Session 77 Summary

March 10th, 2012

Heroes: Allura, Amania, Dashiell, Merric, Thiranus, Zadicus

Game Date: Highdain, Harvest 11, AD1018

The Fate Seekers finally found the City of Heroes, Argent, but they got a big surprise. The city was deserted except for a single old wizard. With the condition of some of the houses and other buildings it's been this way for a while. After talking with Obanar the Guardian of the city, the adventurers learned the giants are working together to free their creator and master, Piranoth the Destroyer. The Guardian suggested the heroes find the location of the other pieces of the Divine Engine and get them before the giants can. He also asked the Fate Seekers to find the other inhabitants of the city, the Torrians. The Torrians were the caretakers and protectors of the city while the guardians were gone. The city needs its caretakers.

The heroes went to the library to try and get some information on the Divine Engine and the torrians. They found some information on the engine, but very little on where the torrians went. Using the elixir Obanar gave them, they viewed the last moments the torrians had in the city before leaving. The adventurers learned the torrians went to a place called the Shattered Woods, and there was something strange about their decision to leave. Once they had a location Obanar could use the portal circle to send them where they needed to go. The Fate Seekers found the torrians near the circle but was not received with open arms. The heroes tried to resolve the problem without incident but the torrians were insistant on the adventurers leaving. The torrians became aggressive and attacked the heroes. During the battle it seemed that maybe something was pushing the torrains to keep fighting even though the battle was going against them. In the end the torrians fell and the adventurers moved on.

Across the river the heroes found the torrian village, only a little ways from their first encounter. They were able to talk to the village torrians without much of an incident, but they realized the torrains were frightened and cautious. They were acting more like slaves than a free people. The questions from the adventurers angered the entity that held torrians prisoner. The demon manipulator known as Physandos gave up his control on the torrians but refused to give them up entirely. In fact he retreated north to a cave to awaken another slave, Uthix. His final plan was to destroy the torrians since he could not control them.

To end this threat for good the Fate Seekers must confront the demon creature and his slave Uthix.

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