Session 72 Summary

May 21st, 2011

Heroes: Allura (+5.5 PLPs), Dashiell (+5.5 PLPs), Donner (+5.5 PLPs), (+5.5 PLPs), Prometheus (+2 PLPs), and Thiranus (+5.5 PLPs).

Game Date: Niledain, Harvest 9, AD1018

We have a WINNER!!! The Tournament of Champions is over and two Champions of Awlidan have been named. After two and a half days of bone-grinding, blood-spilling combat, the tournament is over. All of the Fate Seekers entered the contest, but not all of them could win. Some were defeated by another team, while others dominated and continued on. One member of the group even died in the arena. When she was revived with a ritual she decided to go on a walkabout and left the team. There seemed to be one team that no one could beat. The Swordsman and Rigger have been adventuring together since the beginning of their career. They crushed every opponent that got in the arena with them, except the last two. After a drawn out battle, the team to beat got beat. The Fate Seekers, Caelan and Dashiell, were crowned Champions of Awlidan.

Before the tournament was decided, on the evening before the Championship match, the Fate Seekers got a unexpected visit below the arena. The Xynthian holy brothers, Panmorn and Wilmorn, gave the heroes some startling news. This trounament was all for the purpose of getting the attention of a creature that is recruiting for the fabled city the heroes have been looking for. The Xynthians knew where this creature was and told the group it was highly unlikely he would know anything about a tournament like this. The Fate Seekers had to make a decision, go to Earthhome to track down this elusive creature, or see the tournament to its end. It is still unknown whether they made the right choice, but two of the heroes have earned a new title.

The heroes returned to Earthhome, leaving the festivities a bit early, and acquired a portal from the wizard's guild. After a bit of searching they found the creature they have been looking for in the run down, poor district of the city, known as the Diggs. It is an area of the city made of crumbling stone buildings, ramshackle wood structures, and huts barely able to keep the rain off of anyone inside. This is where they found the torrian, a large creature with lion-like features. Allura remembered something about this race. It is nearly extinct and it originates in the Feywild, but the last of its kind disappeared without a trace.

On their way out of the city, the adventurers met a small group of dwarves coming back from a caravan. This caravan was escorting Jovis Silvervein, Thorgan's brother, to Stoneforge by request of Tige his father. These dwarves looked to be barely hanging on, something ambushed the caravan and carried off the young Silvervein. When the Fate Seekers went to investigate they found three completely charred and burned wagons. As they rested in the area they were attacked by fiendish inhabitants of Hell itself. When the group finally made back to Stoneforge, the torrian in towe, they learned that Tige Silvervein did not summon his son.

Kanauthor is now an honorary member of the Dwarven Council of Deep Stoneforge, a temporary title as we waits to be fully excepted as a member of the Council. With no opposition from the Silvervein clan, there is nothing stopping Kanauthor from gaining the Council seat. The Fate Seekers could not let this happen. They had to find out what happened to Jovis. He is presumed alive until evidence proves otherwise. Their only lead is to speak to Kanauthor and find out what he knows. If he truly is in league with devils, the heroes have to reveal this fact. In dwarven culture one of the worst things a dwarf can be is a devil worshipper. To be a pawn of hell is one of the worst kind of shame a dwarf can bring upon himself and his family. The punishment can be banishment or even execution.


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