Session 74 Summary

June 11th, 2011

Heroes: Allura (+10 PLPs), Caelan (+10 PLPs), Dashiell (+10 PLPs), Donner (+10 PLPs), Kebi Dabu (+10 PLPs), Lysandros (+10 PLPs), and Thiranus (+10 PLPs).

Jared Juetten used Epic Moment (24 PLPs)
Justin Stewart used Heroic Action (10 PLPs)

Game Date: Niledain, Harvest 9, AD1018

The Fate Seekers learned that the house of Kanauthor Silvervein was a trap. Once they stepped inside they were whisked away to a place of torture and pain. They found themselves in Hell. They appeared in a room in a dungeon the fiends use for pleasure. Phlagos is a notorious dungeon built by pit fiend ages ago. It is located on the fourth layer of hell, the flaming pit of Phlegathos. The heroes are now fighting their way out of Hell, and hoping to find Thorgan's brother on the way.

Lysandros quit the group to look for a way to the Feywild. His quest for his family and his village lead him there, but the Fate Seekers still had other quests to complete. The warlord left just before the Tournament of Champions, and for several weeks he searched for a Fey Crossing he could use. When he finally found what he was looking for and was ready to continue his quest, it didn't go exactly how he had planned it. When Lysandros finished the ritual that would take him to the Feywild he felt a tug, then suddenly something yanked him through the portal. He found himself in a large chamber with cages and walls of charcoal gray and fiery veins running through them. The heat was stifling.

The Fate Seekers were moving through the dungeon as cautious as they could. Sometimes that didn't matter much, this place seemed to have a mind of its own. They turned the corner and heard screams of pain coming from a door at the end of the hall. It sounded like the cries of a tortured dwarf. When they finally made their way to the room, all they found was a bearded devil and a duergar waiting for them. It was a lure. It didn't work very well. The devils could not match the sheer ferocity of the heroes. They left nothing behind as they exited the chamber.

Stairs lead the adventurers to a lower part of this level of the dungeon. It was a sewer, a sewer definitely made for hell. After getting passed the frog statue guarding the entrance to the foul place, they entered the disgusting corridor. The thick foul air made it hard to breathe, and the green mist made it hard to see. The pathway itself worked against them, as it was covered in a strange slime that made it unsafe to travel too fast. No matter how bad they wanted to move through this slime infested sewer, they could not move faster than a cautious walk for the sewage that ran down the middle of the corridors was poisonous to the touch.

All of their courage and willpower paid off. When they reached the end of the sewer passage it lead into a large chamber. It's single occupant was Kanauthor Silvervein himself. That was not all. They also discovered a spinning discus of raging fire that could only be a portal out of this fiendish pit of hell. Kanauthor proved to be a worthy Silvervein in battle. He was a single dwarf against the Fate Seekers adventuring group, and he was doing quite well. He was as unmoving as the earth on a calm day, and muscles of steel swung his warhammer. It was not meant to last for he was but a single dwarf against a group of powerful heroes.

He blocked, parryed, and dodged, defending against every blow from the adventuring group. Amidst all that he swung his mighty hammer and used his powerful influence against his enemy. In the end the outcome was the same as any other enemy of the Fate Seekers. A blow finally landed. The room began to shake and the a thick black mass billowed its dread proclomation of the Fate Seekers' demise. The mass flowed from the ceiling of the chamber and into Kanauthor, possessing him. The dwarf grew large and took on the image of a giant duergar.

The entity that was Kanauthor, but not Kanauthor, attacked with a new immortal ferver. Its powerful hammer crushed its enemies. Heroes were whisked off to a private hell of their own, a hell that threatened to suck the soul from their lifeless corpse. He was still an unmoving stone against the onslaught of the heroes. He proclaimed himself the Avatar of Darkness and he was a worthy foe indeed. His divine immortal power took all of the Fate Seekers in order to defeat him, but defeat him they did. Even after a summons of hellish minions, the dark avatar fell to the power of the adventurers. The creature crumbled to ash leaving nothing behind.

They only have one more dilemma before they leave this hell. Jovin Silvervein hangs from the ceiling in chains. So far the Fate Seekers have found no way to break the seemless chains, and they were bolted to the ceiling as assuredly as if they were part of the stone. How will the heroes get the dwarf free? Will they be able to rescue Thorgan's brother before the dark entity regroups and returns for a second round? How long before the inhabitants of the hellish dungeon find them lingering in the chamber?


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