Session 76 Summary

** March 3rd, 2012**

Heroes: Angel, Dashiell, Donner, Merric, Prometheus.

Game Date: Niledain, Harvest 10, AD1018

The Fate Seekers have finally reached the fabled City of Heroes. With an invite from the current Guardian they were brought to the great city through a magical portal. Upon arrival the heroes learned the city was under siege by elementals. Rrowthar lead the adventurers to another part of the city so they could defend against yet another group of invaders. When they reached the scene the elementals were already in the city. A hill giant shaman was using a ritual to open a large portal for more allies to enter through. The Fate Seekers proved their heroism once again and engaged the giants.

Donner and Prometheus came from another part of the city and joined Dashiell and Merric to face off against the giants. Just as the melee was about to begin the portal flashes and something comes flying through. A dragonborn tumbles out of the portal looking very confused. Seeing the danger she had suddenly fallen into, Angel the warlord dragonborn joined the Fate Seekers in defense of the city. Dashiell realized the giant shaman was trying to enlarge the portal for more allies to come through, he also realized he could reverse it. Dashiell and Prometheus worked together using their knowledge of the arcane arts and finally closed the portal. They were able to defeat the remaining elementals and seal off the city from its invaders once again.

The city is safe once again, for now; but what is this place? The great City of Heroes is deserted with buildings falling apart and collapsing. Where did the fabled city go? Where are all the other heroes?


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