversary and should not be handled lightly. In fact, the group was told if they could get the piece without confronting Thaedorn directly, or in combat, they should do so. They are now outside the Court of Fallen Leaves contemplating and debating their next move.

Choices, Always Choices

The choice to chase after the engine piece was not as cut-and-dry as Thorgan thought it would be. The group has traveled to the Feywild in search of the piece only to find out it had been stolen and given to an age old enemy of the eladrin. They also found out that once the fomorian king gained the piece, he was moved somehow to the Natural world. Donner and Thorgan figured there was no question what the next move was; they would travel to the Natural world to the fomorian’s court and get the piece back. They both love to fight giants and they don’t get much bigger than a fomorian.

Lysandros did not think the decision was that simple, or maybe it was simple to him in a different way. The eladrin came to the Feywild, his place of origin, for a different reason entirely. He is searching for evidence of his ancestors the Eldar. He has been honored with this quest by his village and he gave an oath not to return home without answers. Now that he is in the Feywild he wants to follow the leads he was given about the Eldar.

Lysandros learned of some possible ruins where the Eldar symbol was spotted. Unfortunately, it is far to the north in the lands of the Winter Fey. The Winter Fey are well known for their cruelty and brutality even toward other eladrin. It is a court filled with the most vile and dark fey of the Feywild. Lysandros cannot look at it this way, he must follow the few leads he is given.

After a long discussion with the rest of the group the eladrin gives in to the needs of the many. Not the needs of Thorgan or the other Fate Seekers, but the thousands that could die, that will die if a Primordial is freed. At least the wise warlord negotiated finding more information on this Court of Thaedorn before performing the ritual that will take them all to his doorstep.

Back to Orrilnar

The group seeks out the lady eladrin that greeted them when they first arrived, Alarielle. They are looking for survivors that might have escaped the last rampage of the fomorian king. Alarielle told them of two villages; Dinlar to the north and Orrilnar which they have already been too. Going to Dinlar would put the group farther away from Taroxyn’s lair. Orrilnar was the eladrin village they found shortly after first arriving in the Feywild, and it is closer to the lair once they are ready to go.

After a short trip the Fate Seekers returned to the eladrin village of Orrilnar. Once again they were greeted by a group of eladrin warrior guards. After requesting to speak with the village elder, Nearaine, the group split up and did some business around the village. Components, rituals, and rations were bought as the group prepared for their next journey. Finally the heroes were escorted once again to the chambers of the village elder.

The group learned a few key points about the fomorian king. He has the ability to use multiple elemental forces. He can warp space around him. It does not seem to have any weakness or resistances. One thing was most important in the information they gained; every force the eladrin courts sent against Thaedorn’s Court was crushed under his superior power. Now it was time to go get that piece of the Divine Engine!

Taroxyn’s Lair

The Fate Seekers left the village of Orrilnar and set out for the lair of the fomorian painbringer. They traveled for more than a day before reaching their destination. The lair was just the way they left it, with some added odors of decay and rot. Kebi Dabu found a spot on the floor of the cave to begin his ritual. The group formed a circle around the deformed wizard as he sat the evil eye down and started reading the scroll given them by the Court of Fallen Leaves.

The cave around the adventurers began to warp and stretch in impossible ways. The world seemed to be expanding and collapsing all at the same time. The group began feeling the affects of vertigo as Kebi finished the ritual of translocation. In a flash the world popped back into place. Everything was the way it should be, except they were now in a different place entirely.

The heroes appeared in an intersection and antechamber. Three large hallways connected to this chamber and a set of huge double doors were in the last direction. The adventurers were still recovering from the strange effects of relocation, but the inhabitants of this large complex weren’t giving them much time to recover. Two huge behemoths were bounding from two of the hallways straight for the group.

The Fate Seekers reached the destination of the menacing fomorian king they were hoping for, but they found it to be well guarded. Two groups of cyclopses passing the halls noticed them very quickly and released their beasts and prepared to attack the intruders. It did not take long for the heroes to regain their wits. The action started rather quickly but the group got up to pace like the true veteran adventurers they are. With teamwork and great skill the heroes made short work of the cyclops guards.

Thaedorn’s Court

Once the fight was over Mariska heard voices beyond the great doors; a conversation was taking place. Now the group had to decide whether to take one of the other passages and find a way to get the fomorian king alone, possibly stay and set a ambush for any that come through the doors, or barge into the meeting the king was having and confront them all right then and there. Thorgan was getting very excited about fighting giants again, especially a particularly deadly one like Thaedorn the King.

Deliberations continued as Mariska stayed at the doors listening. Most of what is being said was muffled by the great stone doors, but a few things came through as the fomorian king spoke louder. Thaedorn the Fomorian King confirmed that he made a deal with a human for the engine piece. Now things were starting to get serious. The heroes knew now they were only steps away from the piece but someone beat them to it. They were still deciding what to do.

Mariska continued to listen and finally heard the fomorian king tell the human to leave, and he granted the human permission to use magic. This changed things entirely. If the group didn’t get in that room now, they would miss their chance at getting the piece. The decision was made, they moved in. It proved to be a worse sight then they first thought.

Thaedorn was here, the largest fomorian Kebi Dabu and Lysandros had ever seen. His retainers and guards were also present. Two other fomorian painbringers were in the great hall as well as cyclops guards. In the center of the room, near a great pool of blood, was a human spellcaster surrounded by elemental creatures. The fomorian king laughed with their approach thinking more had come to bargain for the engine piece. Breven Foss, the human spellcaster, spoke to the group telling them they were chasing ghosts and were too late to retrieve the item. The fomorian king spoke up, wanting the two groups to battle it out. Thaedorn the King told them, he would grant freedom to the winner of this match.

Breven Foss and his elementals probably would have been a problem for other adventurers or thieves wanting the piece, but he did not live up to the expectations of this group of adventurers. With only a moderate effort his fire archons and ice hounds were defeated. His stone elemental crumbled to dust. Even then, it was not going to go that easy for the heroes. The first time Breven Foss got injured he was pushed into the blood pool in the center of the chamber. Unfortunately for the heroes, the wizard had a contingency plan. Only a second went by before he disappeared in a flash and a burst of elemental energy. Breven Foss was gone and he took the Divine Engine piece with him.

Thiranus was also pushed into the blood pool, but he could not reach the wizard in time. What he did find was a wooden medallion the wizard left behind. The group has had a difficult time tracking down this divine piece and when they finally get within arms reach, it slips through their fingers. Kebi Dabu quickly begins focusing his arcane senses on the last location of the human wizard. He learns that the teleportation ended far to the south but still somewhere in Eridus.

The fomorian king gave the Fate Seekers his word, as good as that is, and told them to leave quickly. They had entertained him so they earned their freedom. They were given permission to use the magic circle in the chamber to go wherever they wished, “even the Natural world” the king said. Kebi racked his brain searching for a portal location. He tried remembering the different places he learned about during his stay with the portal master. With what little information Kebi had, the rest of the group was of little help. He gave it one last thought, it was as close as he could get. He began casting.

To Drakkhorn!!

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