Session 69 Summary

April 9th, 2011

Heroes: Donner (+8 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+8 PLPs), Lysandros (+8 PLPs), Mariska (+8 PLPs), Prometheus (+4 PLPs), and Thorgan (+8 PLPs).

Game Date: Highdain, Newsky 23, AD1017

The Fate Seekers decided to rest in the cave lair of Earthshaker, the earth titan. They had destroyed the command structure of the hill giant stronghold and now they needed to figure out their next move. The adventurers decided their primary goal was to find the ancient city of heroes, Argent. The dilemma, no one knew where to start looking. Since Thorgan needed to get information on his family, and the troubles they were having, the group decided to go to Stoneforge, the biggest city in Jerhelheim.

When the adventurers arrived in Stoneforge, they immediately got to work on finding the city of Argent. Four party members; Kebi Dabu, Lysandros, Mariska, and Prometheus, split up and chose a section of the library to start their research. Thorgan left for the dwarven stronghold beneath the city, going to find answers in the Temple of Moradin. Donner never like the city, and couldn't see himself looking through countless books. He left for the wilderness around Stoneforge.

The research on teh city of Argent was not yielding much. They learned the humans used to hold tournaments to find the best champions in the land, hoping to gain the notice of the great city. They also learned the city might be located on the tallest mountain of Awldian, the Pillar of Champions. Not just anyone was allowed in the city. Only those invited to the city ever learned its location. This made finding it far more difficult. The Fate Seekers needed to be invited.

Prometheus decided to try a different angle. He went through the streets aksing about Argent. he found otu a strange creature, a cross between a lion and a troll, came to Stoneforge. Unfortunately it was driven off by guards. The guards told him ti traveled west. Throgan remembered hearing about a strange craeture coming to Earthhome shortly before he retired and became an adventurer. he did not know what happeed to the crature however. The Fate Seekers decided they would try to lure the creature back to Stoneforge, since they found out it was intelligent. They would do it the old human way, they dwould put together a Tournament of Champions.

The heroes spoke with the [fighters guild] and they agreed to let the Fate Seekers sponsor a trournament. They talked to the leader of the goliaths, [name], and he gave his consent for the event. In two weeks, [date], the Tournament of Champions will begin in Stoneforge. Meanwhile, lets hope the city of Argent can hold out, since they are currently under siege.

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