Session 68 Summary

April 2nd, 2011

Heroes: Donner (+7 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+7 PLPs), Lysandros (+7 PLPs), Prometheus (+7 PLPs), and Thiranus (+7 PLPs).

Game Date: Highdain, Newsky 21, AD1017

The Fate Seekers have been tracking a piece of the Divine Engine for quite a while. Breven Foss, a human wizard, disappeared with it from the throne room of the Fomorian king. The group finally tracked it down in a hill giant steading called the Earth Forge. The heroes fought their way into the stronghold of the hill giants and continued deep into the hill side. This stronghold houses the inner workings of the giants, the creatures the dwarves hate the most. The adventurers have plunged deep into the lair of these enemies and slaughtered every giant they came across. Finally, the found the throne room and killed the hill giant battlechief. They have not found the mastermind behind this gathering of elements; nor have they found Breven Foss. More importantly, they have not found the item they have been searching for, the piece to the Divine Engine.

Searching What's Left

The group decided to split up and search the rest of the compound. Lysandros and Thiranus were resting in the secret treasure room they had found. Shortly after that they got a message through their calling stones. Part of the group was returning to the treasure chamber. They also got the warning that their were orc search parties moving through the halls of the compound. The heroes had just fought a large battle with the battlechief and his minions, they didn't need any more trouble. Donner led the way as they found the secret chamber and finally joined the others.

Once half of the group was hiding out in the treasure chamber, they started a difficult debate. They needed to decide whether or not to continue on or rest. After discussing their options it finally came down to a vote. The vote was to continue on. Kebi Dabu used a ritual to allow Donner to share his vitality with some of the more fatigued members of the group. It was now or never, it was time to go.

The Earth Forge

The Fate Seekers still had to find where the giants took the engine piece. They went over where they had been already. Since there were no more doors evident to use, the rest of the complex must be hidden. They went through some of the old rooms they had been in before and gave them another search, a more thorough search. They found nothing in the rooms. One long section of hallway had no doors so they decided that would be a logical spot. When the group was having trouble finding any passages, Lysandros came to the hall and tried using some good old fashioned stronghold tactics. It paid off. He found a piece of stone that didn't fit and when he moved it a large section of wall slid out of the way.

The group followed a small hallway leading around to a set of stairs going down. The stairs ended in a natural cave. Following the cave, the group starting hearing deep voices. When the group crept up to listen closer they found a large cave with several giants, and two titans. One of the titans was a huge humanoid seemingly made of living lightning. It was surrounded in a storm cloud with lightning bolts periodically striking the ground. "YOU HAVE DONE WELL BREVEN FOSS," the titan said. Then it hit them, he was holding the piece of the divine engine!

The Fate Seekers were never known for their stealth skills. The group got too close and was spotted. The titan of thunder and lightning told the other titan to finish of the poor adventurers. He mentioned that place again, telling the earth titan to send his giants to a place called Argent. In a flash of lightning the storm titan was gone. The heroes were facing an elemental titan with his followers close at hand. Breven Foss was also in the room, but he did not stay for long. He told the titan, Earthshaker, that he was heading to meet up with frost giants and in a flash he was gone as well.

The Titan Earthshaker

Donner, Kebi Dabu, Lysandros, Prometheus, and Thiranus was among the half of the party that found the piece, and the titan. They had to face Earthshaker and some of his followers. The group picked their targets and began the fight. Earthshaker was no mere earth titan. Kebi Dabu realized he was using abilities a normal earth titan does not have. He seemed to be empowered with thunder energy. His powers and abilities had a booming twist to them.

The Fate Seekers pulled out everything in their arsenal. They used every ability and maneuver they could think of. The hill giant soldier was the first to fall, but no matter what they did to the giants before them, they could not stop the giants that burrowed beneath their feet and exploded out of the ground for a sneak attack. The adventurers worked like a well oiled machine, and Donner and Thiranus refused to fall even when they were badly wounded. One wrong move from those too and there would be no amount of inspiration Lysandros could do to help them.

All 5 heroes worked together and the huge giant, the earth titan, finally fell. His body cracked and shattered into a million pieces. Something peculiar to Kebi Dabu, the earth titans normally don't do that. Once the titan fell the giants that were giving them the most trouble finally appeared. The burrowing giants lost their ability to move through the earth and were vulnerable to the group's attacks.

The Aftermath

Once Earthshaker was gone the other giants were soon to follow. The earth giant brute was next to fall, leaving only the burrowers, that could no longer burrow. The Fate Seekers ganged up on the last 2 remaining giants and they fell rather quickly. Victory was theirs and they landed a mighty blow to the giant's forces, they eliminated one of their generals. The leader of the hill giants was gone.

After the fight was over the group quickly moved through the rubble looking for clues. They found a substantial amount of precious gems, but that is all they found. Kebi learned the magic circle in the room, the one the storm titan used, was very high level magic, but it could not tell him where the giant went or much of anything else for that matter. For the second time the heroes were in the same room as the Divine Engine piece, and it slipped through their fingers.

What is next for these heroes? Where will they go? They have heard the name Argent several times. One of those times was in an urgent context of a place under siege. They have mulled over this name, but all they know is that it's a city. They don't know where it is or how to find it. So what will their next move be? What will the Fate Seekers do to stop the giants from freeing the most dangerous creature to the Natural world?

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