Session 78 Summary

March 17th, 2012

Heroes: Allura, Amania, Caelan, Donner, Merric, Thiranus, Thorgan, Zadicus

Game Date: Farsdain, Harvest 12, AD1018

The heroes have been trying to bring back the torrians to Argent, the City of Heroes. They succeeded in finding the torrians and learned they were enslaved by a demon entity. They were able to free the torrians from the demon's grip but they still had to face the demon Physandos and end his tyranny once and for all. The creature retreated to a cave just outside the village. He went to awaken another of his slaves. The Fate Seekers pursued him and found the cave right where the torrians said it would be. They entered the dark cave and almost immediately got attacked by strange shadowy creatures dropping from the ceiling. The adventurers quickly learned that the shadowy creatures release a death wail of psychic energy when they are destroyed.

The adventurers pressed on deeper into the cave. Once the group came together near a large round platform in the center of the cave, Uthix arose for a quick assault. The silver dragon spread its majestic wings and let out a mighty roar that shook several of the adventurers to their very bones. With the heroes still surprised by the sudden attack the dragon continued with a thunderous blast of its breath weapon. That rattled the adventurers a bit, but it did not take long for them to recover and coordinate an assault against the beast. More shadowy creatures dropped from the ceiling to attack the unexpected heroes. To make things worse Physandos rose from a formation of rocks and began using his power of manipulation to pit the heroes against one another. He also showed that he can create more of the shadow creatures and send them against his enemies. The dragon's thunderous power blasted through the heroes again and again, even as Thorgan had him occupied. The dark creatures continued to attack until they were dealt with. Physandos seemed to stop summoning more but he proved deadliest when he manipulated Donner and Thiranus.

It is not everyday that you can battle a dragon and walk away. These heroes did just that, and this was not the first time. The dragon Uthix finally collapsed under the collective might of the Fate Seekers. Physandos did not last long after that. The adventurers returned to Argent as heroes to the torrian people and the city got its caretakers and defenders back. The threats are not yet over however, the adventurers have other business. It was time to locate the pieces of the Divine Engine and stop a Primordial. The heroes researched more of the engine but did not get much more than they already had. They decided to pray at the Temple of the Dawn and received a visit from an Exarch. The divine creature told them much they needed to know. Two very important points: The Astral Giants are known to keep track of the divine engines from the Dawn War, and they would know the location of the other pieces. The most important point, the engine will free the Primordial in a weakened state with but 3 pieces. Time is running out for the adventurers, and possibly the world.

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