Session 73 Summary

June 11th, 2011

Heroes: Dashiell (+7 PLPs), Donner (+7 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+7 PLPs), Prometheus (+7 PLPs), and Thiranus (+7 PLPs).

Game Date: Niledain, Harvest 9, AD1018

The Fate Seekers learned that Kanauthor Silvervein successful convinced the Dwarven Council he was the only one in line for the Silvervein Elder Seat. The Council decided the Silvervein Council Seat had been empty for too long and gave Kanauthor honorary Councilman status. Since Jovis Silvervein has come up missing, there is no one to challenge his claim for Elder Seat. Thorgan has gone of in search of his missing brother while the rest of the heroes follow up on the only lead they have, talking to Kanauthor.

Tige Silvervein, Thorgan's father, is a respected smith and holy man in his clan and among the dwarven people. He has many friends in Stoneforge and quite a few of them are among the guards. He was able to get the Fate Seekers into the Administrative Ward of Deep Stoneforge, but once inside they were on their own. Using Kebi Dabu's magic and a bit of inginuity, the heroes were able to find the council suite where Thorgan's uncle was staying.

There is a place known for its terror and torture of its thousands of inhabitants. It is a place with dark walls marked with veins of fire. Ash covers the floor like dust covers old furniture. It's air is hot and humid as fire burns outside and lava flows through its walls. It is called the Pit of Phlagos, a dungeon of torture said to extend a mile into the earth, fire, and lava of Phlegathos, the fourth layer of Hell. When the Fate Seekers finally entered the house of Kanauthor Silvervein, they found themselves trapped on one of the many levels of the Pit of Phlagos.

The heroes moved through the dungeon not only looking for a way out, but also looking for Jovis. They prayed they would not find him in this fiendish place. As they traveled down the corridors of the dungeon they watched as the spirits trapped in this hellish hotel cried out in anguish whisping past them through the walls. Ghosts, poltergeists, spirits of all kinds marched through the halls of this place. Some just cried out in pain as they crossed paths with the heroes, others were jealous of the still living and attacked the adventurers.

The heroes bore witness to many horrible things as they went door to door looking for an escape. They found devils tearing the souls from fresh recruits. Another door revealed a great hell hound eating parts of its victims while they were still "alive" and crying for mercy. Other doors simply lead to deep caverns of lava and fire. One door trapped Prometheus in a room of smoke and mist. He learned that the other tormented spirits in the room with him did not appreciate his warm blood. They wailed in pain as they rushed forward to attack the halfling before retreating back into the mist. Finally Thiranus spotted him through the glass windows in the floor. When they broke the window to set Prometheus free, they released the other spirits as well. They attacked the adventurers as they flew by, filling them with the terror of this hateful place.

The Fate Seekers are trapped in a place of unimagineable terror and torment. Hell is no place for the living, but how will they escape? With they find a way out before more powerful devils learn of the uncollected souls that have invaded their home? Pray for the heroes, and hope the gods listen.


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