Session 67 Summary

March 26th, 2011

Heroes: Dashiell (+10 PLPs), Lysandros (+10 PLPs), Mariska (+10 PLPs), Prometheus (+6 PLPs), Thiranus (+10 PLPs), and Thorgan (+10 PLPs).

Game Date: Highdain, Newsky 21, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have climbed the mountain and reached the Hill Giant Steading. They fought past the orc camps and reached the giant compound itself. Supposedly, somewhere in this mountain, or possibly the compound, an elemental forge is located. The Earth Forge’s sole function is to grant life to the very earth; spawning such creatures as hill giants and earth giants, galeb duhr, and even summoning elemental creatures from the Chaos itself. It probably has many other secrets unknown to non-elemental creatures. The heroes are now inside the compound searching for the prize they traveled Planes to possess, the piece of the Divine Engine.

The Little Doors or the Big Doors?

The adventurers just got through fighting their way through a group of giants, two groups actually. Bodies of giants are scattered throughout the common room. The group had to decide how to proceed. There were 2 entrances that take the heroes into the mountain and deeper into the hill giant compound. Before them was a pair of great double doors. The opening was almost 20 feet wide with each door being 20 feet tall.

On the other side of the common room there was a set of smaller double doors. Each door was 5 feet wide and 10 feet tall. It was very strange to see such a difference in the size of the doors. It was time to move on, but which door should they take? Of course the group was divided in the decision. Some said to take the small double doors for there might be smaller creatures down that way. Others said take the large double doors; there will be giants that way. (This was mostly Thorgan’s idea.) Then Mariska added, “but the big doors are to the left.” That was all that needed to be said, the big doors it was.

The Battlechief’s Chambers

The large double doors opened to a 20-foot wide hall going deep into the mountain. Both sides of the hall had double doors leading off of it and the group began a methodical search. The first set of doors was, of course, to the left. That made it easy. The doors opened into a type of battle chamber. There were tables with maps sprawled over them and papers with plans and notes of all kinds. Lysandros began scanning through the maps while Thiranus searched through the papers. Thiranus found several notes regarding Breven Foss’ orders to go and retrieve the engine piece and bring it back here to the Steading. When Lysandros began searching through the papers with giant writings he discovered a place called Argent. It was a fabled city that seemed to be under attack by more giants, frost giants to be exact. Unfortunately its exact location was lost long ago. All the while Mariska is keeping watch in the hallway.

The group decides to press forward and check the room adjoining the battle room. It was a large bedchamber with simple furnishes including a very large weapon wrack with giant-sized weapons. At the back of the room was a hearth that gave off no heat. Prometheus was curious and decided to check it out, Lysandros followed. Neither of them felt any heat as they put their hands to the fire, so Prometheus decided to put a piece of parchment into the fire. It ignited immediately. As the halfling backed away the eladrin decided to go for broke. It did not detect as magic, but something was wrong with this fire. He stuck his hand in.

There was almost no feeling to the fire, but when Lysandros pulled his hand out, a flame was stuck to his fingers. He shook his hand trying to put the flames out but all that did was cause the fire to move up his hand and to his arm. Finally Thiranus dowses the flames with water and they fizzle out. Lysandros felt a tingling sensation rush through his body for a brief moment, and then it was gone. Curious.

A Not-So-Sneaky Orc

While the others were searching through the rooms, Mariska was out in the hallway making sure nothing came up behind them. She was not expecting the sight she saw down the hall at the corner. She witnessed part of a gray skinned head peak around the corner. The deep yellow eye with the blood red iris peered at her, and then moved back around the corner. The orc spied around the corner a couple of times before Mariska decided to call out to the others, “we have company!”

Mariska dashed for the corner in hopes of terminating this orc before he can report the Fate Seeker’s whereabouts. Her heart dropped as she found 6 more orcs waiting for her around the corner. Suddenly her heart was pounding furiously. Her cry of warning did not go unheard. In seconds the rest of her team mates were pouring into the hallway to defend their comrade.

Thiranus and Thorgan moved into the front ranks to take the heat of their elven friend. Lysandros took up position in the second rank and Prometheus stayed back to hurl his wild magics from afar. Dashiell flew in to take up ranks next to his defenders. Who is that spellcaster in the back of the party?!? The doors on the other side of the hall burst open and hill giants rush to attack the only target that far back, Prometheus. The giants pounded and pounded the little halfling, but thankfully they proved to be unskilled brutes. Prometheus took a beating but he stood his ground.

Thorgan has fought orcs before, he considers them giant lackeys. They are dangerous but nothing these guys can’t handle. The giants are more dangerous and Prometheus is back in the hall all by himself. What kind of defender would he be if he let the halfling fight them all on his own? Thorgan fell back to save the halfling, or maybe it was just to fight the giants. It is what he has been wanting this whole time. As the dwarf rushes back to tame some hill giant rabble, the doors fly open once again. FATHROTH! is yelled, and a hill giant shaman appears in the hallway. Fire and lava erupts from a mini volcano appearing in the midst of the Fate Seekers. FATHROTH! the hill giant shaman yells, and he disappears once again.

I’ll Get ‘Em! – Part 2

Mere moments go by as Prometheus and Thorgan are battling against a group of giants back behind the rest of the party. They finally finish off the last one when suddenly they here yet again, FATHROTH! and the shaman returns, or is it a different shaman. Another mini volcano erupts near the heroes, spewing fire and lava on anyone close by. Another FATHROTH sends the shaman away.

Grumble, grumble, those shamans are going to fry all of us if something isn’t done about it, Thorgan is thinking. I’m goin in!, and Thorgan throws open the double doors to reveal a central throne room to the complex. What he also finds are a lot more giants. Three brutes hover around a basin in the right corner giving off an eerie red flame. Two slingers stand around another basin in the far left corner, this one gives off a solid blue flame. The far corner has two shamans and what looks like a chieftain standing around yet another basin with green flames coming out of it. Thorgan is in heaven.

Thorgan rushes into the throne room, charging one of the brutes in the corner. Immediately all the giants focus their attention on him. The brutes swing their great clubs, the slingers fling acid rocks, and the shamans spew fire from their little volcanoes. The rest of the group is still outside in the hallway trying to finish off the orcs, which are proving to be much tougher than first anticipated. Thorgan likes the attention, but it’s quickly becoming a very dangerous situation. He is alone, and the slingers are finding him to be an easy target.

Prometheus moves to the doorway to help out the dwarf with some magic but the shamans are quick to defend the opening. Two mini volcanoes appear just inside the door, making it impossible to avoid them coming in. Everywhere Thorgan goes more fire erupts in the room, but he was able to get most of the giants in a centralized location. He even got one of the giants to step on one of the volcanoes, which helped a lot. Lysandros rushed into the room to help as Mariska moved down the hall to the other doors leading into the throne room. That left Dashiell and Thiranus out in hall to finish the orcs.

It’s Only Been an Hour!

Thorgan quickly learned that the three basins of fire were magical is some way, giving aid to the giants. The brutes appeared to be empowered; hitting harder with better accuracy. The slingers were regenerating, making it difficult to hurt them. The shamans were covered with a clear slime, splashing acid on anyone that dares to hit them. If that wasn’t trouble enough, the battlechief had the ability to inspire the giants to fight on. His battle cries invigorated his allies as he gave out orders.

Finally the last orc fell. Dashiell and Thiranus were able to join the fight. Reinforcements arrived in the nick of time. Thorgan was getting winded and Prometheus pulled back after using every bit of magic he had. Lysandros and Mariska were pinned into a corner by one of the hill giant brutes, but it was the corner with the regenerating flame. The giant was trading blow for blow with Lysandros, but the basin worked just as well for the Fate Seekers as it did for the giants.

It took every bit of their skills, all the inspiration they could muster, and every trick they knew, to finish the giants and their battlechief. It was finally over, or was it? They searched through the room and found some treasure, but they did not find Breven Foss, nor did they find the piece he had taken. They were winded, beaten, and bruised, but they had to press on. “Goodness, the sun is barely up! It’s only been an hour! It feels like I’ve been fighting all day!”, Mariska proclaims to the group.

It was time to search for a place to rest; the knife wouldn’t work for another half a day. The Fate Seekers needed a place to hide, to rejuvenate. Searching through the compound the adventurers found the abundant treasure the giants have been hording. They even found their secret treasure chamber. They found a statue made of frozen fire and the head of a titan made from frozen magma. Still, there was no Forge, no Foss, and no engine piece.

The treasure room was a good place to rest. It had a secret entrance. They could figure out the rest in the morning.

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