Session 66 Summary

March 19th, 2011

Heroes: Dashiell (+5 PLPs), Donner (+6 PLPs), Lysandros (+7.5 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+7.5 PLPs), Thiranus (+7.5 PLPs), and Thorgan (+7.5 PLPs). Caelan was here in spirit!

Game Date: Highdain, Newsky 21, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have journeyed to the land of dwarves and giants. They traveled to the island of Jerhelheim, the dwarf isle and the land of giants. For most this is a first time visit, for some it is a return home. The group arrived in Earthhome after traveling all day across the sea from the mainland of Eridus. They came in late and needed a good rest. The day after was filled with climbing a mountain to infiltrate the hill giant steading known as the Earth Forge.

The Earth Forge was one of the elemental forges created by Piranoth to breathe elemental life into the Natural world. It became a steading for hill giants and their allies and mercenaries as they launched their campaign against the smaller inhabitants of the island. Thorgan knows all too well what these giant raids can do. Now they are in search of a very special divine item, which takes the adventurers to the very heart of the Forge!

The Front Gate, Still

The adventurers were currently resting in their little pocket dimension created by the knife Thorgan carried. When a door is cut into a solid object, a small room is created; a room with a definable space, but has no other characteristics. Most of the time, like this time, their rest here is quiet and uninterrupted. This time is different, however. Lysandros plays some music which acts like a powerful lullaby for the Fate Seekers. They are able to gain a full rest in 4 hours instead of 6. They awaken fully rested and prepared for what lies ahead, or so they hope.

Now that the heroes are refreshed, the front gate of the steading is still before them, barred and locked. They have only used 4 hours of the 8 hours the space is available to them. They decide to wait a bit longer and see if the gates open, possibly a patrol coming or going to give them a way into the compound. Unfortunately, their waiting was in vain; nothing moved nothing stirred. They will have to find their own way inside.

The group discussed an alternate way in, possibly checking the roof for a way down. This could give them an advantage since the giants would not expect an infiltration in this manner. Kebi Dabu spoke up, “I can open the gates.” Kebi has quite a few spells at his disposal, and one of them is a Knock ritual that will unbar the gates so they may simply push them open. The ritual takes 10 minutes to perform so Dashiell decides to do some scouting on his own. He flies out and up to check the roof. With a thud the bar drops to the ground and a loud clink tells them the lock has been opened. The Fate Seekers entered the hill giant compound.

The Hill Giant Shaman

The large ante-chamber the group enters when they open the gates proves to be not much more than a large pin for the rage drakes they encountered earlier. A single set of double doors allows entry deeper into the complex. Everything is made to giant scale; the size of the rooms, the size of the doors, it was quite daunting. This did not deter Donner or Thorgan who wanted to slay giants with a passion.

They threw open the double doors in front of them to reveal a ritual chamber of all things. A shaman was working on a large ritual circle in the center of the floor. Several other giants were here, as well as the giant that got away from the adventurers during the encounter outside. The shaman did not appear to be too happy about the Fate Seekers being lead in his chambers.

Lysandros is an eladrin warlord taught from a very young age and placed on a Life Quest by the elders of his village. He quickly took charge of the situation and rushed into combat, leading the rest of the Fate Seekers against these giants. He teleported into striking distance of the giant that got away earlier, and he took Thorgan with him on the front lines. That blow was not the killing strike for this giant, but it put him on the fast track to an early grave.

Only moments went by before 2 giants were down. The shaman was still bombarding the heroes with powerful earth magic. Suddenly reinforcements leapt into the room in the form of another rage drake. Lysandros was rooted to the spot he stood as he watched the beast leap over his head. He quickly learned he was not the target of the beast; the scarred human wizard was the primary target this time.

I’ll Get ‘em!

The fight in the ritual chamber continued as the shaman used bursts and blasts of earth magic to attack the heroes. Thiranus the paladin rushed forward to confront the shaman with his hefty fullblade. He put a deep cut into the giant’s flesh. When his blast of earth and rock blinded his own beast, and the fact that he was wounded, he saw that help might be needed against these adventurers; or at least he needed to stop them from getting deeper into the stronghold. He saw a clear path to the only doors leading farther into the compound and dashed for them. He was able to rush through the doors and get them closed, but Thorgan was close behind, too close for him to lock the doors.

Thorgan got to the doors the shaman went through and opened them up. He was not about to let any of these giants escape. He was not expecting a room full of more giants. The next chamber was a large common room for giants to lounge in, possibly to get some rest and relaxation, telling stories of the dwarves that crushed and the cities they have plundered. This chamber had a few of those.

More giants rushed the door behind the shaman to help keep the adventurers back. This room revealed another type of giant, an earth giant, made of earth and stone rather than flesh and blood like hill giants. Also in the chamber was a large fire creature, an elemental, standing on a basin of bubbling magma. The shaman tried to get away, get out of harms way while still able to use his magic. That was not going to happen, as the rest of the team came to Thorgan’s defense, the giant shaman fell.

Once the group was able to fully infiltrate the common room, there was not much the giants could do. Dashiell returned from his scouting expedition just in time to dance past the giants to reach the fire elemental that has been lobbing fireballs at his friends in the doorway. Once he got close enough to stop the creature from throwing fire, he was not hard to extinguish. Some wounds were taken on the side of the adventurers, but in the end, the giants fell at the feet of the Fate Seekers.

What’s Behind This Door?

Now that the fighting was over, the group scoured the two rooms for valuables and clues. A bit of magic was found in the shaman’s personal quarters, but the important thing was carried by the shaman himself. Kebi Dabu found a small iron box in the giant’s pouch. He popped it open and a small flame came forth and starting writing in the air, using the Giant language.

Why are you contacting me now? What is wrong? Has something unexpected occurred?, written in flames.

The letters sizzled out as the flame began writing something else, but Lysandros forgot some key points.

While the rest of the party was searching through the two rooms, and the bodies; Thorgan decided to stray a little. There was a pair of double doors on the west wall and the dwarf decided to check them out. They were barred on the inside. Thorgan removed the bar and opened the doors. Beyond the doors was a small, square chamber with a set of large double doors on the opposite wall. They too were barred on the inside.

Thorgan moved forward to open the next set of doors, but only got about halfway through the chamber. Without warning a large gate with mangled iron teeth slammed down on top of the unsuspecting dwarf. After knocking the dwarf to the ground the gate quickly slid upward back into its space in the ceiling. Thorgan stood up, brushed himself off, and continued to the doors ahead. With a horrible grinding sound the gate slammed back down on top of the dwarf. At least this time he was partly ready and braced himself from getting knocked down. It hurt like hell but when the gate slid back up into the ceiling he kept going to the doors. Thorgan finally made it to the large doors. He removed the bar and opened the doors only to reveal, the great outdoors.

Grumbling to himself, grumble, grumble, I got a headache for nothing, he stomped out of the compound and around to the other doors where the group originally entered from. While Thorgan was moving around the outside of the compound, Dashiell decided to go looking for his short friend. The dwarf left a trail of open doors behind him; it wasn’t hard to track him. Unfortunately flying through the chamber did not help the deva with the trap. The gate slammed down once again, this time catching Dashiell in its jaws. The avenger fell to ground but quickly scrambled to his feat and dashed forward. Luckily he was able to move fast enough to avoid the trap the second time.

Dashiell chased after Thorgan and caught up with him near the front entrance. They quietly rejoined the rest of the Fate Seekers in the two rooms, just a bit disheveled.

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