Session 7 Summary

July 3rd, 2009

Heroes: Bagheera, Rhinox, Dashiell, Thorgan, Goli, Persephone, and Prometheus

Friends come and friends go as the entire adventuring group works toward uncovering the true power behind the goblin attack over a week before. The heroes learned the goblins of the Deepspear tribe were supposed to work with a warband of hobgoblins in their detailed plan to assault the Fort. They found an amulet, or at least half of one, on the body of the goblin king. Sources also told them the other half was held by a hobgoblin to the east. The heroes did not delay as they made their way across the Jagged Plains and found the entrance to the Rageclaw hobgoblin warband. Navigating through the initial defenses at the entrance of the stronghold, the adventuring party is now working their way into the deep underground lair of the hobgoblins.

Once the heroes breeched the inner gates of the stronghold, the wide underground passage began to slope downward, leading them deep under the hills above. Strangely enough they found that part of the stronghold was finished stone, carved into constructed halls like. It seems the hobgoblin stronghold was a work in progress. Moving down the wide natural passage, the heroes found doors leading to side passages.

The first two doors, one on each side of the central passage, led to straight hallways with several other doors lining the walls. These doors turned out to be cells holding prisoners of all sorts. They found a human guide imprisoned down here after the adventuring party he was with died when he found this stronghold for them. There was an elven female that was nothing more than a prospector that was set upon by hobgoblins. There was even a goblin slave and a hobgoblin prisoner from another warband. The heroes set them all free, even the goblin and hobgoblin, and continued their exploration of the complex.

Their first encounter was in another set of passages off the central passage. They met up with a large bugbear known only as the “Warden.” He had a young ogre apprentice with him and he was in the process of training a group of drakes when the heroes interrupted. They were not accepted kindly and a fight ensued. When the dust cleared the Warden was laid low along with all of his pets and his apprentice.

On the other side of the central passage the adventurers discovered a particularly grizzly sight. A long thin room was lined with small alcoves. These alcoves were equipped with chains from the ceiling as well as the floor. They were made to suspend a medium creature by their arms and legs. In one of the alcoves the shackles were in use, suspending a human in midair. The room was stained with blood and one of the tables had a recent victim. Cut open from neck to groin, the victim had bled out and died. They heroes could not save the victim long dead on the table, but they freed the chained human and brought him along, in hopes of taking him to freedom.

Continuing through the side passages the company of heroes found the source of the bloody victims they could not save. A hobgoblin known as the “Painmaster” was found within his personal chambers. His bodyguards and some servants were with him when the adventurers found them. Enraged by the brutality of these creatures the heroes cut into them and laid them low. After confiscating any useful items and nigh a look back, they continued on their journey.

Eventually the traveling party located the place of worship for these heathens. A pair of circular natural caves led to a huge statue roughly 30 feet tall. The statue held up a sword where they found a hobgoblin impaled upon it. The blood was dried, but the path led down the statue until it dripped into a bowl on the dais. There was nothing normal about this statue. When the party was finally fully in the room, the door shut behind them. The head of the statue twisted until it was staring down at the party of adventurers. It spoke aloud a warning of sorts, and each hero heard the voice in their native language. It spoke of a coming conflict and a world in jeopardy. It spoke of embracing death. Then it spoke no more.

Once the statue was done talking, the head moved back to its original position and the door was no longer stuck. The party searched the statue and tried to discern if it was magical or not. There was no evidence of anything but stone making this statue. The head had no break to allow it to spin. The statue was all one piece.

When the group finally decided to leave, they had a welcoming party waiting for them. It seems they defiled the hobgoblin temple of Bane and they were not happy about that. The three warcasters chanted a prayer to their deity and it was answered. Bane sent two of his minions to aid his followers. A creature of fire and a demon rose from the rocky floor behind the adventurers and attacked immediately. The battle was tiresome but the heroes won out. The worshippers of the evil god Bane was defeated. In a final desperate move against the adventurers, the legs just above the feet on the statue exploded. The statue toppled forward trying to crush anyone in its path. Though Rhinox was caught by the heavy stone statue and trapped beneath it, he sustained no serious injuries. The helpless human the heroes tried to save was not so lucky. The human was skewered by the sword of the statue, nearly cutting him in half.

The adventurers still have a ways to go before they are through searching this stronghold. Will they find the answers they seek? Who has the other half of the medallion and what does it do when the two halves are brought together? Why would a statue of Bane, the evil god of war and conquest, warn a group of heroes of impending doom? There is more to this story, much more.

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