Session 63 Summary

February 19th, 2011

Heroes: Caelan (+6 PLPs), Dashiell (+4 PLPs), Donner (+6 PLPs), Lysandros (+6 PLPs), Mariska (+6 PLPs), Prometheus (+5 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+6 PLPs), and Thorgan (+6 PLPs).

Game Date: Newdain, Newsky 18, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have returned to the Natural world in search of the Divine Engine piece. They found out where it was and were actually standing in the same room as the item. They were in arms reach of it a couple of times. Unfortunately, things just aren’t that easy for adventurers. Breven Foss had a backup plan. If he could not stop the adventurers in the fomorian court then and there, he had a contingency that would save him from dire harm. As soon as he was struck the first time and thrown into the blood pool, the magic whisked him far away.

“Hmmm… Where are we?”

The adventurers stepped through the magical doorway that Kebi created and found themselves in a small chamber. The only decoration in the room was the magic circle beneath their feat. There were no other markings anywhere, but there was an archway exit leading to an elaborate library. The group stepped from the portal chamber and found the inhabitants to be less than hospitable.

The old man at the desk near the center of the library floor spat out the phrase “Freedom Fighters” like it was the name of a band of goblins or trolls. Lysandros remembered that Drakkhorn is a slave state. They openly trade in the lives of those unfortunate enough to get caught by the Lord Baron’s slave catchers. In Drakkhorn, people are just another commodity to be bought and sold. There is an underground organization called the Coalition of Freedom Fighters working to make Drakkhorn a free state.

The heroes tried to reason with the old man who looked to be the professor here in the study, but he was a wise old man and saw through their bluffs. The old professor ordered his acolytes and apprentices to attack the adventurers. He could not understand how the CFF learned of this circle until Kebi told him the name of his previous employer, the Portal Master. It turns out the Portal Master was a CFF member until he was discovered and run out of town. Coincidence?

A fight broke out in the library. The Fate Seekers faced off against the professor of study and about two dozen of his underlings. The acolytes and apprentices were not very tough, but the minor magic they did know made a large group of them dangerous. Stunning blasts and jets of flame were shooting all around the room. Even so, the adventurers found very little challenge in these minor spellcasters. It was the professor that was the dangerous one. Kebi Dabu studied the professor and the magic he was using. It did not take him long to learn he was a Force Master, wielding powerful magic that seemed to come from Bigsby himself. The heroes withstood his attacks and fought through his shields until he finally surrendered.

“But we’re close!”

Finally the group was able to stem the tide of apprentices and guards and got a few answers from the professor himself. It was time to find a way out of the palace Kebi unwittingly sent them too. It was the closest circle he knew of to the aura he was feeling from Breven’s teleportation. The group moved out into the hallway and around the corner, only to find more trouble.

As the heroes came to the next junction, they were discovered by another group of guards. This group was much different from the last one they faced in the library. Two lizard creatures were leading this group into battle; one with red scales and one with black scales. Kebi identified them as dragonspawn, creatures made from the very blood of their namesake. They are typically used as servants to the dragon that created them.

The palace was on high alert looking for intruders, possibly even CFF agents; the most hated organization in Drakkhorn. The adventurers had an up hill battle fighting their way out of this place. Their adversaries are getting tougher. It appears they have only met the common standing guard. This last group proved there are more elite guards protecting this palace; a home belonging to one of the Lord Barons of Drakkhorn.

After that last battle the group was starting to get winded; they needed a quick rest but the palace guards were hot on their trail. Thorgan pulled out his trusty magic dagger and cut a doorway for them to escape into. They thought about taking an extended rest, but seeing the guards moving back and forth in front of the magic doorway gave them pause. Kebi also explained that this place was crawling with magic users; it would only be a matter of time before they discovered the magic door.

To Dragon, or Not to Dragon?

The heroes had to search for a way out, but the guards were kind of becoming a big problem; Kebi Dabu to the rescue again. Kebi knew a magic ritual that would change the appearance of everyone in the party. He could use magic that would make everyone look like guards, and the group was big enough to look like a hunting party. At least this would let them move freely around the palace, but they had to avoid contact with any of the real guards otherwise the magic might fail.

Mariska kept watch for other groups of guards, keeping the party clear of any possible confrontations. Caelan was using her knowledge of lords palaces back home, and what she has learned from her travels through the human settlements. Between the two elves, the Fate Seekers were navigating the palace quite nicely. Thorgan tried to help but his dwarven instincts took them to the cellar.

After finding the front door to be heavily guarded, far more than they want to deal with, they decided to head for the roof and try to escape that way. The elves found their way to the wizard’s tower and worked their way up from there. The acolytes and apprentices knew of the palace wide search and stayed out of their way. They found a hatch to the roof of the tower but Mariska heard deep, heavy breathing coming from beyond the door.

Thorgan was thinking, “Dragon, we can take a dragon!” It seemed the rest of the party disagreed with the dwarf and didn’t want to face a dragon. Drakkhorn was known to be dragon country, the only province controlled by dragons. It is no surprise one of the dragons might be associated with a Lord Baron of the province. It could even be the dragon the Lord Baron owes his allegiance. Nevertheless, the choice was to find another way out.

Oops, Run for It!

The disguises Kebi cooked up were working like a charm. As long as they keep their eyes open for any trouble, they should be in the clear. The whole palace was in lock down so where was the best place to escape? The service entrance was a good place to try next. The group moved to the servant’s wing and up to the door. No troubles yet. Ha Ha! Fresh sunny air and freedom! Wrong again.

When the adventurers moved through the servant’s entry door they found it to be guarded from the outside. There were a couple guards flanking the door, a few more making their rounds on the grounds and a low-ranking officer scrubbing down what looked to be a two-legged dragon. “Umm that’s a wyvern, a distant cousin to dragons,” Kebi explained.

The heroes quickly explained they were reinforcements sent to help watch this entrance. The officer didn’t know what to think of it, but it was believable so he set them to work. He ordered the group to split up; three watching over one side of the pathway and three watching over the other side. Uh oh, this could be a problem. Kebi’s magic disguises only work if they stay together. The group decided to stay close and move down the path. The officer demanded they split up, and when they didn’t he ordered the other guards to arrest them. “RUN FOR IT!” someone yelled, and the group bolted off through the field.

Across the field from the palace is a bustling town, if they can make it there they might have a chance. The guards at the door think they are deserters, but at what point will the higher ranking officers realize the truth? The Fate Seekers are on the run through unfamiliar territory with the enemy hot on their heels. Where will they go? Who can they trust to help them in a province that is ripe with corruption and lawlessness? Thorgan knows what the symbol on the wooden medallion means, but how with they get there from here? The heroes are in dangerous territory with very few friends; is this piece of the Divine Engine worth it?

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