Session 71 Summary

May 7th, 2011

Heroes: Dashiell (+7.5 PLPs), Donner (+7.5 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+7.5 PLPs), Allura (+7.5 PLPs), Prometheus (+3.5 PLPs), and Thiranus (+7.5 PLPs).

Jared Juetten used Heroic Determination (15 pts)
Richard Paine used Heroic Determination (15 pts)

Game Date: Solisdain, Harvest 8, AD1018

The Tournament of Champions is well underway. The first round of matches is over and there have been a number of upsets and surprises. The Fate Seekers, who sponsored the trounament, all signed up for matches.some have continued to fight in Round 2, others are done. Dashiell finally made it to the arena and joined up with Caelan. They were unbeatable as they progressed through the 1st and 2nd round. Mariska and Prometheus won their match in the first round, but Mariska was fatally wounded. That night Dashiell carried her body to the priests of Pelor. He gathered the necessary funds and asked them to return her to life. Before the end of the night she was alive and well. Unfortunately the trauma of death took its toll on her spirit. She came face-to-face with her own mortality, now it was time to take a step back and rethink her career choices. She decided no to continue through the tournament, but that left Prometheus without a partner in Round 2.

Mariska had a friend in the tournament; Allura watched as she was killed by man with two daggers and his partner. Allura's own partner had quit on her before she had the chance to sign up for a match. Luckily that kept her from being disqualified. She met up with the Fate Seekers and asked if she could participate in Mariska's place. Of course that was Prometheus's choice and he welcomed her happily. Allura joined the tournament just in time to enter the arena opposite the most dangerous team thus far. Allura and Prometheus squared off against the enigmatic Swordsman and his partner, Rigger. Yet another Fate Seeker team fell to the might of the veteran adventuring duo.

The third round had a upset and a surprise. It held the first match of Fate Seeker direct competition. Kebi Dabu and Thiranus faced off against a pair of Imperial guardsman and fought their way to the next round. Caelan and Dashiell paired up against a Xynthian religios pair, as if their were any other kind, and also made it to the Round 3. With these two Fate Seeker teams progressing to the Semi-final round, they were destined to meet each other in the arena. Caelan, Dashiell, Kebi Dabu, and Thiranus all entered the arena together, unfortunately only 2 emerged victorious. After a long drawn out battle to end the day's matches, Caelan and Dashiell exited the fighting arena winners of the second Semi-final match. On the 'morrow they will fight in the Championship Round.


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