Session 8 Summary

July 11th, 2009

Heroes: Bagheera, Rhinox, Dashiell, Thorgan, Goli, Kebi Dabu, Laertes, and Prometheus joined later.

The adventurers have been working non stop to find out how and why the goblinoids have joined up to attack the Skulldrop Fort. They have discovered how the goblins were able to get into the Fort and attack the guards. Now they are trying to find those who gave them the power to accomplish such a difficult task. The heroes are currently searching a hobgoblin stronghold located deep under the Jagged Plains. They seek the other half of a strange medallion they find on the corpse of the Goblin King.

Dismayed that their charge died, the heroes continued on their exploration of the hobgoblin stronghold. That continued deeper into the earth and there were still side passages they had not searched. The next door across the center hall led to a series of worked stone passages and finished rooms. This area turned out to be the hobgoblin barracks. They team found numerous rooms of different sizes. Each one was furnished with bunks of 2 and 3 high beds. This area could hold dozens of hobgoblins, but the rooms were empty.

While exploring the barracks the group also found the armory. Unfortunately this room proved to be poorly stocked. The only useful items were ranged weapons and ammunition. It seemed they were making quite a bit of noise for a group of hobgoblins heard them shuffling through the armory. Even so, the adventuring party initiated the attack by rushing the second door of the room. Having been forewarned of the hobgoblin attack may have given the party what they needed. If they were caught by surprise, the fight may have gone a different way.

After finishing off the last of a bugbear pack deep in the barracks, the group continued on down the central passage. It sloped down once again and stopped at a large hall with two other exits. In the center of this room was a large wooden platform with a single set of steps leading up the back. It was obviously a podium of a sort. Most importantly, the room was occupied by the hobgoblin warlord himself. It was apparent that he was unawares of the adventuring party in his stronghold. He demanded that his servants finish off these intruders as he made his escape down one of the side tunnels.

The warlord had many servants and a large battle ensued. With perseverance, sturdy resolve, and a bit of teamwork, the adventurers were able to get the upper hand on the large number of hobgoblins assailants. It was a long drawn out battle, but they prevailed in the end. Once the dust settled on the battlefield, the group headed off in hot pursuit of the warlord himself.

Between the hunter known as Rhinox and Bagheera the Druid, the heroes were able to find the tracks that led them directly to their prey. The warlord was found in a chamber located at the end of a long passage off the main hall. It appeared to be some sort of war room. There were tables scattered about and on the tables were plans for Phase 2 of the assault on Skulldrop.

Garbrak the Warlord had a number of pets with him, several species of drake. He ordered them to devour the intruders and he hefted his spear and joined the fight. He bellowed something that sounded like a war cry but it turned out to be a warning for his bodyguards in the adjoining rooms. Two young ogres joined the fight. The battle was long and the warlord proved to be a worthy opponent, but in the end the adventuring heroes defeated the hobgoblin.

Searching the area proved to be a treasure trove. Not only did they find several useful items to further their cause, they also found some documents that would help them understand what was going on. On the tables in the war room were papers discussing the plans for Phase 2 of the attack on Skulldrop. In one of the personal rooms connected to the war room they found another letter signed by an Avatar. More important was the fact they found the other half of the medallion.

When the two halves of the medallion were put together they immediately fused to make one whole piece, a compass. When the party discovered the back door to the complex, the Compass showed them a showering blue light rising into the heavens. Unfortunately this light appeared to be far beyond the mountains of the Skull of Eridus. Where exactly is this beacon coming from? What is its purpose? The mountains are far more deadly than the hills, how will the heroes continue their investigation? Who or what will they find when the Compass takes them to the blue beacon in the sky?

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