Session 75 Summary

February 25th, 2012

Heroes: Allura, Dashiell, Merric, Thiranus, and Thorgan.

Game Date: Niledain, Harvest 10, AD1018

The adventurers finally found a way to free Jovin Silvervein. Dashiell thought the chains might weaken with radiant magic, he was right. The chains melted under the power of the radiant attacks from Thiranus. A devil known as a Cambion came to the heroes and presented them with a gift, a boon from the Master of Hell. The heroes got a second visitor as well. A stranger in black leather and a skull mask appeared through the portal. The stranger read a scroll and started the entire complex shaking at the foundation. He warned the heroes that the Aspects would rule again before escaping through the portal, leaving the Fate Seekers in a collapsing chamber. Dashiell identified the stranger as a Rakshasa, a fallen Deva.

The heroes finally returned to Awlidan through the portal and took Jovin back to his father at the Temple of Moridan. Waiting for them in the temple was an adventurer named Merric. He followed a strange message that lead him to the Moridan Temple in Stoneforge and that is where he met the Fate Seekers. While in the temple the Fate Seekers had a very special visitor, the image of Moridan himself appeared before them. They were gifted with another boon and some words of wisdom about the importance of their mission. The group decided to follow the great creature known as Rrowthar to the City of Heroes, Argent.

The group took a portal back to Earthhome where Rrowthar hid his stash needed to get to the city of Argent. It turns out there was a group of elementals waiting for the group in ambush; they attacked in hopes of gaining the secrets of getting to the fabled city. The Fate Seekers were more than a match for the elemental attackers and Rrowthar used his scroll to take the heroes to the city where they will become the new Heroes of Argent.

The adventurers arrived at the city and met with its caretaker, Obanar. They learned that the city was already under siege by the giants as they continually slam against the gates. Before they can be formerly greeted the ground bursts open as the city is attacked by more elementals. Once again the heroes were able to fight off the elementals and protect the city, but the attackers have breached the city in other areas as well. Rrowthar has been given the task of leading the heroes through the streets to meet with these new threats. The Fate Seekers have already begun their trek as Argent’s new heroes.


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