Session 64 Summary

February 26th, 2011

Heroes: Dashiell (+7.5 PLPs), Donner (+7.5 PLPs), Mariska (+7.5 PLPs), Prometheus (+7.5 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+7.5 PLPs), and Thorgan (+7.5 PLPs).

Game Date: Newdain, Newsky 18, AD1017

Kebi Dabu did his best to follow the human wizard known as Breven Foss but when he teleported the group south, he came up a bit short. The Fate Seekers ended up in the Palace of a powerful Lord Baron in the corrupt and lawless province of Drakkhorn. The adventurers were quickly marked as Freedom Fighters; a hated organization in Drakkhorn since they are dedicated to freeing the slaves of the province. Fighting their way out of the Palace, Kebi Dabu once again used his magic to help. He disguised the party as guards so they could move freely through the place and search for an exit, that wasn’t heavily guarded. Eventually they found the service entrance. Even though it was guarded, the detail was light. Once they made it outside into the Palace grounds they made a break for the surrounding town.

Sneaking Through Town? Nope!

Somehow when the heroes broke into a run for the town they got separated. Mariska, Prometheus, Kebi Dabu, and Thorgan ran across the field and into the town of Phathan that surrounded the Palace. Dashiell, standing on the roof of the Palace, noticed a group of guards running across the field. They are probably chasing his friends he thought. He decided to follow.

As soon as the small group made it into the streets they ducked around a corner and hid, as best they could. As Dashiell flew by Kebi called out to him; he rejoined the party. Mariska heard the growls of wyverns in the air; the guards were hot on their trail. They had to move and move fast. Kebi had some magic that would help, of course he did, but they had to find a place to stop to give him time to perform the ritual. With the guard right behind them, that wasn’t going to be easy.

Kebi Dabu dropped the disguises and the group decided to quickly move through time. They decided a casual walk to the edge of town would make them look less suspicious. They came to a bridge crossing the creak in town and found guards rushing forward to greet them. They did not have the markings of the Palace, these were town guards. The wyverns got the word ahead of them.

A large team of guards were rushing forward as two wyvern riders were flying close behind them. They were not going to outrun the wyverns; they had to make a stand here and now. As the fight broke out Donner appeared, leapt across the creak, and took the fight to the guards. That was one more of the group accounted for, and of course he will be a big help with the guards.

The Fate Seekers are skilled adventurers and very adept at their individual fighting skills. Though the guards were well equipped to handle domestic outbreaks and disputes, they had no chance against these heroes. The wyverns were brought down and the riders were pulled from the saddle. Once one rider was dead the other surrendered and dropped his spear. The heroes quickly moved on to the edge of town.

Up Up and Away!

The group of adventurers thought about their options some more. They could continue to move through town and hope they can avoid the peering eyes of the wyvern riders, or possibly the town guards themselves, but that hasn’t been going very well. They could keep to the shadows and alleyways and sneak through town, avoiding as much trouble as possible, but how do you hide a square dwarf in shining armor and a 7-foot tall walking statue? That’s not easy to say the least.

They decided to look for an empty building where Kebi can perform his ritual magic to get them out of town. Prometheus used his halfling wits and found a resident home for the group to use. Once inside Kebi went to work on his ritual. He summoned 6 phantom horses for everyone to ride on and finally escape this town.


The adventurers were finally on their way to Jerhelheim once again. The phantom steeds never get tired and the group has a long trip ahead of them. They have at least a couple hundred miles of traveling to do, but the steeds move quick. The entire trip shouldn’t take more than 12 hours. Magic can be quite amazing. Strangely enough, Kebi Dabu and Thorgan worked together to figure out where they were and where exactly their destination is. Thorgan hails from Earthhome itself so he knows exactly where it’s at on the island. Kebi worked out where they were and they merely connected the dots.

Before long the group was flying over the South Madean Sea heading to Jerhelheim. Their trip was half over and they were far away from any trouble from the dragon filled province of Drakkhorn. Mariska and Dashiell both notice a gargantuan shadow under the water. It’s a clear day, the sky is blue, and there is nothing for miles around, it must be under the water. It was huge and moving fast keeping up with the steeds; strange how it didn’t displace any water when it moved that fast.

It a burst of speed the massive blue figure under the water raced on ahead of the party. Suddenly the water churned wildly and the gargantuan creature rose out of the sea until it was high enough to look down upon the adventurers. The Fate Seekers pulled their mounts to a quick halt as the creature raised its great trident and spoke, ”ON LAND YOU ARE SAFE FROM ME, BUT NOW YOU TRAVEL LAVATHON’S DOMAIN!”

A great wave a hundred feat high rose up and rushed toward the heroes. It spanned hundreds of yards on either side; there was no escaping the wall of water. Suddenly it dipped down and splashed into the sea beneath them. At that time a completely different creature emerged from the waters, a kraken of immense proportions. Its six tentacles stretched out to attack the heroes while its two arms swatted at them.

The tentacles grabbed at the heroes, holding on while its arms smashed against their small bodies. Several of the steeds were targeted and they disappeared in a whisk of smoke. Both Donner and Thorgan dropped into the ocean after their steeds were destroyed. Kebi Dabu, Mariska, and Prometheus kept their distance, using ranged attacks against the beast.

The creature had a massive reach and it was difficult for the adventurers to get away from it. Dashiell finally lost his steed but his own wings make it difficult to keep him down. The heroes continued to cut, slash, bash, and shoot the tentacles and arms. It seemed to be working; they finally wounded the creature as it lashed out in all directions. They whittled the thing down until it finally died. Unfortunately it took Donner, Mariska, and Thorgan down into the depths of the ocean with it. As the creature sank, so did its captives. Prometheus dived off his steed into the ocean to try and reach Thorgan. Donner quickly broke free and also swam down to help his small friend. Thorgan was caught pretty tight in the creatures grasp; he was getting winded holding his breath against the pressure of the tentacle. Mariska proved to be a slippery elf as she wiggled her way out of the creature’s grasp. Finally, Donner pulled and tugged at the tentacle holding Thorgan and it let go. Thorgan was free.

Jerhelheim and Earthhome

Who was this aquatic titan known as Lavathon? Both Dashiell and Kebi Dabu pondered the question for a moment but could recall no information on the subject. One thing they do known, they have encountered this thing before. They spotted it outside the cave of the blue dragon’s lair. It sent minions against them then too. It was clearly something very powerful to swim that fast and leave no wake. Why was it after the Fate Seekers?

Kebi performed his ritual once again and summoned new horses for the group. They were back on their path in no time. As the hours passed and the sun slowly dipped below the western horizon, the Fate Seekers were finally passing through the mountains of Jerhelheim. They skirted the dangerous territory as they flew along the coast of the island looking for Earthhome. Finally, the most beautiful sight they have seen in days, the high walls of the port city, Earthhome.

Troubles at Home

The steeds could only fly so high and the city walls were higher than that, to stave off the giants in the mountains to the north. The group had to fly around to the Eastern Gate. As they approached and Thorgan answered the call of the dwarf guard, he heard an unsettling remark; “Great a Silvervein, only trouble follows a Silvervein.” They were allowed in, the last guests of the city before the gates were closed for the night.

Thorgan knew of the best ale house in town, the Golden Brew tavern. Thorgan was having uneasy feelings about the remark from the guard. When the group arrived at the tavern it was crowded, standing room only. In this city there is a great deal of dwarves, and they live peacefully with the humans and other races. Earthhome is actually a human settlement, but the dwarves feel honor bound, responsible for this softer race in a land of giants. They have mingled with the humans as protectors, guardians, and teachers.

Thorgan was able to get more information from the barkeep about the Silvervein Clan. It seems the Clan leader has disappeared and Thorgan’s uncle has taken the Elder Seat in his place. The clan is in uproar and on the verge of civil war. The families are demanding a vote for a new clan leader. This has never been done since the Silvervein Clan was founded hundreds of years ago by Grothor Silvervein, Son of Ukothor, Son of Hesin.

On the morrow the Fate Seekers start off on their hunt for giants. Where will this take them? Everywhere they go problems arise. What new obstacles will they come across on the island of the dwarves, the land of giants? What has happened to Brumordain Silvervein, Son of Brauvar, Son of Omorin? Why is the clan so much against Thorgan’s uncle being on the Elder Seat that they are on the verge of and all out brawl and breaking of tradition? What will Thorgan do?

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